Podcasting for Business

Podcasting for Business

Podcasting is massively on the rise and showing no sign of slowing down. If you're looking to launch and grow a profitable podcast to help you grow your business then this show is for you! Join Lynsay Anne, CEO of The Podcast Boutique and Founder of Emmeline Podcast Network, each week to learn the strategies to launch, grow and monetise your podcast, save time in your business and have fun while you do it! This podcast is for entrepreneurs and brands who want to launch a podcast that has a positive impact on other's lives and grow their business at the same time. Each week Lynsay will share her podcasting insights and knowledge to help you start your own podcast. There'll be inspiring interviews from incredible women who've launched their own podcasts too. After listening to Lynsay Anne you can't help but feel inspired to take action! Lynsay works with entrepreneurs and brands globally and lives in Cheshire, UK with her husband, 2 daughters and a gazillion rescue pets!


January 26, 2023 9 min

Today, I'm talking about a question that may have gone through your head.  

It's a question that could stop some people from starting their podcast altogether.  

That question is, what if people don’t listen to my podcast? 

Let's dissect this, shall we? 

Join me today, as I break down any fears related to this question. 

Here are the highlights

(01:03) The two hurdles 

(01:33) Just a thought 

(03:42) The reality 

(05:00) Making ...

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Do you think the most important figure for your podcast is the download number?

Well, that may or may not be true… depending on the goal of your podcast and what you want it to do for your business.

Download numbers do give you lots of useful information.

But these aren't the only things you need to be tracking.

So, join me today to find out how there are lots of other trackable things for your podcast that may be more important fo...

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I know lots of you already have your podcast launched. But now you’re looking for growth. 

Growing your podcast takes a lot of work, but it’s all about mindset. 

I love the quote - “what’s got you this far, won’t get you to the next level”. 

Whatever you've done so far isn't going to be enough to get you to that next stage. 

This is so true for your podcast as well.

So, join me today as we discuss planning, ideas, and thinking d...

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Have you wanted to start a podcast for ages? 

One of the reasons you haven’t might be because you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

I get it. 

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. We all have times when we’re feeling that way.

In today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about that. 

I'll be sharing some great tips on how to overcome that feeling of dread, and take on a more positive approach.

Then you can get started in 2023!

Highlights ...

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Today, I wanted to talk to you a bit about engagement. It's pretty much the holy grail for all podcasts. 

You can have the best content in the world, but if you don’t get it out into the world, let people know it’s out there or promote it… it's unlikely that you're going to get many listeners or much engagement.

Engagement is one of the key factors in getting your podcast into the charts.

So, join me and discover how you c...

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Are you feeling drained by social media? 

Well, you're not alone. There’s a huge pressure to be present on every online platform and to be constantly releasing content, but less than 1% of your audience actually sees what you post. This has led to people looking outside of social media and looking at different ways they can engage with audiences. 

That is where podcasts come in. 

Highlights From This Episode 

(03:04) Number one, it...

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Are you thinking of having a well-deserved break from your podcast this Christmas? 

Well I have a secret to tell you: if you plan ahead, you can take a break and still release new episodes, because the holidays are a great time of year for you to publish your podcast. 

You might think people stop listening to podcasts over the holiday season but this is not the case. So take advantage, seize the opportunity, and publish new content w...

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Today I'm talking all about how you can use your podcast to help you have an even better launch in January. It's all about what you do now before Christmas to get people excited about your launch coming in the new year.I'll be sharing four different ideas about how your podcast can help you to have an even bigger launch.Oh, and make sure you listen right till the very end of this episode where I'm sharing with you h...

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Times are hard, so today's episode is a little bit different because today I'm talking directly to people who are business owners with employees.

I wanted to share an episode about how private podcasts can help you as a business owner and also help your employees during this cost of living crisis that we're in right now.

Highlights From This Episode:

01:27 - When Salary increase isn't an option right now.

04:39 - Use w...

