Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Lured Up - A Pokémon GO Podcast

Lured Up is a weekly podcast dedicated to the game, culture, and community surrounding Pokémon GO. Hosts Ken and Adam offer insight from multiple perspectives in an uncensored format. Lured Up covers topics that are relevant to both casual gamers and hardcore Trainers, while providing a heaping dose of entertainment as well. Lured Up - The Podcast where we take Pokémon GO way more seriously than we do ourselves.


April 13, 2024 60 mins

Lured Up Podcast 303

Streamed Live - 4/2/2024

Published - 4/6/2024 


Trainers saw Team GO Rocket Take Over their games last week and we will recap how we did during the event! With Sizeable Surprises on the horizon, April is shaping up to be another packed month of events. We also have Part 2 of the Wonder Ticket to work through, which has proven to offer some great value in the ...

Mark as Played
March 29, 2024 50 mins

Lured Up Podcast 302

Video Streamed Live - 3/27/2024

Audio Podcast Published - 3/29/2024


We had plenty happening on and off the screen this week! We have plenty to unpack and plenty to compare opinions over! We begin with a recap of Weather Week and our current feelings on Verdant Wonders. Is Zarude the new Galarian Mr. Mime? With a $7.99 Ticket and a boring task progression, Za...

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March 25, 2024 60 mins

Lured Up Podcast 301

Record Date - 3/12/2024

Publish Date - 3/24/2024


March has become a non stop barrage of events and has proven that this Season is bringing the heat. With the Horizons event wrapped up we have Weather Week and Verdant Wonders up next. 


GO Fest details have been shared for each of the IRL locations. We will be in NYC this year, and hope to see e...

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March 11, 2024 65 mins

Lured Up Podcast 300

Record Date - 3/5/2024

Publish Date - 3/10/2024


We are back after a brief hiatus! Thank you for your patience!


There is plenty to catch up on including our GO Tour gameplay, Research Day, and thoughts on the Horizon event. Niantic definitely has no interest in slowing things down post GO Tour as March is looking strong and packed with  events....

February 9, 2024 58 mins

Lured Up Podcast 299

Record Date - 2/6/2024

Publish Date - 2/9/2024


Lunar New Year is here and at the time of this recording, are still working our way through the Global Challenge. Writing this description after the goal has been met and the bonuses not being well received, let’s enjoy our blissful ignorance in not yet hearing Twitter’s cries about it. Chansey Community Day was...

Mark as Played
February 2, 2024 82 mins

Lured Up Podcast 298

Record Date - 1/30/24

Publish Date - 2/2/24


Taken Treasures was a ton of fun and was the perfect close to January. As we close out the month, we need to get ready to grind because February will be an onslaught of events. Pacing has been over the top every month for the last few years and the barrage of events will continue into 2024.


We start ...

Mark as Played
January 19, 2024 68 mins

Lured Up Podcast 297

Record Date - 1/16/2024

Publish Date - 1/20/2024


We have a nice combination of news and commentary this week as the both the blogs and social media have been on fire. We start with a recap of the last week of gameplay including Dazzling Dream and its questionable choice of a Hatch Collection Challenge. The Community was very upset about this being time gated...

Mark as Played
January 16, 2024 73 mins

Lured Up Podcast 296

Record Date - 1/13/2023

Publish Date - 1/16/2023


Niantic did not have the best week with a slew of hiccups across different mechanics of the game. From Therian Tornadus not available as a Shiny to Bewear learning a charge move as a fast move, only to be followed up with the Dusk Form Lycanroc debacle, Trainer sentiment of Niantic is exceptionally low. While ...

Mark as Played
December 29, 2023 52 mins

Lured Up Podcast 295

Recorded and Streamed on Twitch- 12/26/2023

VoD and Audio Publish Date - 12/28/2023


We have plenty of gameplay to recap from the last week. The pair of Winter Events made for a nice setting for Wyrdeer Raid Day. With the holiday weekend making it tough for someTrainers to find the time to get out to Raid, we discuss how an increased Remote Raid limit makes f...

