Matthew Mania

Matthew Mania

Welcome to the Matthew Mania podcast! I'm Matthew Maschler my buddy Neil and I attend wrestling shows as if it's our job. Although by day, my real job is Selling Florida real estate. Hey, ringside seats are expensive, in this podcast we hope to share some of our excellent adventures with you, the Matthew Mania universe. We will exchange stories of the fun times we have gone to wrestling events, watching wrestling shows, going on wrestling trips and other wrestling related discussions. Sometimes they won't be wrestling related, but rest assured any story will become wrestling related at some point. So, what is Matthew Mania tune in and hear about the trips, the ships, the shows, and it challenged me as each glorious episode will be awesome. And remember F The Revival, Cutler sucks, and subscribe or follow us now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Audible, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts.


September 14, 2022 20 min
This week on the Matthew Mania Podcast Matthew is joined by Palm Beach County Mayor Robert Weinroth.  

Robert and Matthew are old friends, and Robert enjoyed wattching BRCW Summer Smash.  We talk about old school wrestlers, like the late great "Living Legend, Bruno Sanmartino"

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Joined by Staci Garcia from the Real Estate Finder Podcast and Janine Stella from Skulls and Stilletos, we talk all about Boca Raton Championship Wrestling’s Summer Smash.   If you missed Boca Raton Championship Wrestling’s Summer Smash, then you must go to the next BRCW event. Yesterday’s wrestling matches were top notch and absolutely awesome! Check out the highlights online and get your tickets early for November 6!   www.BocaRa...
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August 31, 2022 15 min
Getting ready for BRCW SUMMERSMASH   In todays podcasdt Matthew discusses how he picked the date for the upcoing show and previews the match card.   Find out more at

Also, check out the commercial we did for our Sept. 4th show and buy tickets at 

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Matthew and Neil attend Monday Night Raw at the Pechanga Center in San Diego.  We celebrate 20 years of Rey Mysterio #619 and the Fourth of July with a hot dog eating contest and Uncle Sam. 

Shout out to fan of the week: Quinn.  Thank you for joining us Quinn.  You win a Neil the Heel T-Shirt. 

Next up: Summer Slam in Nashville. 

Tune in to get more information about upcoming Boca Raton Championship Wrestling events on 9/4/2022.


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Black Wrestlefest presented by The Pretty Heels happened over Juneteenth weekend in Brooklyn, NY and it was a huge success. 

The Matthew Mania Podcast and Boca Raton Championship Wrestling where proud to sponsor this amazing event. 

Neil was there on assignment representing Boca Raton Championship Wrestling. Joining Neil was The Marvelous MJ Jenkins. 

Black Wrestle Fest was a pro wrestling fan experience Juneteenth Weekend and feat...

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So what was meant to be a local promotion has extended to Jacksonville. We are going to present Jack Talos at River City Wrestling Con.  This is is going to be big!!!!   Also joining us: The Savvy and Sophisticated Jessica“Long Legs” Elaban, the voice of BRCW Ryan Katz and a Whole Lotta Women, Ms. MJ Jenkins from Brooklyn, New York.    And of course Neil The Heel.    Matthew Mania will be running wild through the River City. And to...
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June 10, 2022 39 min
Today Neil and I interview Nelio Costa.  Nelio owns CCW and he was the secret behind BRCW.  Basically he owns the ring and produced the show.  Neil and I stood “on the shoulders of giants” and could not have made BRCW so successful without him.     We talk about the success of CCW and its impact on the wrestling industry as well as recent matches and upcoming events.   Check out to lea...
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Matthew and Neil discuss the success of Boca Raton Championship Wrestling, in this first episode they have done together since the BRCW debut on May 15th.   BRCW sold out the Boca Black Box.  And the reviews are extraordinary.  We discuss the follow up “Invasion” into Pompano Beach and Jacksonville, and possibly Brooklyn.     And we announce the next dates: September 4, 2022 at the YMCA on Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton and Novem...
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The first ever Boca Raton Championship Wrestling event was held Sunday May 15th at the Boca Black Box.    It was sold out and a huge success.  Everyone had a great time.  The response is fantastic.   In this podcast Matthew is joined by the co-host of the Real Estate Finder Podcast, Staci Garcia. Staci never been to a wrestling show and she loved it.    The fans loved Neil The Heel.  And he is taking a well deserved day off.    Eve...