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If you are planning to launch a podcast for your business, you might be thinking an interview format is best – after all, you get to talk less! 

However, a solo podcast format can be so much more effective when done well, because it gives your listener a chance to get to know you. By showing off your expertise and your personality, you are selling your brand, and this makes it far more possible that your listener will become your cl...

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November 14, 2022 12 min

Did you know that most podcasts (and I’m talking of over 80% of all podcasts) never make it to ten episodes?! 

The biggest reason for this? The dreaded Podfade. 

It’s a term coined for when you, as a budding podcaster, will start to feel demotivated, when the wind gets knocked out of your sails and podcasting just feels a bit too much like work without the recognition you expected. 

Well here’s the worst kept secret in podcasting: it ...

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Running a business is hard! 

I feel your pain. I have been running my own podcast agency since 2016, and I realised that we spend so much time as entrepreneurs chasing our next target that we forget to step back and take stock. 

So this is what this episode is all about. I am going through a week in my life as a business owner. It’s time you also reflect and appreciate everything you do. 

I also tell you a little bit about our new pod...

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October 17, 2022 10 min

There are millions of podcasts in the world, so what makes yours worth listening to? 

Podcasting is a booming industry, and as it continues to grow that gap in standard between those who take it seriously and those who don’t is getting bigger and bigger. 

The biggest podcasters out there have millions of pounds of at their disposal to produce and promote their shows, so if you think your Anchor-hosted podcast recorded into your lapto...

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October 14, 2022 9 min

Launching a new podcast is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming, and sometimes this overwhelm can scare you away from launching your show at all. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Launching a podcast can be very simple, and in this episode I explain how you can break your launch strategy down into 8 steps which will help you make a big splash without drowning in pressure. 

It’s time you launch a podcast for your busi...

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Your advert is like an advert for your podcast. Yyour listener should get everything they need to know from that 3000 pixel square, so how can you make sure your artwork turns the right heads? 

In this episode I talk through some of things you can do, and some of the things you shouldn’t, to get the very best out of your podcast artwork. 

I’ll also cover the main technical stuff like format and size, so you can make the perfect desig...

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Have you been sitting on your podcast idea for months, or years? 

Don’t worry – you're not alone! And most of the time, the thing holding you back is fear. You don’t know where to start, you’ve never used the technology before, or you just don’t think you have enough to say. 

But starting a podcast does not have to be hard. So in this episode I spill some secrets, and reveal the six things you need to start your podcast, and the ...

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October 7, 2022 7 min

Podcast charts can be a great way to measure your success, but with so many different charts out there, do they really mean anything? 

The short answer is yes! 

In this episode I explain the different types of podcast charts, what they all mean, and how you can understand them to use as a promotional tool for your show AND how you can use charts to understand what is (or isn’t) quite working. 


Highlights From This Episode 

(00:57) Cha...

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October 5, 2022 15 min

Are you new to podcasting? 

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to start? 

Sometimes just knowing what to do, when to do it and what to use is the hardest part, and the biggest reason we procrastinate! So in this episode I talk you through exactly what you need to launch your podcast successfully, from the editing to audiograms and everything in between. 

If you want to find out more about how I can help you with your podcas...

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If you host interviews on your podcast, do you ever wonder why sometimes it might not go as smoothly as you hoped? 

In this episode, I go through the essential things EVERY podcast interviewer should do when prepping your episodes and guests. 

Because here’s the secret: not even the pros just turn the mic on and wing it. Nothing is spontaneous, so plan, plan and plan some more. 

Want to know how to get it right? Listen here... 



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September 30, 2022 9 min

Do you have a website for your podcast? 

You might be thinking you need to be a tech expert, or you simply don’t have the time to create your podcast AND run a website for it, but I have some good news for you... 

Podcast websites can be both easy and FREE to set up. 

In this episode, I tell you how you can set up your podcast website in one minute, and outline the main benefits to having one. 

I’m also a massive hypocrite – listen to ...

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