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Are YOU Ready to Live Larger than Life? Hello, and Welcome to the Home of The Readily Random Podcast. Let me take a minute or two and introduce myself as well as this AWESOME new show! My name is Larry Roberts and I’ve been in the podcast space now for several years as both a content creator as well as a consultant. I have coached clients throughout each phase of new show launches within a number of iTunes categories. Additionally, I am a professionally trained voice over artist which, ironically enough lead me to Podcasting. I wanted to continue giving back to the exciting industry that I love so much and I’ve been itching for a new show, so The Readily Random Podcast was born! Now, this isn’t a new concept for me considering I had a blog back in the MySpace days with the same name. But this time, instead of writing my thoughts, I’ll be inviting guests to come on and share THEIR stories. What’s that? I hear you, that sounds great and all, but what does that... Show More

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