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Matthew and Neil are joined by our very special guest and good friend, rock legend, guitarist and composer, Charlie Parra.    Born in Lima, Peru, Charlie was thirteen years old when he started to play guitar.  He is a you tube star, a rock legend and plays with Chris Jericho in the band Kuarantine.   Charlie discusses attending Wrestlemania with us and what goes into making his incredible vlogs. He also talks the growth of his care...
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We start the show by feeling the glow of the Wrestlemania aftermath.  (I don’t know about you, but we feel good!!!).  And then we announce EXCITING NEWS!!!!   The wait is finally over. After months of hints and teases, Matthew and Neil announce that they are bringing their very own wrestling promotion to Boca Raton. Join us as we talk about how this all came about, the thought process and who is booked for our very first show.     ...
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April 8, 2022 77 min

Just got back from Wrestlemania and we want to tell you all about our experience in Dallas! We saw five shows in three days and just had an epic adventure. We wish you could’ve been with us but at least we get the chance to tell you all about it. The highlights, the hotels and the hamburgers!

Let’s go!!!

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We are back from vacation and want to share what we are up to with you, the Matthew Mania universe!   We celebrated Neil’s 50th birthday, the Glazier family spring break and discuss our plans for Wrestlemania 38 in Dallas Texas.
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For years, WWE had put together Travel Packages together.  And at the Royal Rumble we learned the long term employee that handled them was laid off.     Well starting at Money In The Bank WWE has changed from travel packages to On Location. The same company that does Olympics, Super Bowl and other events      So we talk about the new announcement.   We are Joined by Stuart and this is the best episode ever!!!  
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February 13, 2022 24 min

In today’s episode, Neil the Heel and Matthew Mania discuss our decision to go to Wrestlemania, which is 2 months away. It’s a short episode, because we are headed to the Real Estate Finder company party, but we still respond to listener questions. Have some more stories about the Royal Rumble and that White Castle delivery. And basically a full catch-up on the Matthew Mania Universe!

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February 4, 2022 39 min
On this week's episode, we discuss the sudden name change of NXT Superstar Walter.  Gunther?   Some like it, some hate it, some are offended. We will break it down with our opinion on the topic.  On The Glazier’s Edge, Neil tells us what he thinks about fans bringing signs to shows. He admits he once brought signs, but is he a changed man?
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January 31, 2022 79 min
Neil and Matthew had no plans to go to the Royal Rumble.  So what where we doing there?  How did we get there?   The morning of the Rumble, while deciding where to watch it, we decided to get on a 4:00 flight to Missouri and make a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble.   On the flight home we recorded this and will take you through what our day was like!
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January 28, 2022 52 min

Matt and Neil discuss this year’s Royal Rumble. Who will win? Who will return? We  also talk about attending the Impact Wrestling TV tapings to support our friend - the 7 foot, Jack Talos.  We got to see some old friends, and made some new ones. Finally, Matt takes over The Glazier’s Edge where he talks about his dislike for Dominic Mysterio’s name. 

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Today we had some fun.  We recorded our episode LIVE at the Biergarten restaurant in Boca Raton as part as Pod-a-looza.  We joined 7 other popular Boca Raton podcasts and we had a lot of fun.   We had no idea what we where going to talk about and it was werid to record live.  But it was a lot if fun.   Special guest, Lakay!!!!  Lakay was trained as a wrestler locally and was the GWA champion. He know works for CCW.
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January 14, 2022 34 min

Neil and I are disappointed to hear that Chris Jericho made the decision to cancel the 4th version of the Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Rager at Sea. Not because of Covid, I think they did not sell enough tickets.

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