Pace Brothers - Into The Wilderness Podcast

Pace Brothers - Into The Wilderness Podcast


#87 Jenna Gearing, Traveling South America, Knowing Your Food, Fine Art, Persuing Your Passion, The Passion For Hunting, Life Lessons

August 9, 2018109 min

109 min
#86 Kuran Ireland, Valuing Wildlife, Wildlife Management Around The Globe, New Zealand Ethics, Ultimate OE, Hunting Gap Year, The Educated Hunter

July 26, 2018116 min

116 min
#85 Simon Whitehead, Ferreting, Filming Ferrets, Catching Rabbits, History of Rabbits within the UK, The Food Chain, Ahead Of The Game with Scott Rea, UFC Mentality

July 12, 2018112 min

112 min
#84 Joseph Peter, Hunting in New Zealand, Ethical Standards, Heli Hunting, Mountain Hunting, Managing Your Pack Weight, Tahr Hunting, What clothes to wear in the Mountains

June 28, 2018147 min

147 min
#83 Charles Post, Honey Bees, Ecologist, Environment, Healthy Ecosystems, Plastics, Sustainable Food, Film Making

June 14, 2018135 min

135 min
#82 Kim Hughes GC, Bomb Disposal, Life in Afghanistan, Receiving the George Cross, Following Your Dreams, Joining The Army, Hunting on MOD Land

May 31, 201896 min

96 min
#81 DNA Film Festival, The Future of Hunting, Working Together, The Wildlife Comes First, Inspiration from Danish Hunters

May 23, 201875 min

75 min
#80 Tyler Sharp, Modern Huntsman, public lands, black grouse, Scottish land management

May 17, 201899 min

99 min
#79 Mark Newton, lise ailin lorentzen, Rigby Rifles, Hunting in Scotland, Jim Corbetts Rifle, Moose Hunting, Growth of Women Hunting in Norway, Conservation

May 1, 201890 min

90 min
#78 Davey Hughes,Rob Gearing, Spartan Precision Equipment The Beginning,  Bear Hunting , Buffalo Hunting, Conservation , Fishing Patagonia , Spartan Bi pods

April 19, 201889 min

89 min

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