Master Coach Mindset With Rhonda Britten

Master Coach Mindset With Rhonda Britten

Master Coach Mindset is a podcast devoted to the “Art of Coaching” giving you the tips, tools and techniques Rhonda Britten, named America’s Favorite Life Coach, has learned over the past two plus decades as a Master Coach, and head of the Life Coach Certification Program, considered the Ivy League of Life Coach Training. She has coached tens of thousands of clients, has been read, heard and watched by millions and now wants to share all she knows with you. Through humor, inspiring stories and practical no-nonsense coaching, she will up-level your skills and expand what’s possible for you as a Coach.


May 20, 2018 3 mins

Rhonda Britten introduces you to the new podcast Master Coach Mindset with Rhonda Britten. 

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This podcast is for you if:

  • You are a professional coach whether it’s life coach, business coach, or any type of niche coaching.
  • Or if you use coaching skills as part of your every day life:
  • and lastly, this podcast is for you if you, like me, want to be a masterful communicator

 So why listen?

Here’s just a small list of the goodness you receive when you become a master coach:

  • An ability to ha...
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A Master Coach knows their own internal work is the foundation of their coaching practice, guaranteeing deep healing and authentic awakening for themselves and their client.”

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So do you ignore time or results? Well, kinda. But not in the way you might think. Many times our clients believe they know the results they want but how often are those results taking them down a path that isn’t theirs?

Our job as Coaches is to create a new way to define success for our clients (and oursel...

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A Master Coach never blames or shames their client, or gives them sympathy or pity, but supports them unconditionally.

Moments You Don’t Want to Miss!

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    There’s Something Way Better than Results

    Moments You Don't Want to Miss!

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    One of my favorite lines in the Master Coach Manifesto is: "A Master Coach coaches beyond right or wrong or bad or good because there is no such thing as a mistake.”

    Here’s what I know: There’s no benefit to blaming and shaming for mistakes. The same is true for withholding innocence. Seeing your own innocence, and your clients is a cure-all for reframing your past into a new present that you’ll be proud of. And even more important...

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    Feelings are so confusing. They pull us one and then the other. And because of that, we stay stuck in indecision. One of the key aspects of taking our power back is knowing how feelings work and how to align our head, heart, body, and soul. When you can do that, clarity ensues bringing with it clarity, focus, motivation, and awe-inspiring wonder.

    Here’s line six of the Master Coach Manifesto: “A Master Coach honors a client’s feeli...

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    Most people are desperately trying to solve their problems. Yet, solving a problem only gives temporary relief. The only path to permanent transformation is soul work.

    That’s why today we are focusing on line seven of the Master Coach Manifesto:
    "A Master Coach works on two tracks at all times. The problem the client brings, and the real opportunity at hand."


    Highlights you don’t want to miss:

    4:17   The problem is the path to so...

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    When we say we want to do something but don’t do it, it’s not because they are difficult or resistant, it means they are afraid. Telling a client they can do it, is ineffective. Try coaching them instead. 

    That’s why today we are focusing on line eight of the Master Coach Manifesto:

    “A Master Coach treats their client as if they are wholeheartedly doing their best, not theoretically but in ...

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    There’s nothing more frustrating to me than hearing a coach talk about their ‘resistant client’ or ‘difficult client.’ There’s no such thing.

    Here’s the truth:
    Your client isn’t purposely sabotaging themselves, your client isn't purposely resisting, your client isn't purposely doing anything. They're not purposely wrecking their lives, they're not purposely not trusting themselves, they're not purposely making bad choices.

    When you...

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    When you’re truly here to help, support and coach your client, you must have the courage to listen to what's moving through you and ask the next question whether or not you know the reason you're asking.

    It’s not nosy. It’s coaching.

    This is critical to support your client to reach beyond the known. 

That’s why line ten of the Master Coach Manifesto is:
"A Master Coach isn't afraid to ask how much money a client makes, when was th...

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    Learning the art of layered questions is essential to move from a good Coach to a Great Coach to a Master Coach. Without understanding the purpose open-ended questions versus close-ended questions or knowing how to stay in the flow that exists in the moment or anchoring and expanding your client’s ah-ha’s into their entire life, your influence, impact and confidence will be thwarted.


    That’s why today we are focusing on line eleve...

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    Our feelings override our best intentions. Our insights give us a false sense of awakening. Our coaching is a reflection of how masterfully we have embodied our own feelings, intentions and insights.

    Our head will not get us where we want to go. We must use our whole body, heart, spirit and mind.


    That’s why today we are focusing on line twelve of the Master Coach Manifesto:
    "A Master Coach supports the client in staying centered...

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    The one way to quit shaming and blaming yourself is to embrace your humanity and give up labeling yourself and your clients with words like “resistant.” There’s no such thing.


    That’s why today we are focusing on line thirteen of the Master Coach Manifesto: "A Master Coach embraces humanity and sees the miracle in every moment, never pushing away fear but devoted to ushering in freedom."


    Highlights you don’t want to miss:

    6:34 I...

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    August 13, 2018 29 mins

    Why learn coaching skills? You may be surprised at the answer.

    Plus, Rhonda shares what those Eight Coaching Skills are and so much more.

    What You Will Discover:

    • Why learn coaching skills anyway?
    • What you need besides insights and a-ha’s
    • The importance of safety, trust and respect
    • Miscommunication is at the hea...
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    August 20, 2018 28 mins

    Dirty Coaching™ is a phrase I created for coaching that does not serve the client, but instead, serves the coach. Find out if you’re unwittingly Dirty Coaching in your coaching sessions.

    What You Will Discover: 

    • The five components of a Fearless Conversation™
    • The difference between solution coaching and transformational coaching
    • Detaching from your Clients results
    • Fearless Conversation™ vs. Dirty Coaching™
    • Dirty Coaching™ is s...
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    August 27, 2018 27 mins

    What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

    One of the most important distinctions you must have as a Coach is understanding where coaching ends and therapy begins. When you understand this line, you will better serve your client. And it’s critical for your integrity and living true to the ethics of coaching.


    What You Will Discover:


    • When does your Client need therapy vs. coaching?
    • How to coach Clients into therapy
    • ...
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    Have you ever wished you could be less judgmental? Well, hold on to your hat, because things are about to get serious.


    Welcome to Season Two. Episode 4. This season I will be sharing the Eight Coaching Skills every Certified Fearless Living Coach learns in the Fearless Living “Life Coach Certification Program.”


    In today’s episode, I share one of the most crit...

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    Today’s episode we’ll be continuing our conversation about Skill #1: Speak as if they are Innocent.   

    Innocence changes everything. Listen to Episode 5 now.


    What You Will Discover:


    - Different ways judgment may be seeping in to your Sessions

    - Disempowering questions and their effect on your Clients

    - How to be present in your conversations

    - The rate of listening versus speaking matters

    - The power of eliminating "you" befor...

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