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PTR 11/25/2017: The 11 Nations of the United States; The Matrix we live in; How the Elite Dominate the World ... 6 Giant Corporations; the truth about False Flags59 min
PTR 08/16/2017: The Truth about Race, History, and where we’re headed next67 min
PTR 07/272017: CIA Armed Al Qaeda in Syria, RussiaGate, Universal Basic Income, the Godless Pope53 min
PTR 07/11/2017: Trump’s Progress; Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London; Islam and the West; The healing powers of swearing77 min
PTR 05/29/2017: Memorial Day; Casualties of war; Eisenhower’s Farewell Address; Fake News War Party Lies; 13 Hours60 min
PTR 02/19/2017: Blair still opposes Brexit; Musk on UBI; Russia, Kucinich, Buchanan and The Deep State soft coup; Europeans don’t want more Muslims; Obama’s Organizing for Action encourages disruptions; Dodd-Frank isn’t killing the economy59 min
PTR 02/05/2017: Trump’s progress, Race card, Hispanics want end to sanctuary cities, Petraeus, Gabbard on Syria46 min
PTR 12/19/2016: Aleppo, The Russian Threat, Congressional Response, U.S. Terror Funding, Middle American Radicals, The Rise of the Right, Gadgets and Security Risks, Kids on ‘Digital Heroin’52 min
PTR 12/08/2016: Adam Schiff vs. Tucker Carlson, Neoconservative Duplicity vs. Common Sense and Integrity; German Companies close the door on Breitbart in the name of openness and tolerance; Denzel Washington Slams Mainstream Media49 min
PTR 11/17/2016: Election brings white nationalism to forefront?; female ‘internalized misogyny’; Sanctuary-City Mayors Resist; TPP; McCain says US 'reset' with Russia unacceptable70 min

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