Grumpy Old Geeks

Grumpy Old Geeks

As one of the longest-running podcasts, "Grumpy Old Geeks" discovers what went wrong on the Internet, and who's to blame. Every week they cut through the BS from big tech and tell you what's really going on. With wide-ranging topics, this show has something for everyone. There is a reason Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and that crowd all hate this podcast. Listen and find out for yourself!


May 25, 2024 77 mins

Dead Internet Theory & Shrimp Jesus; the Portal is back; Apple set photo visibility to zero; jailbreaking major LLMs; OpenAI party time; getting some decent data in; you win an award, now you're suspended; Google sends DOJ a check; TikTok cracking down on drug promotion; stealing crypto; Bitcoin Pizza Day; Franklin; Sugar; Beetlejuice; 3 Body Problem; Dexter prequel; Pixar layoffs; Scarlett Johansson's voice; Humane up...

Mark as Played

Inappropriate portal behavior; RTO drives away top talent; Apple may add OpenAI to iOS; garbage in, garbage out; AI continues to promise more than it can deliver; Twitter redirecting to X; entire Supercharger staff fired; enshittification of the Web speeds up; Google AI search will kill what's left of the old internet; Uber announces new, worse bus; Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare; the Rings of Power returns; Dune: Proph...

Mark as Played
May 11, 2024 77 mins

Neuralink, insulin pump software bugs & abandoned brain implant technologies; Dorsey peaces out from Bluesky; Dell RTO tracking; Meta pumps businesses for customer support; Uber hits a financial snag; Spotify's new royalty model screws songwriters; gaming platforms abandon X integration; Ghostbusters; Lord of the Rings new movies; Franklin; Dark Matter; Sugar; more streaming consolidation; Rabbit R1 real reviews roll i...

May 4, 2024 64 mins

Kagi not worth it; RIP Passcodes; Sora demo not exactly Sora; FCC fines carries for selling location data; TikTok ban signed; Meta's ad-buying AI blows through budgets; fighting the algorithm; OpenAI privacy complaints; Amazon ad revenue big leap, wonder why; blockchain's real use case; ludicrously hard-core at Tesla; Lord of the Rings returns to theaters; Dune Part 2; The Bad Batch series finale; Fallout; UMG artists retu...

April 27, 2024 84 mins

FTC restores net neutrality, ends non-competes; TikTok divest-or-ban bill passes; more bad news at Tesla; X TV; Amazon ends California drone deliveries; AI in law enforcement is just a bad idea; META's oversight board remains useless; Instagram blurring nudity rather than just banning it; post and boast law; Voyager 1 is back; Worldcoin Orb shortage; bird flu not looking great; Franklin; Disney+ looking to FAST; dystopian ...

Mark as Played
April 13, 2024 78 mins

ISP's get nutrition labels; Truth Social continues to drop; X, for free speech, gets anti-speech lawsuit dismissed; Grok fake news; Tesla taxi, maybe; problems with Starlink; Biden considering dropping prosecution of Assange; training AI on Youtube; Geek Squad layoffs; Texas replaces human graders with AI; Dove stays on brand; no selfie zones; Dune Part 2 leaks; Fallout; the Regime; Shaun of the Dead; Renegade Nell; Roku a...

April 6, 2024 82 mins

Gmail turns 20; Google isn't good; coding with ChatGPT; court bans "AI-enhanced" evidence; AI Goslings everywhere; NYC chatbot spews out dangerously inaccurate information; Amazon's mechanical turks; California right to disconnect bill; Elon Musk has hurt the Tesla brand; Constellation; Road House; Jon Stewart; Star Trek: Discovery; AI in music; DVDs; Sherlock Holmes; Super Monsters Ate My Condo, +; app feedback: Canva, Ap...

March 30, 2024 86 mins

Apple Vision Pro in the wild; everyone hates Sam; META's Project: Ghostbusters; getting device-blocked on Facebook; Meta & Google restricting reproductive health ads; anti-trans hate widespread on META properties; X testing NSFW communities, caught selling data to government while complaining about surveillance; FTC might sue TikTok; school boards suing social media giants; Truth Social stock; Ghostbusters: Frozen Empi...

Mark as Played
March 23, 2024 65 mins

Lots of suggestions, no regulations: cars, broadband, AI & more; Apple lawsuits; drone delivery, again; Starbucks NFT program ending; Glassdoor adds real names to accounts without consent; AI news round-up; Stability AI wobbles; cyberflasher conviction; Russia warns of potential SpaceX strikes; data broker bar, sort of; happiness rankings, the kids aren't alright; Better Call Saul; the Acolyte; the juice is loose; the ...

Mark as Played
March 15, 2024 49 mins

11 years & nothing's changed; IG impersonators & weird animal video creepiness; Apple restores Epic, for now; TikTok ban bill passes House but will most likely die in Senate; X usage declines, launching video app, Elon cancels Don Lemon show because he's a little beyatch; running out of power; AI Marilyn Monroe; NeMo, Devin & Gemini - one Poe to rule them all; bypassing AI guardrails; more bad Tesla news; Blues...

