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This show has created more financial freedom for busy people like you than nearly any show in the world. Wealthy people's money either starts out or ends up in real estate. But you can't lose your time. Without being a landlord or flipper, you learn about strategic passive real estate investing to create wealth for yourself. I'm Show Host Keith Weinhold. I also serve on the Forbes Real Estate Council and write for Forbes. I serve you ACTIONABLE content for cash flow on a platter. Our bottom line in real estate investing together is: “What’s your Return On Time?” Where traditional personal finance merely helps you avoid losing, you learn how to WIN. Why live below your means when you can expand your means? Since 2002, international real estate investor Keith Weinhold owns multifamily apartment buildings to single family homes to agricultural real estate. New episodes are delivered every Monday.


September 13, 2021 35 min

Steep rent increases are spreading like a… pandemic.

Some metros are seeing annual rent increases of 10% to 15%.

It's all part of real estate's new "space race".

It’s easier to get big rent increases *between tenancies*, not with your long-term tenants.

GRE’s own Aundrea Newbern joins us to answer, “Should you become a real estate agent?”

Aundrea has her RE license in GA and is now training in her new home state of ...

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Rents are skyrocketing, up 11.4% just since the start of this year per Apartment List.

Increases like this could mean a 25% increase in your cash flow.

Rod Khleif has made big failures. I mean that in the best way. Ultimately, he was willing to fail often in order to become the giant success that he is today.

He lost $50M in the 2008 crash, even though his properties were at 30% LTV (70% equity).

Rod is a multifamily apartment buil...

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Today’s guest has been a GRE listener since 2019. 

He’s an MBA and Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer at a Fortune 500 Company. He still works at this full-time job.

Eric Schodowski learned about GRE and listened from Episode 1. Leverage, arbitrage, and inflation-profiting were new concepts to him.

When he switched jobs, he was able to access 401(k) and pension funds. Then, rather than living below his means, he expanded his mea...

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A 60% housing drop is what I’m talking about today. That's the real estate crash.

What has driven housing prices 23.4% higher year-over-year? Scarcity, utility, and demand.

I’m talking about a housing *supply* crash, not a price crash.

The guys from Wealth Without Wall Street, Joey Mure and Russ Morgan, join us.

They discuss why Wall Street makes money managers profitable, not individual investors.

Most individual investors are...

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Fifty years ago, money changed forever. Robert Kiyosaki joins us. He’s the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author.

President Richard Nixon effectively removed the dollar from the gold standard on August 15th, 1971. We play the audio clip.

Inflation ensued, exceeding 10% in the 1970s and 1980s.

What is money, anyway? I answer.

Gresham’s Law - bad money drives out good.

Kiyosaki tells us why he promotes freedom and economic decentralization.


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August 9, 2021 41 min

Homes in car-dependent areas have appreciated at 33%; mass transit areas 16% over the last eighteen months. Suburban real estate wins.

Alabama and Tennessee have: net in-migration, low cost of living, high rents with a low purchase price, low property tax, jobs, and housing affordability.

SFRs and duplexes are offered in: Chattanooga, Birmingham, and Huntsville.

In many Alabama markets, low income areas have appreciated more than h...

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You achieved 95% total rate of return if you bought a turnkey property one year ago, on average. 

How can that be true? It’s the “Five Ways Real Estate Pays” revisited.

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Doug Fudge joins us. He’s President and CEO of Fudge Insurance. They are a brokerage where customers get a choice of insurance p...

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Housing inventory could finally be turning the corner. There are now more available homes (549K) today than one month ago (504K) and two months ago (492K).

56% of homes still sell above their asking price. 

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I provide a condensed history of the income tax. In 1913, the top income tax rate was 7%.

Tom Wheelwright joins GRE f...

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Rents are shooting up in many metros, including GRE cities.

Cyclically, housing prices shoot up first. Rent raises follow.

Inflation is hot: CPI is up 5.4%, PPI up 7.3%.

Tom Wheelwright, CPA of Wealthability joins us. Topics: 

Will income tax and capital gains tax increase? 

The 1031 Exchange is at risk!

How to contest your property taxes.

Involving your children in your business for tax breaks.

