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Co-hosts Bill Keen, Matt Wilson, and Steve Sanduski take you through the financial planning process to help ensure you make smart decisions about your money and your life. Whether you’re on your way to retirement or already there, these shows will educate you, entertain you, and guide you to living the life you dream about.


July 3, 2024 38 mins

Like any other part of a comprehensive financial plan, there's no one-size-fits-all blueprint for an estate plan. Every person is different. Every family is different. And, as illustrated in a recent Wall Street Journal article, if you don't work with professionals to preserve your legacy, your way, you could be putting your estate, your loved ones, and your well-being at risk. 

On today's show, we discuss a listener question about...

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Formulating a one-time, bulletproof financial plan would be incredibly simple if you could supply an advisor with just two pieces of information: exactly how much money you're going to spend every single year in retirement, and your date of death. 

Absent those two impossible data points, an effective, comprehensive financial plan has to be an ongoing, personalized, and adjustable process, no matter what size your nest egg is.

On ...

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"Robin" is a single mother of two high schoolers. She's 45 and she earns about $350,000 per year. Robin had never worked with a financial advisor before, and one of our clients referred her to Keen Wealth because she was looking for help with streamlining her finances and, hopefully, retiring in nine years.

On today's show, we run Robin's case through Keen Wealth's checklist-driven, compreh...

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I couldn't be prouder to have my name above the door at Keen Wealth Advisors. If you've read my book, you know that I have a very personal connection to financial planning, and it's been my lifelong mission to help folks avoid the kinds of hardships that my father and I went through. Every day, Keen Wealth carries out that mission in so many different ways: educational events, informative blog posts and podcasts, and a comprehensiv...

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Interest rates, inflation forecasts, and long-term market trends were just a few of the topics Matt Wilson, CFP® covered in our recent 2024 Q2 Market Update Webinar, "Gain Insights on the Economy & Markets." The follow-up questions we tackle on today’s show are largely geared toward folks who are approaching the retirement transition with some understandable anxiety. I hope that as we provide a little more detail on these important...

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Are Joe Namath and William Shatner giving you the best possible advice about Medicare?

During the Medicare Open Enrollment period last fall, you probably saw TV ads for companies selling Medicare Advantage Plans featuring these and other senior celebrities. That's because, under most circumstances, the Open Enrollment period is the one time per year that seniors can change their Medicare coverage. And, in recent years, Medicare Adv...

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Most soon-to-be retirees have a broad understanding of the differences between living off their assets and living off a monthly paycheck. But making that switch and adjusting to new spending habits can be more complicated than you might think, especially if you aren't prepared for the rules around withdrawing from your retirement accounts and how your relationship to your money might change. 

In his most recent webinar, Matt Wilson...

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The power of the human spirit. Resilience. Forgiveness. Advocacy. Redemption. Character. Faith. 

These are just some of the words that came to mind when I reflected on our guest today, Stephany Bening, and the incredible story that she shares on this episode. Stephany and her children suffered a wrenching loss. But, guided by her faith, Stephany was able to turn that experience into a force for good that, hopefully, will make Misso...

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If you go back and skim the 200-plus episodes we've recorded of Keen on Retirement, you'll notice that every year or so, we devote an episode to the latest financial frauds and scams that are making the rounds. Especially as we head into tax season, it's important that folks remember the IRS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Social Security Administration are never, ever going to call you and ask for your ban...

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Just after midnight on New Year's Day of 2012, I was standing in a pizzeria in New York with my wife Carissa. We had just watched “The Ball” drop in Times Square. Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" was playing over loudspeakers. Confetti was in the air. Spirits were high. And I was filled with gratitude and hope for the year ahead.

Then I happened to see an email from my mother come in on...

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We spend a lot of time on Keen on Retirement discussing how retirement is changing, from new laws and rules to generational shifts in how seniors work and live. But one constant in the retirement planning process is the importance of the age of 65. 

Many folks still feel like turning 65 means you've hit "retirement age," even though the government's definition is a bit different. And even if you continue to work well into your 70s,...

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My team at Keen on Retirement has been hard at work analyzing the question that's top-of-mind for many of our listeners. And after crunching the numbers ... 

Yes, it looks like Taylor Swift will be able to attend the Super Bowl! She's scheduled to perform in Tokyo the night before our Chiefs take on the 49ers, but thanks to a 17-hour time difference -- and, presumably, a private jet -- we do expect to see Taylor in Las Vegas. 

All ...

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At the end of 2023, the Keen on Retirement podcast crossed a significant milestone: 200 episodes. To put that number in context, less than half of the 460,080 active shows on Apple Podcasts reach episode 4. It's a real testament to the quality of our discussions, Keen Wealth Advisors' commitment to financial education, the dedication of my cohosts, and the support of our subscribers that Keen on Retirement is still going strong as ...

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Happy 2024 from the team at Keen Wealth Advisors!

The Dow sent us into the New Year on a high note -- literally -- by hitting a new all-time high in December on the back of some very positive economic news. Employment and job creation are still strong. It looks like we're going to avoid the recession that some analysts have been predicting for the better part of two years. And the Federal Reserve is hinting that it might be done wi...

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On November 28th, Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger died at age 99. Munger and his partner, Warren Buffett, became billionaire sages whose words reverberated throughout the markets. Their appearances at Berkshire's annual shareholder meetings were appointment viewing for many financial professionals. And while Charlie's "Mungerisms" often served as a succinct counterpoint to Buffett's more loquacious commentaries, the...

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When we fall behind on our holiday shopping lists, there are usually some last-minute deals and expedited shipping options that can help us catch up. But if you fall too far behind on your annual financial planning checklist, you might miss out on some important rule changes or time-sensitive strategies that could impact your retirement next year. 

Based on the questions we've been fielding lately from Keen on Retirement listeners...

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Being grateful can be hard work.

The media bombards us with so much bad news, and our lives are so full of everyday stresses that it's easy to lose sight of all the good things we have going for us. And when we're really low, gratitude might even feel a little out of reach.

However, as we discuss on today's show, intentionally incorporating gratefulness into your daily ...

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One of the reasons my team at Keen Wealth puts so much care into personalizing our comprehensive planning process is that there's no one path to a successful retirement. Yes, we often incorporate some tried-and-true strategies and tools, like diversification, downside volatility protection, and Monte Carlo simulations. But as we discuss on today's show, even professional financial advisors have to sort through a wide array of optio...

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The comprehensive financial plans we design at Keen Wealth factor in every piece of available information to help folks plan for what we know is coming and prepare for the unexpected. While recent events at home and abroad are raising some new questions, we did learn some important answers last week that will help folks get ready for 2024. 

On today's show, we discuss listener questions about Social Security, Medicare, Ukraine and ...

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This year's annual Medicare Open Enrollment period runs from October 15th to December 7th. Whether you're already on Medicare or about to claim your benefits for the first time, seniors need to make sure they get the care they need at a price that fits with the rest of their comprehensive financial plan. 

On today's show, we answer listener questions about Medicare Open Enrollment to help you get ready for this important part of y...

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