Mark as Played
December 23, 2023 67 mins

Lured Up Podcast 294

Record Date - 12/19/2023

Publish Date - 12/23/2023


There is a ton to discuss this week as we journey deeper into Timeless Travels. Adamant Time had some ups and downs with the encounter pool being polarizing, as Kanto typically splits the Community. Nothing however, will split the Community more than a good old fashioned Niantic blunder, which is what happen...

Mark as Played
December 11, 2023 93 mins

Lured Up Podcast 293

Record Date - 12/6/2023

Publish Date - 12/10/2023


A new Season is upon us and with it comes excitement, anticipation, and hype, right? You won’t see any of that if you take a look at the feeds of some of the game’s biggest content creators. With claims flying all over the place that the game is dead and that new features are dull, some think the game is in a...

Mark as Played
November 27, 2023 55 mins

Lured Up Podcast 292 - It Needs Seasoning

Record Date - 11/25/2023

Publish Date - 11/26/2023


Use code: BALLCHECK20 at for 20% Off and Free Shipping! You can still help out by using our code through the Black Friday Sale!


Is it just us or does it not feel like the latest Season of Pokémon GO is coming to a close? As we enter the final wee...

Mark as Played
November 22, 2023 64 mins

Lured Up Podcast 291

Record Date - 11/18/2023

Publish Date - 11/21/2023



There have been plenty of Pokémon in fashion this week, and the Shiny chase is on.We had a ton of costume Shinies to look out for which kept the grinders busy, and a really cool Dragonite in Raids for that camp to ...

Mark as Played
November 16, 2023 51 mins

Lured Up Podcast 290

Record Date - 11/12/2023

Publish Date - 11/15/2023


As we approach the end of the season, the amount of events is still packing the calendar. The Festival of Lights brought on some fun spawns and visuals, and Mega Garchomp Raid Day brought Trainers outside for another fun day of IRL gameplay. We have noticed a ton of positive Community Ambassador posts showin...

Mark as Played
October 30, 2023 66 mins

Lured Up Podcast 289

Record Date - 10/28/2023

Publish Date - 10/30/2023


What’s this, what’s this? Two incredible weeks of PGO Gameplay with more on the way! It’s been a great time to play Pokémon GO with the Halloween Events and a Team GO Rocket Takeover keeping Trainers really busy. From new Pokémon to unique shiny chases, there is a bit of something for everyone. 


Mark as Played
October 23, 2023 73 mins

Lured Up Podcast 288

Record Date - 10/21/2023

Publish Date - 10/23/2023


Adam is back on US soil! We learn about his first ever trip abroad and what it was like to Train at the City Safari in Barcelona! From airport to airport and park to city, there are plenty of stories to share. Huge shout out to Kriket23 for helping Adam guide himself through Spain!


For the res...

Mark as Played
October 16, 2023 70 mins

Lured Up Podcast 287

Record Date - 10/14/2023

Publish Date - 10/16/2023


While Adam is out living his best life at the City Safari n Barcelona, the show must go on! This week, Lane from Good Morning Johto fills the second chair! Make sure you follow Lane and his show for a unique spin on Pokémon GO podcast coverage!


With the Adventures Abound in full swing, the pac...

October 11, 2023 57 mins

Lured Up Podcast 286

Record Date - 10/7/2023

Publish Date - 10/10/2023


The Pokémon GO Community has been on some roller coasters lately, and this week really sent us for a loop. The PvP Community is in turmoil as a wave of DM screenshots were released that showed leaders of PvP in a negative light. With a former staffer of GO Stadium airing it all out, JRHonda from GO Stadium ha...

October 2, 2023 60 mins

Lured Up Podcast 285

Record Date - 9/30/2023

Publish Date - 10/1/2023 


As we move into the second month of Adventures Abound, we have plenty to reflect on including Azurill Hatch Day, the Out To Play Event, and even a smattering of vanilla spawns. With Timburr Community Day being announced, we are all scratching our heads a bit wondering why we don’t have a ghost type instead. P...

Mark as Played

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