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Hogwarts Radio #192: Uagodou Some Research!

April 22, 201859 min
Hogwarts Radio hosts, ASSEMBLE! Goblet of Fire illustrated edition is pushed to Fall 2019 and we're not even mad. Cursed Child officially opens TODAY in NYC. Emma Watson reunites with Matt Dave Lewis and Tom Felton. It's all smiles and our hearts are warm! Terrance gets a response from J.K. Rowling on Twitter and we discuss speaking up against online trolls! We are looking for another permanent host to the show! Which character/story/place remained underdeveloped that you wish featured more in the books? Our minds are blown with the mention and NAMES of the other Wizarding Schools! Of course we want to know more about the Department of Mysteries! Who doesn't? Wandlore was another huge thing we didn't learn a lot about. Walt Disney is a Hufflepuff!

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