Meditation Conversation

Meditation Conversation

A podcast to support your spiritual (r)evolution. This is the best podcast for people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening. Whether you are a beginning meditator or advanced on your path, the content of the Meditation Conversation podcast will speak to you. Kara Goodwin hosts guests with expertise in a wide variety of subjects which explore consciousness to assist you with your spiritual transformation. Topics include mysticism, energy healing, miracles, angels, psychic abilities, mental health, aliens, quantum physics, multidimensionality, psychedelics, frequency, spirituality, mindful living, kundalini, guided meditation, music, yoga, qi gong, ETs, and so much more. The energy of this podcast guides you to mindfully awaken you to higher levels of your consciousness awareness. Through this content and its high vibration, you will not only deepen your understanding of the true nature of reality, but you will open yourself to energy shifts beyond your intellectual mind. To learn more about Kara, please visit


September 21, 2023 49 mins

Step into a world where a humble landscaper finds himself on an otherworldly odyssey, forever altering his perception of reality. Unbeknownst to him, a cosmic revelation awaits, shattering the boundaries of what he thought was possible. Prepare to be captivated as he unveils the mysteries of Thiaoouba, a planet beyond our realm, and the profound implications it holds...

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    Have you ever felt frustrated by the limitations of psychiatric medication in effectively treating mental health issues? Despite being told to rely on medication, you or your loved ones may have experienced the pain of not finding the desired relief or improvement in your mental health. It's time to question the effectiveness of this approach and explore alternative ...

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    Discovering the power of light language and toning, Daniel Scranton's spiritual journey took an unexpected turn. Seeking inner peace through meditation, he stumbled upon a surprising form of communication that transcended all barriers. This newfound ability allowed him to connect with others on a profound level, tapping into the depths of their emotions and spirits. ...

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    Unravel the enigma of Tina Davidson's life as she shares her journey of self-discovery and healing. Brace yourself for an unexpected revelation that will leave you with a new understanding of the crippling power of secrets and the transformative nature of emotional honesty. What will Tina unearth as she peels back the layers of her childhood trauma? Find out...

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    Step into the world of Amy Anthony, where the bustling streets of New York City led her to a surprising passion for essential oils. Discover how her journey from herb gardens to aromatherapy certifications took an unexpected turn, leaving a tantalizing question lingering in the air: What surprising scents and chemical complexities await those who delve into the realm...

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    Have your own experience with the invisible, subtle energy around you. 

    Everyone is connected to the invisible energy around them and can tap into it for their own healing.

    Charles Matthew is an expert in helping people connect to this energy so they can be relieved from pain. In this recording of a special livestream for the Conscious Awakening Network, Charles leads the group in feeling into this energy and guides participants in...

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    Discover the extraordinary tale of Rev. Karen Cleveland, whose life took an unexpected turn when a simple question pierced her soul. A journey of self-discovery unfolded, revealing Karen's innate ability to connect with animals on a profound level.

    But what happened when she hit rock bottom?

    How did her life transform from darkness to a beautiful symphony of understa...

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    Elite healer Joshua Cameron shares his unique approach to healing chronic pain and trauma. But just as he begins to reveal the key to unlocking lasting relief, a surprising twist leaves him questioning everything he thought he knew. Don't miss this suspenseful and thought-provoking episode that will leave you wanting more.

    Check out Joshua's free gift for listeners!


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    Are YOU receiving messages from God?

    Legendary author of Conversations with God and spiritual teacher Neale Donald Walsch gives his insights on how you can talk to God.

    Neale shares his extraordinary insights on devotion, worship, meditation, and forgiveness. 

    You can watch this livestream (with captions) here:

    Watch Kara's 2022 interview (#185) with Neale here:

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    Join me as I delve into the fascinating world of feeling tones (or vedanas) and their impact on our lives. With guests Mark Williams and Dr. Danny Penman, we explore how feeling tones shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions, leaving us with a profound question: Are we truly in control of our own experiences? Tune in to find out, but be prepared to questioning every...

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    Sharon underwent a massive, life changing healing from the most shocking of sources.

    Listen to her incredible story as she recounts how she was physically and emotionally healed by massive, interdimensional blue beings.

    She could feel their massive, strong hands moving her body in unusual ways that she was physically incapable of moving herself. She could also feel them manipulating her spine vertebrae by vertebrae.

    You may also wa...

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    Discover the unexpected twist in Jahan Khamehzadeh's journey through the world of psychedelics, as he uncovers the incredible healing power of psilocybin. But just when he thought he had it all figured out, more realizations send him on new paths of discovery. He shares many revealing insights in this captivating conversation.

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    Do you desire to experience an extraordinary transformation and unleash your untapped potential?

    Are you ready to awaken your latent abilities and embark on a journey of spiritual growth?

    Join us as we reveal the key to unlocking your hidden powers and accessing the true depths of your being.

    My guests and friends of the show, Sally Knopp and L...

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    There is incredible potential in quantum technology, from free energy to physical healing.

    Tom Paladino is bringing the future of quantum healing technology into the present moment with his scalar light technology. Tom and his colleague Patricia Carles join in this special livestream for Meditation Conversation and Conscious Awakening Network to talk about the work that the are doing to heal people using simply a photograph. Tom ha...

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    She's expanding musically and spiritually, but facing unforeseen circumstances that have kept her from sharing her gifts with the world. Reemerging onto the music scene, she has recently released A Blueprint for Life, filled with layers and hidden lines. We discuss how her unique sound stands out and impacts listeners.

    Read more
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    Are you a health-conscious individual who prioritizes natural living?

    Have you ever heard these three myths about the importance of traditional foods for optimal health? Myth #1: Modern diets are superior to traditional foods. Myth #2: Traditional foods are outdated and suboptimal. Myth #3: You can't achieve premium health without modern supple...

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    Can you imagine instant bone regrowth or restoration of hearing after decades of using hearing aids? Suzanne Spooner has seen this right in front of her eyes with her clients while using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

    There are great healing capabilities right inside YOU, too. 

    In this episode, Suzanne shares some remarkable insights and healings she has witnessed in her time as a QHHT practitioner. We also talk about insights...

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    Do you need to ingest psychedelics in the form of plant medicine in order to have a transcendental experience beyond your regular consciousness?

    I was really curious about learning from Martin Theis about the form of shamanic journeying that he practices and leads others through. He helps to induce a state within others that takes them into other dimensions to experience other forms of “reality.” These experiences sound very “tripp...

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    Just how powerful are our thoughts and intentions?

    Do we have the power to evoke change for others just through our thoughts?

    This interview highlights some phenomenal insights that are going to completely challenge your understanding of how the world and reality works.

    Lynne McTaggart is the international best selling author or 7 books, including The Power of Eight. She’s consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual le...

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    Are you familiar with the concept of Chi and ready feel energy in your body?

    Have you been using meditation or yoga to tap into your energy, but still don't feel the surge of life force within you?

    It's time to discover the transformative power of Qigong!

    In this episode, you will explore the remarkable benefits of Qigong and learn practical ex...

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