Inside Trader Joe's

Inside Trader Joe's


Episode 11: Sustainability

February 4, 201924 min

24 min
Episode 10: Here We Grow

December 17, 201822 min

22 min
Episode 9: Around the World in 80 Trader Joe's Products (Give or Take)

November 13, 201820 min

20 min
Episode 8: 'Tis The Season

October 16, 201823 min

23 min
We're Nuts About Wine and Cheese

September 24, 201817 min

17 min
Episode 6: Quality

September 7, 201821 min

21 min
Episode 5: Please Won't You Be My Neighborhood Store

May 1, 201813 min

13 min
Episode 4: The Store Is Our Brand

May 1, 201818 min

18 min
Episode 3: Informative and Seriously Not Too Serious

May 1, 201817 min

17 min
Episode 2: It's About Values

May 1, 201823 min

23 min

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From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 475 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than 41,000 Crew Members. How? By being comfortable with being different. For the first time, our Captains (store managers) and Crew Members (employees) are taking you Inside Trader Joe’s in a new 5-part series. Go inside: * A private Tasting Panel, where decisions are made about new Trader Joe’s products. * A wine tasting tour to Napa Valley, California, looking for great wines and great values. * An overseas adventure, where new Trader Joe’s flavors are discovered. * The mind of Joe himself to find out why the Crew Members wear Hawaiian shirts. * The values that make Trader Joe’s so different. Are you a Trader Joe’s fan? Want to know what keeps people coming back? Go Inside Trader Joe’s. Thanks for listening.... Show More

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