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Andrew Pappas, founder of RenGen Marketing helps take indie devs and their games to a whole new level by discussing business best practices and sharing marketing strategies and tips to better navigate the world of indie game marketing. Regardless if you’re an indie dev starting out or a veteran small team, the topic discussions apply to anyone wanting to better understand the online environment and stand out in a saturated market. A marketer since 2011, Andrew has found a passion for applying his knowledge by empowering and educating the indie dev community. Between the years of his experience and interviews with respected industry veterans, you’ll learn about online marketing, email marketing, crowdfunding, paid advertising, community development, social media, community outreach, project management, and much more. All episodes are packed with helpful information and actionable steps that can give you the confidence you need when it comes to your business and indie game marketing. Hit subscribe and get ready to become part of the indie game movement.


October 4, 2022 75 min

This is PART 1 of Keeping Control of Your Community: Approaching and Adapting to Communities.

Whether you’re marketing your first or fiftieth game, it can be a challenge knowing how to approach and adapt your community to any kind of shift or direction your studio takes with future titles. And depending on how drastic that shift may be, it can get pretty scary. 

Thankfully, Sarah Makdad of Triband is here to share with us the chall...

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When we think of creating opportunities for our games, we often don’t realize or consider how time is actually a key factor in how opportunities present themselves. So when processes aren’t established or adapted to maximize time efficiency, it can be very difficult to identify opportunities or ways to avoid costly risks.

Thankfully, Tim Beaudet of Tyre Bytes shares how his mindset and processes help him avoid risks and take advant...

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Tactics and knowing what steps are needed to market your game are essential for any effective strategy, however, lots of times as game creators we can get lost in the details making it a challenge to pull ourselves away to get a clearer perspective on how to reach our destination and goals. 

That’s why Patrick Seibert of Too Indie to Fail is with us today to share why tactics aren’t everything and how thinking about bigger-picture ...

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We all know the importance of developing a marketing strategy for your game and the idea of leveraging strategies that worked for other successful games can be tempting. However, doing this can potentially limit how you stand out, making it even more of a challenge to market your game. 

Thankfully, Joe Henson of Indie Game Joe joins us today to share how his journey and processes help him look at things differently so he can think ...

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There are tons of resources and tools out there that can help us do everything from create processes, reduce friction and better understand our marketing efforts.  Despite this, we can still get caught focusing on too many details these resources provide, making it a challenge to know how to best leverage them. 

Thankfully Ashley Gwinnel of shares his game dev and tool creation experience to provide great insight on h...

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We all know the importance influencers play in creating awareness for games, but despite this many people don’t always know exactly what information can be helpful to better tailor their campaigns or even help with other marketing efforts. 

That’s why we’re talking with Xavier Constantin of Streamforge to discuss the importance data play in influencer campaigns and how that information can be applied to have a greater impact on yo...

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There are lots of ways developers and studios can get their audiences excited for the game their developing, however, there are few methods that can really get the player completely engaged and ingrained with the game well before they play. 

That's why our guest today, Joanna Keler of Klabater is going to share her experience with fan fiction and how the impact it creates for audiences is beneficial for the developers and playe...

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The idea of providing players with a more immersive in-game experience and beyond is always enticing for players and studios. One way that this can be accomplished is with blockchain games. 

Today, Luke Willis, a blockchain game consultant calls out the bad reputation blockchain games have and shares his take on how a shift in thinking can provide new ethical opportunities for players and studios. However, these new gains aren’t wi...

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While a lot of us in the dev and gaming community might not like the idea of being competitive with each other. The reality of it is, that we’re still in a competitive market. 

Knowing this, I thought it would be worth sharing some of my thoughts as to why having a mindset of being competitive can help you think in different ways to stand out more, while still improving yourself and being creative in finding ways to improve results...

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Discoverability is a huge factor when trying to get players to know more about your game and most of us know Steam events can be a big factor in this. 

However, the number of events you’re generally able to attend can be limiting thus reducing your exposure. 

Thankfully, we have Janek of Frogsong Studios to explain how you can create your own opportunities and set up your own Steam-themed events to help maximize your discoverabilit...

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Lots of times when we start thinking about the marketability of a game, we can get caught up in so many details that we often forget one of the main elements that require the most attention. And that’s the core mechanic. 

Today Mustapha and I discuss how the core mechanics of the game not only help build the foundation of the game but help define the player’s experience while making it into a marketable product and address the chal...

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When you’re marketing your game, there’s lots of information you’ll need to process and understand in order to make the right decisions. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to know what information will help you achieve your main objectives.

Thankfully, Oscar Horgervorst of Steam Data Suite shares the importance of how understanding insights and properly attributing the information to results can lead you to make the right dec...

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Whenever there is a relatively new and different platform that game studios aren’t familiar with, it can be a very daunting task to create a presence, let alone one that will generate results. And for many, that’s TikTok.

But despite its differences, TikTok is proving to be an effective platform for creating awareness and results. Thankfully Eylul of Sarepta Studio is here to share her experience with the platform and help navigate...

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In light of getting back from GDC recently, I figured I would take a moment to share my experience of the conference and the main takeaways I gathered from being a speaker at the event and the common theme I found that seems on top of devs and other businesses minds.

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As I prepared for GDC, there was a reddit post that I wanted to call out to about a developer that made $700,000 within the first 4 months of launching their game.

I found this interesting so I just wanted to share my own thoughts on what they did, how their game marketing contributed to their and how can this be applied to your own games. 

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We all understand the importance a community can have for studios and devs, however, it can still be challenging to maintain and the idea of reaching a point where a community is self-sustaining may seem unlikely.

Thankfully, Sam Greszes of Vicarious PR shares his expertise and experience managing all aspects of social media while focusing on sustainable community growth.

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While a majority of us know the importance of marketing your game, sometimes how fast you can learn from your marketing efforts is just as if not more important than doing the marketing itself.


In today’s discussion, I share the importance of why you should take a fast approach with your marketing and ways to go about doing it so you can learn quickly and save yourself from potentially costly mistakes down the road.

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Let’s face it, we all have our pain points especially when it comes to indie game marketing. Often times identifying these pain points can be a challenge and working through them can quickly become overwhelming.

Thankfully, our guest Mike Gamble of Talenthouse Media Foundry shares his thoughts on these important topics to better identify what areas need attention and determine the right solutions to take action with.

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Out of all the content game devs create for their indie game marketing, making a trailer is one of the best ways to tell a story and communicate their game. While effective, making game trailers can be challenging especially when finding ways to create impact for players.  

Luckily, we’re discussing this with Derek Lieu, an industry game trailer veteran about his experiences on how game trailers can not only set expectations but re...

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Here's Part 2, a continuation of the last episode that talks about indie game marketing. In this part, we focus on other marketing strategies that can help amplify the top methods discussed in part one. 

For some, this will serve as a great reference you can pull lots of value from, and for others, it will be a thorough, high-level helpful guide as you embark on your indie game marketing journey.

Regardless of your level or whe...

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