A more active tax audit climate. 


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Society and media often lambaste landlords.

I discuss an absurd article titled: “Landlord System Morally Unethical… Contributing Nothing To Society”.

Some slumlords exist, but many landlords are responsible.

Many landlord critics think money is inherently evil.

Damion Lupo joins me to discuss what happened at the latest Real Estate Guys’ Investor Summit.

The homeownership rate is expected to decrease, meaning more renters.

It will ...

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Paid-off properties have an opportunity cost that few consider.

Wealthy celebrities that choose mortgages are: Mark Zuckerberg & his wife, Elon Musk, Megan Markle & Prince Harry, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, and Charlie Sheen.

I personally have held millions in mortgage debt from a young age. I’ve long had the ability to pay it off, have not, and will not.

Good debt defined: 1) Secured. 2) Low mort...

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Legendary investor and business mogul Jim Rogers joins us from Singapore.

Inflation is on the rise. I was just asked to leave a tip at Subway for the first time.

Inflation nudges most people toward poverty. It moves GRE listeners toward prosperity.

Rents for detached SFHs are up 7.9% year-over-year.

The NAR just told us America is 6.8 million housing units short of demand.

World governments are printing, spending, and driving inter...

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Rents are up, up, up. This is because surging home prices are displacing the first-time affordable homebuyer.

Rich Dad Sales Advisor Blair Singer joins us. He helps you get that “little voice” in your head to tell you the right thing.

When you master your little voice, you more often move from employee to business owner or entrepreneur. It takes self-belief. Begin with the end in mind.

Blair tells you why you don’t have to be an at...

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Learn the housing price level every year from 1963 to present with an entertaining retrospective - from $18K to $372K.

Top takeaways over time: 1) Real estate usually goes up. 2) Real estate does not always go up.

Housing rents and prices often correct toward each other.

Home prices are rising globally. The highest: Turkey, New Zealand, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. Some of the lower rises are in East Asia.

Canadians can hardly believe...

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With only small rent increases, your cash flow can rise 20-50%. Learn how to successfully achieve these small rent increases.

Also, learn what to never say to your tenant. It’s a mistake that I made.

Make gradual rent raises and provide justification for the increase.

Florida’s surging net in-migration provides tons of rent-paying tenants. The numbers work here for out-of-state investors.

Learn more & get properties at www.GetR...

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Will the rise of 3-D printed homes make housing construction so cheap that values of all existing homes will depreciate?

I explore this with you. 

It’s the third installment of our 3-part housing supply crisis series.

3-D printing uses lots of concrete. It is the world’s most popular building material.

No matter how one builds, there are still costs of: labor, land, materials, design & planning, architecture & engineering, ...

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What one thing could crash the housing market … even more than expiring forbearance? It’s something that NO ONE is talking about. 

Is the economy REALLY coming back? 

Where is inflation headed? 

Hyperinflation & real estate is discussed.

I tell you what surprising investment I personally made last month. 

Then, what’s an important part of your investor mindset that you probably haven’t thought about before? 

Through Q3 of last ...

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A shipping container costs less than $5,000. Why doesn’t America build more housing with them?

Gregg Cohen of JWB Real Estate Capital in Jacksonville, FL reveals how their 18-unit shipping container apartment complex created financial loss.

The shipping container apartments are 320 square feet each.

Learn about: what a vertically integrated company is, build-to-rent homes, turnkey real estate, the pros and cons of shipping containe...

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Kristin B. Tate (FOX News, CNN, MSNBC) joins me to discuss Biden tax and housing policies, inflation, and investing.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s bill to create a $15,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit is wrong. It helps the demand side. America needs help on the supply side. I give ideas.

Biden wants to severely limit the 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange for real estate investors. Only your first $500K of gains would be exempt from...

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Today, available homes are as scarce as a rare earth mineral. 

Under 500K homes are available for sale today, well below the historic 1M-1.5M at any given time Source: Federal Reserve.

High demand exists independent of low inventory.

Developers and homebuilders need years to help us build our way out.

The development team of Rob Fuller and Jared Garfield tell us how today’s developers cope with the rising cost and unpredictable sup...

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