Mark as Played
March 9, 2024 85 mins

Cybertruck vs. sign; the UK loves short weeks; US wants TikTok ban while TikTok frets; Meta's support sucks; Apple fined $2B; Musk sues OpenAI; Klarna's AI job fears; Twitter execs sue Musk; NFTs seek meaning; Bitcoin's inflation-adjusted; flop—science nixes sun dimming; Netflix drops 'The Brothers Sun'; 'Crime Scene Kitchen' cooks on; Tech toys abound, and books offer escape; Cyber threats grow; FCC fights shady doorbells...

Mark as Played
March 2, 2024 74 mins

AI's unintended consequences; chat bots; pink slips in podcasting, Playstation, Electronic Arts & Fisker; Tesla racism class action lawsuit; Apple pivots away from an electric car; TikTok's tussle with Universal Music continues, but UMG is just fine; call me on X; Bitcoin up, crashes Coinbase; OpenAI probe; Gemini woke prompt re-writing; Facebook News tab going away; Glasgow's sad Ooompa Loompa; where's the surge price...

Mark as Played
February 24, 2024 69 mins

Let's game the system; Rivian layoffs; Air Canada's chatbot lied; Twitter didn't violate data security because they ignored Musk orders; Science Corner: smartwatches & rings don't measure blood sugar, AMOC collapsing, Taylor Swift's planes could use new paint, red light improves eyesight; we're back on the moon; ChatGPT goes temporarily insane; Pentagon testing LLMs; the Bad Batch; Last Week Tonight on YouTube to be de...

Mark as Played
February 17, 2024 62 mins

Layoffs at Paramount, Instacart & Mozilla; Musk must testify in SEC investigation of Twitter takeover; Tesla driver not sure if he killed pedestrians because he was on autopilot; crowd burns Waymo car; 23andMe selling DNA data; Amazon Prime Video pulls Dolby Vision, Atmos on ad-supported plan; shut down by Taliban; X blue checks sold to literal terrorists; Past Lives; We Are the World; Jacqueline Novak; Somebo...

Mark as Played
February 10, 2024 83 mins

Science should be taken seriously; Read Write Own; layoffs at Snap, Microsoft, Grammarly & Warner Music Group; Americans going back into credit card debt; Amazon new AWS charge; Google's confusing Gemini AI plans; AI robocalls outlawed; META's confusing AI approach & continued useless Oversight Board; Moviepass shenanigans; Taylor Swift's private jet tracked; Optical Vortex to correct vision; Poor Things; Leave the...

February 3, 2024 61 mins

AI Carlin was people; FTX not coming back; Neuralink implants a human; Yaccarino invents a new company; Senate hearing on online child exploitation; Universal pulls its music from TikTok; music piracy is back; Comcast forced to drop misleading 10G Network claim; 23andMe almost worthless now; FCC takes on AI-generated robocalls; Musk's bad week, Tesla sued, Musk loses case, voted most overrated CEO, SpaceX sued; Monarch: Le...

January 27, 2024 68 mins

Ello, Goodbye; Layoffs at eBay, Alphabet, Microsoft & TikTok; more doomed crypto firms; sneaking porn onto Wikimedia & Instagram; France fines Amazon over employee tracking accuracy; facial recognition leads to wrongful jailing; Meta Oversight Board remains useless; cool medical science; EVs need new tires shockingly often; Lift; Death and other Details; the Brothers Sun; Ultraviolet; Jon Stewart back to the Daily ...

January 20, 2024 85 mins

Google search results really are getting worse; Artifact shutting down; more Google layoffs, even more coming; Uber shuts down Drizzly; Sandberg leans out of Meta; Zack's general intelligence; OpenAI a-ok with military & warfare; drone attack prep; Bluey; the Brothers Sun; Bear; She-Hulk; Fargo; Weird: the Al Yankovic Story; Carlin AI special; Rick Rubin; What Next: TBD; BBEdit; Vienna RSS; Permute; Apple overtakes Sam...

Mark as Played
January 13, 2024 76 mins

We're back; class-action lawsuits; Hertz ditching TVs; SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs but does not endorse Bitcoin; ChatGPT store, auto implementations; a pink-slip tsunami: Unity, NASA, Duolingo, Amazon, Audible, Twitch, Pixar, Humane, Google, oh my; Happiest Season; Family Switch; Barbie; Trevor Noah; Dave Chappelle; the Killer; Mission Impossible; food documentaries; the Traitors; Reacher; Monarch: Legacy of Monsters; upcomi...

December 23, 2023 79 mins

Last show of the year; YouTube jail; Google; Blue Origin; AI bubbles; dealing with Musk; Hue pink slips; brain-scale supercomputers; more tech fraud; X under EU investigation; Teslas crash most; Adobe Figma deal off; Hyperloop One done; AI dataset riddled with CSAM; Bird goes bankrupt; stop planting trees; Kang verdict; potential Discovery/Paramount merger; the Family Plan; Monarch; Reacher; Slow Horses; Bookie; The Crown;...

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