Hope Has A Voice

Hope Has A Voice

Hope Has A Voice is a conversational podcast that focuses on the intersection of hope in ordinary lives. Jenni Eastin, Phd talks with guests about the ways that God reminded them that He was still pursuing healing and wholeness in every area of their lives.


October 9, 2021 47 mins

Lori Zabka is a wellness/fitness coach and the founder of the Anti-Diet, leading women nationwide in an online program called "Build U."  She is a co-host of the "Coming Unglued" Podcast and has been featured on television programs where she shares what it means to add nourishing, anti-inflammatory foods to our diets. You can find more information on her website at www.lifebyloriz.com.

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Wendy Speake is the host of the annual 40-Day Sugar Fast and 40-Day Social Media Fast and the author of those books.  Wendy also co-authored a book called "Triggers." In this interview we talk about what happens when our devices become divisive and crowd out room to hear from the Lord.  Wendy Speake offers resources on her website at www.wendyspeake.com to guide others through the fasts independent of the annual fast so they can ex...

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Ronne Rock is an author, advocate, and an adventurer.  She released her first book in 2020 titled "One Woman Can Change the World," which highlights stories from real women all over the world who are walking in their God-given strength and purpose.

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September 7, 2020 40 mins

John Finch is a Storyteller, and Author of "The Father Effect" and the creator of the YouTube documentary titled "The Father Effect." He believes in telling stories that every dad needs to hear, including his own personal story the details how he has recovered from his own father wound.

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July 5, 2020 43 mins

Sarah Mae, Host of The Complicated Heart Podcast and Author of "The Complicated Heart" book discusses mother wounds, forgiveness, and grieving the mother she never had in the first Episode of Season 2 of Hope Has a voice centered around the theme of connections.

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Jenni Eastin shares her testimony and the heart behind the "Hope Has A Voice" podcast.  Jenni is a writer and story-teller that has been published in magazines and devotionals.

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Jenni Eastin shares her testimony and the heart behind the "Hope Has A Voice" ministry.  Jenni is the mother of two miracles, a Christian writer that has been published in several magazines and devotionals. She is the host of the Hope Has A Voice Podcast.

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Amy Elaine Martizez is the author of a guidebook titled "Becoming a Victory Girl:  Staking Your Claim in the Kingdom."  Amy hosts a weekly radio show called "Real Victory Radio" where she encourages listeners to get REAL, READY, and EQUIPPED for an authentic life of victory.

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Cari Trotter is a passionate follower of Jesus, a Bible Teacher/Speaker, and the founder of Becoming Ministries.  In this episode, Cari talks about creating a "here for it" mentality, surrendering to God's plans upfront, and how she and her husband are raising three children and partnering together to create content for other coaching families.

Bible Verses/Quotes mentioned:

“To think you can love God without being changed by Him i...

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Emily Thomas is a riot!  She is funny, flat-out honest, completely relatable, and the host of a wildly successful podcast called the The Struggling Well Project Podcast.  In this conversation, Emily covers some of the details that led her into a super-quick decision to get engaged after knowing a man for only one day.  She recounts the subtle abuse that led her to feel hostage and the sweet way God met her as she escaped.

Emily bel...

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Eryn Hall is the founding host of the Declare Conference which equips Christian communicators globally.  In this episode, Eryn discusses eating disorders and the way that society influences us.  She reveals the freedom she has found through prayer, identifying her triggers, and choosing her influences.

Eryn is a Jesus-loving wife and mom, sharing stories of hope and encouragement, and making the most of every day. Her writing/work ...

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This week, we get to hear from the incredibly wise Anna Lebaron.  Anna is an entrepreneur and the Author of “The Polygamist’s Daughter.”  She has been featured on BBC News; The Dr. Oz Show; Christianity Today; and dozens of podcasts.

While you may have heard Anna talk about The polygamist cult that she was born into and her miraculous exit, but we are going to be talking about some pieces of her story you might not be as familiar w...

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Jolene Underwood is a Christian writer, life breakthrough coach, emotional health warrior, and soul care mentor. She draws upon her personal journey towards emotional health, her psychology background, and passion for counseling to help others cultivate a life.
She has personally had experiences with disordered eating, self-harm, depression, and anxiety, but…she’s pursued healing with intention. And that is what she wants for other...

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Heather MacFadyen is the founder of the Don’t Mom Alone podcast and the Not Alone Community. She supports and mentors a large community of women and moms, encouraging others to come out of isolation and move toward community. Heather is full of insight and uses real-life stories to convey deep truths about who God is and what He wants to do in our lives.

Links mentioned:

Novo Ministries

Don’t Mom Alone Website

The Wonderful World ...

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November 6, 2018 61 mins

Janelle Knox is the founder of MICI Magazine, which stands for "Made In Christ's Image" and has been featured on Life Today and Focus on the Family in Austrailia.  

In this interview, Janelle describes her early experiences in the Church, her disillusionment with the Church, the apathy and anger that followed and the subsequent unraveling of her life.  

Although she lived a life in the dark for over four years, the Lord faithfully ...

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What I cover in this episode:

  • The reason I started a podcast
  • My love for research
  • Current research on loneliness
  • Why hope is important
  • Topics we will are planning to cover on the podcast
  • My gratitude to my husband
  • A small piece of my story of hope
  • How you can help to pass the hope around

Links mentioned:

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