Anxiety to Confidence - The Personal Development Unplugged Podcast

Anxiety to Confidence - The Personal Development Unplugged Podcast

Anxiety to Confidence - The Personal Development Unplugged podcast. Dealing with all areas of anxiety, low self-esteem, fears to regain your confidence in all areas of your life, and being unique in using Hypnosis and NLP. Awarded one of the top 15 personal development podcasts A podcast for those wanting to let go of what holds them back through personal development but want it made simple and easy to understand and more importantly use, take action and make a difference to your life and the world you live in. If you want to change the way you feel and the way you act and react. If you have negative emotions, behaviors, that you want to lose forever and create something special in your life then I think you will like what you hear. In effect be the Real You Again! This genre of self-improvement, self-development, and mastery of your mind has, I believe, been made over complicated and secretive and here I am de-constructing the processes into their simple forms that we can all understand and easily use. There are no interviews just little ol’ me ;0) Who am I and what do I do?………Paul Clough. I now love helping making changes in people and to guide them to create the life they really want. A personal look at me: The above sentence was not always the case and being the best in the financial realms of the building industry was my aim and getting there by any means. I now know this is, and was, the worst way ~ even if I did make director of one of the largest building companies in Cambridge by the age of 30. One of the major realizations came on my first ever training in hypnosis. I found that it’s not a win-lose world and that a win-win is only a low basis to live. Being true to your beliefs and coming from a place of integrity where service is paramount. This understanding together with lots of NLP skills helped create my last partnership in the building industry grow from a turnover of £800k to £16m in less than twelve years and that can only be done with giving more than expected. Another shaping of me came from two traumatic events in my life that happened within six months of each other which created a number of major changes in me and my beliefs in what is possible. I have written about my experience and how I dealt with it but more importantly it really showed me my love for my three boys and theirs for me and resulted in the step up to become a trainer of NLP (which I never intended) and my close and exciting work with two of my sons. In supporting Joseph and help create change in people in our training’s and his wonderful life changing ‘Be your potential weekend’ and with Luke the continuing development of Cambridge Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis processes. My relationship with my third son Daniel just keeps getting better and better too. Not knowing how good I had become in change work, in the beginning, I generally studied, practiced, and saw clients then things started to happen when I started to work following just my instincts. Two clients come to mind both in effect dying from the effects of what was happening to them and the way they felt and within one and two sessions respectively not only won the will to live they changed virtually in front of my eyes and being apart of that process was and is the best feeling alive. The above are just three of the many brilliant learnings I have had in my life. The more formal bit Paul Clough I am a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis and am passionate about assisting those who want to reach their full potential and his special skills form a unique foundation for success. I constantly seek and develop new skills and learning’s – through advanced levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy ™, Hypnosis and to improve everyone I work with. I have an understanding of the mind/body connection which enables me to create in my clients the difference that makes the difference ~ from excellence to outstanding. For those that want qualifications: Certified Trainer and Consultant of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist Together with Luke and Joseph I have consistently strived and succeeded to create ways to improve people's lives and give new beliefs of what’s possible. Our potential is without limits ~ infinite in every way.


June 3, 2023 36 mins

The Anxiety Of Being Perfect

because you will never achieve it and it'll drive you nuts

Nothing can be perfect because we can always go just a little bit better and if you're a perfectionist that's a bit of a bummer and goes hand in hand with these:

I'm n...

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Here's Your New Free Hypnosis Track

From a question from a listener to episode #338 I Always Think The Worst and It's Bring Me Down, to this - a hypnosis track for unconscious learning. How cool is that?

Obviously, I would advise that you listen to the episode but for those of you who like to dive in I'll tell you a bit more.

I believe that most if not all i...

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Making Affirmations Work When Affirmations Clearly Don't Work

Or Do They?

Many think affirmations are those we say such as "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy" over and over and over again. Especially at times when we are not. Nada! it doesn't work and usually makes you feel worse. Why...

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An Ah-Ha That We All Have But Seem To Ignore - Don't

Sharing someone's ah-ha moment that I think we could call consider

and what can I do today to make today special? instead of "What a good idea, I'll do that tomorrow"

Thanks for the reminder, I hope you are reminded too.

Please share:


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I Always Think The Worst and It's Brings Me Down

We've all been there at some time in our lives; for some, it can be their world. Everything we experience seems to be so negative along with our thoughts and feelings.

