Family Vision: Christian Parenting, Marriage & Family Advice

Family Vision: Christian Parenting, Marriage & Family Advice

Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow provide practical, encouraging, and real conversations about faith and family. Each episode will give you hope and encouragement to grow in your faith and strengthen your family. Family Vision is the podcast ministry of Visionary Family Ministries. Discover more resources to help your family at Questions or comments? Email us at


July 15, 2024 17 mins

God opened up a great ministry opportunity with Rob's Lyft driver!

In this heartfelt episode of Family Vision, hosts Rob and Amy Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries respond to a poignant question from a single dad: "I want my daughter to follow God, but I don't know where to start." 

The Rienows share practical steps and spiritual guidance for parents seeking to nurture their children's faith.

They stress the importance of the pa...

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In this heartwarming episode of Family Vision, Rob and Amy Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries share the joyous occasion of their son JD's wedding to Brooke.

The Scripture for the ceremony was Psalm 118:24, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

They reflect on the significance of this special day, recount memories from their own marriage ceremony, and celebrate the joy of seeing JD and Broo...

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Dr. Rob Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries continues his conversation with special guest Drew Dyck, author of Just Show Up: How Small Acts of Faithfulness Change Everything.

Drew shares insights on how adults and kids can apply the principle of "just showing up" in their daily lives. He highlights the importance of forming good habits early on and how these s...

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June 27, 2024 16 mins

Dr. Rob Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries welcomes Drew Dyck, author of Just Show Up: How Small Acts of Faithfulness Change Everything. Together, they discuss the profound impact of simple, consistent faithfulness in our daily lives and relationships. Drew shares personal stories and biblical insights that reveal how "just showing up" and being present enables us to be used by God to impact the ...

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In this episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob Rienow from Visionary Family Ministries continues his conversation with Anna Harris, author of God's Grace for Every Family. Together, they discuss the unique challenges faced by single parents and how the church and community can support them. Rob and Anna delve into the emotional, practical, and spiritual struggles that single moms and dads encounter, sharing personal stories and biblical...

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In this important episode of Family Vision, Rob Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries is joined by special guest Anna Meade Harris, author of the new book, God's Grace for Every Family. They delve into the profound challenges (and unexpected blessings) of single parenting.

Anna shares her journey from being happily married with three sons to suddenly becoming a widow after her husband's cancer diagnosis. She discusses the unique wa...

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June 17, 2024 15 mins

For many children, Sunday morning is a highly unpleasant experience. Is it possible we are actually training our kids to hate church?

In this episode of Family Vision, Rob and Amy provide practical ways to help your entire family prepare for Sunday worship with a greater spirit of peace and unity. 

Get a bible-driven game plan for Christian parenting with Rob and Amy's book, Visionary Parenting -

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June 10, 2024 15 mins

Many Christian wives are feeling lonely and discouraged in their marriage relationship because husbands often struggle with spiritual passivity at home. This was the case for many years in Rob and Amy's marriage. Rob was not engaging the family in prayer, Scripture, or discipleship with the family.

What does it take for this pattern to change?

How can a wife help her husband without being critical or shaming?

How can a husband expe...

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What happens when two parents are on different pages spiritually? What happens when two parents are "unequally yoked?"

Rob and Amy Rienow dive into this complicated subject, and share about their experiences growing up in homes with Christian mothers and non-Christian fathers.

Rob and Amy share biblical principles and practical approaches for couples and parents. 

Featured Resources

Catch a vision for a unified marriage in the prac...

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In this episode of Family Vision, Rob Rienow continues his conversation with Pastor Adam Page, focusing on combating legalism in Christian parenting.

Pastor Adam, from Amelia Baptist Church in Florida, talks about the destructive nature of legalistic parenting and practical ways parents can grow in true discipleship.

Adam also shares how many young people have hard hearts toward their parents, and God, in part because of the rules-...

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Legalistic parenting can crush the hearts of our kids. Dr. Rob Rienow engages in a profound conversation with Pastor Adam Page about the dangers of legalistic parenting within Christian families.

Adam, the preaching pastor at Amelia Island Baptist Church, shares his personal and pastoral insights on the impact of rules without grace.

Discover how legalistic parenting can harden the hearts of children and hinder their spiritual grow...

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Join us for a crucial continuation of our discussion on human trafficking in this latest episode of Family Vision. Host Amy Rienow welcomes guests Rachel Timothy and Denise Walsh. Rachel continues to share her story of surviving trafficking and how she has experienced God's mercy and healing.

Parents will be encouraged with practical action steps to create an emotionally safe home and be on guard for potentially unhealthy relations...

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In this crucial episode of Family Vision, Amy Rienow leads a much needed discussion on the often overlooked crisis of human trafficking within our communities. 

Special guests Rachel Timothy and Denise Walsh share their expertise and personal experiences to shed light on this pervasive issue.

Rachel, a survivor and author of "Open Blind Eyes," recounts her harrowing journey through child trafficking.

Denise, co-founder of Stop Suff...

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Jesus calls us to build our lives on "the rock." According to Jesus that means hearing His Words and doing them (Matthew 7:24).

In this inspiring episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob Rienow welcomes back Dakota Lynch from Scripture Memory Fellowship to delve deeper into the transformative practice of memorizing scripture.

Have you found trying to memorize the Bible boring or too difficult? Dakota Lynch will encourage with practical wa...

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Dr. Rob Rienow welcomes Dakota Lynch from Scripture Memory Fellowship to discuss the transformative power of memorizing the Bible. Dakota shares his personal journey of turning to Scripture during a turbulent time in his life and how this practice deeply influenced his spiritual growth.

Does the idea of memorizing Scripture passages seem daunting, difficult, or even boring? You will want to listen to this conversation.

Dakota also ...

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Dr. Rob Rienow and John Finch continue their discussion about the impact of a father's absence on personal and family life. Drawing from his own painful experience of losing his father at a young age, John delves into how this loss influenced his journey as a father to three daughters and in his ministry as a husband.

John shares about the power of God's love in his life that has transformed his misison as a father and husbands. Th...

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In this compelling episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob Rienow is joined by John Finch, author and filmmaker behind "The Father Effect." They dive deep into the profound and often painful impact of a father's absence on one's life. John shares his personal journey of grappling with his father's suicide at a young age, exploring themes of anger, forgiveness, and ultimate healing that reshaped his understanding of fatherhood and persona...

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April 29, 2024 19 mins

In this spirited episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow delve into the challenges and opportunities Christian families face in the world of youth sports. Spring brings baseball season to the Rienow household, igniting discussions on the roles of parents and children in sports, not just as competitors but as followers of Christ. Rob also shares some entertaining stories about how his competative nature has gotten the bette...

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April 25, 2024 15 mins

The Bible speaks to every important area of our lives. In this episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow invite families to explore the profound truth that God's Word provides Christians with principles and practical guidance for everyday life. 

Drawing from Psalm 119:105 and 2 Timothy 3:14-16, Rob & Amy point to the sufficiency, clarity, and practicality of the Bible. They challenge listeners to turn first to Scripture when...

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April 22, 2024 15 mins

Speaking God's Word in your home can make a huge difference in the life of your family. In this episode of Family Vision, Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow draw parallels between the small yet powerful presence of light during an eclipse and how taking even small steps of reading the Bible with your family can powerfully transform your faith.

They share their personal journey and lessons learned about the importance of regular Scripture readi...

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