its not about you

its not about you


Ep 33 - Protecting your energy and fully owning who you are with Felicia Baird

October 19, 201818 min

18 min
Making intuitive choices and being more mindful when it comes to food with Kelley Hoag

October 7, 201823 min

23 min
Standing true in your purpose and passion, seeing the bigger picture, believing in your cause so deeply it expands others with Katie - Founder of Bootcamps for change

September 16, 201846 min

46 min
Loving your full self and embracing the parts of you that you're trying to hide, embracing vulnerability and putting it all out there

September 6, 201813 min

13 min
Mike and Kory from Tenfed are on a mission to feed as many starving kids in the world as they can, and they do not sugarcoat the grind and dedication that goes into it

July 23, 201838 min

38 min
Love Yourself Series - Choosing Happiness

July 12, 20187 min

7 min
The importance of social entrepreneurship, teaching others to give back, living for your passion

July 2, 201846 min

46 min
Love Yourself Series - Building a community and the importance of connection with Kelly Hoag from Roots To Rise

June 17, 201817 min

17 min
Love yourself Series - Listening to your heart and letting go of what your mind is telling you

May 29, 201810 min

10 min
Starting the conversation about Mental Health, how it's more common than we think and how to identify it within yourself with Kylie Carrasco - founder of Lemon's and Lion's Breath

May 25, 201828 min

28 min

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