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Healthy Wealthy & Smart


424: Drs. Kory Zimney & Jessie Podolak: Why the Language you use with Patients Matters

March 26, 201923 min

23 min
423: Dr. Duane Scotti: Using Social Media to Reach Your Ideal Client

March 21, 201921 min

21 min
422: Dr. Justin Moore: The Future of the APTA

March 18, 201919 min

19 min
421: Dr. James M. Dunleavy: The APTA House of Delegates

March 14, 20196 min

6 min
420: Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT: It's All About Relationships

March 11, 201924 min

24 min
419: Dr. Sue Griffin: The Speaker of the APTA House of Delegates

March 4, 201918 min

18 min
418: Phil Tygiel, PT: Changing Bylaws to Change Practice

February 25, 201919 min

19 min
417: Dr. Mike Pascoe: Innovation in PT Education

February 18, 201926 min

26 min
416: Shayla Swanson: From Elite Skier to Elite Entrepreneur

February 14, 201952 min

52 min
415: Dr. Sarah Haag, DPT: Pelvic Health for the Non Pelvic Health Therapist

February 11, 201960 min

60 min

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