This all takes a lot of energy to maintain and is, I believe, your unconscious mind with the best and most positive intention trying to keep you s...

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May 17, 2023 10 mins

Stepping Stone to Success

Without overwhelm

Have you ever wanted something so much, it's such a great idea you leap at it, lock stock and barrel, and it begins to overwhelm you. It's as if it all becomes too much and what seems such a great thing flounders, or more to the point we do? I kn...

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Dreaming - A Waste Of Time Or Is It?

Inspiration to Ideas to Wishes to Dreams to REALITY

Right from the get-go - this is NOT a goal-setting workshop episode, if you want that go to #259 Oh No! Another bloody goal-setting workshop - NOT.

So what is it? Well, it's my thoughts on how we ...

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Anxiety From A Different Perspective

Or Letting go of Anxiety by getting out of Anxiety

The title seems quite obvious yet we very seldom do it. It's so very difficult to find the answer when you're neck-deep in the problem. And simply interrupting the pattern of your anxiety just doesn...

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30 Seconds To Change Your Life

And this is not click-bait, pinky promise

I have shared in the past the mindful practice of stopping and pausing, at least it's a mindful practice to me, and the benefits of interrupting your present state and coming back to the moment.

And now I have adde...

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April 29, 2023 26 mins

The World Is My Mirror - Oh No!

Do you like what you see or .........?

Are there things or people in your world that make you angry? Maybe resentful? Maybe .... well you fill in the blank.

Do you find you get distracted in your thoughts by these things and the way they make you behave i...

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You're Not Capable Of Knowing What You Want

And it's just not you

I have this theory that no one is intelligent or wise enough to really know what they want


That's why our goals, dreams, and wishes fall short of what we could and can achieve.


There is a way to get our goals, dr...

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April 22, 2023 23 mins

Don't Be A Talker

Knowing is not doing

From a stoic quotation to a memory to a story, a story of one of the most anxious times in my life. We've all had scary times and this was one of mine.

So what's the connection and what did I learn?

From Ryan Holiday (credit given where it's due) Epict...

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April 19, 2023 7 mins

Life Is A Bottle Of Fizz

Don't bottle things up

From a delightful visual metaphor by the wonderful Joy Frink on FaceBook, I just had to share as best I can here in the 5-Minute Quickie podcast.

Please enjoy, and let the learnings slip in.

Please share:

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Living A Heart Centered Life with Guest Cris Agafi

Another guest that walks the walk

So pleased to have another guest bringing a great message and sharing the 'How To'

You will hear a different perspective that also runs with the thoughts here and intertwines in so many places. And it's goo...

Discipline Equals Just One More Day

Freedom One Day At A Time

Creating Change One Day At A Time

I didn't create this, think of it first but it's such an easy and doable thing to create change in your life and s...

Mark as Played
April 8, 2023 24 mins

How To Live A Meaningful Life

Before I started this dive into the rabbit hole of a meaningful life I first had to discover what exactly is a meaningful life as it's pretty vague. After quite a bit of searching, I found it's made up of your Passions, your Gifts, and your

Mark as Played
April 5, 2023 8 mins

An Easy Way To Success

Yes, I know success is a hard grind but it doesn't have to be if you know how.

Now, this isn't a silver bullet to take away all the hard work because if it wasn't a little uncomfortable everyone would be a raging success. This is, in only 5 or so minutes a strategy to make things as simple, and in simplicity there is genius, and get you t...

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Creating A Quiet Place In Your Mind

A place to be with yourself, by yourself, and Muse

I used to have a place I could go and think, work things out or just be, and I thought as I don't have it anymore why not create in our mind? ANd when you do you get to take it with you wherever you go -...

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March 29, 2023 7 mins

Is Anxiety Just A Pattern?

Or is it..........?

I heard the other day that anxiety is just a pattern of behavior and I think that does a little injustice to your anxiety.

Your anxiety is doing something positive for you even if it doesn't feel nice. Change the behavior and keep the inten...

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Here Is the Hypnosis Process from #330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Just uploaded to the downloadable section of my FREE HYPNOSIS section at

Please enjoy with my best wishes and create the future you deserve


I’m a therapist but not your therapist

The informa...

Mark as Played

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