Reading With Your Kids Podcast

Reading With Your Kids Podcast

Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.


July 19, 2024 58 mins

In this episode of Reading with Your Kids, host Jed Doherty had the pleasure of speaking with several talented kid's book authors and illustrators. First up were sisters Janet Lord and Julie Paschkiss, who collaborated on the picture book "Crick Crack Crow." Janet wrote the story, while Julie brought the mischievous crow to life through her vibrant illustrations. The siblings discussed their creative process and the special connect...

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In this episode of Reading with Your Kids, we had the pleasure of speaking with two talented kids' book authors and illustrators - Carter Higgins and Ryeigh A Starr. Carter Higgins joined us to celebrate her delightful picture book "Round and Round the Year We Go," which celebrates the changing seasons and the joy of reading with kids. Carter shared how her experience as a school librarian influenced her approach to creating books ...

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Hey there, book lovers! We've got a juicy episode for you today, packed with fruity fun and heartwarming family moments. First up, we chatted with Mike Boldt about his new picture book "Cantaloupe and Honeydew Ride a Bike." It's a sweet story about two melon pals learning to pedal their way through life's challenges.

Mike shared some behind-the-scenes scoop on his creative process, including how he came up with the idea of personif...

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Hey there, book lovers and tech enthusiasts! Today's episode is a real eye-opener about how technology is revolutionizing reading for everyone, especially kids with learning differences.

We kicked things off with Ayan Kishore from Benetech, who's doing amazing work with Bookshare. Imagine a free online library with over 1.3 million books, all accessible to kids who struggle with traditional reading. We're talking text-to-speech, cu...

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Hey there, book lovers! Today we've got a real treat for you - two amazing authors talking about their fascinating new children's books.

First up is Gabriella Aldeman, chatting about her bilingual book "Squawk of Spanish." This heartwarming story follows Max, a kid struggling to speak Spanish despite his bilingual household. Gabriella dives into the challenges of translating the book, the importance of embracing imperfection in lan...

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Hey there, podcast fans! Get ready for an exciting episode of Reading with Your Kids featuring not one, but two awesome guests. First up, we've got Jerry Kolber from Atomic Entertainment, the mastermind behind the hit kids' podcast "Who Smarted?". Jerry dishes on how they're making learning fun for kids and parents alike with their daily 15-minute episodes covering everything from science to pop culture.

But wait, there's more! We ...

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In this heartwarming episode of "Reading With Your Kids," we dive into the world of Kids' books that tackle important social issues. First up, we chat with Shannon Anderson about her new book "B is for Belonging." Shannon shares how this alphabet book explores the concept of belonging versus fitting in, inspired by Brené Brown's work. She emphasizes the importance of creating a classroom environment where kids feel safe to be thems...

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Hey there, book lovers! This episode of Reading With Your Kids was jam-packed with awesome insights about fostering a love of reading beyond the classroom. We chatted with Becca Sexton, a teacher librarian who shared some eye-opening facts.
 Becca and Jed swapped stories about how school librarians changed their lives, and emphasized the importance of giving kids access to books and letting them choose what they want to read. They ...

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Hey there, book lovers! We've got a real treat for you in this episode of Reading with Your Kids. We sat down with not one, but two awesome children's book authors!
First up, we chatted with Joe Gatto - yep, that Joe from Impractical Jokers! He's swapped pranks for pages with his new book "Where's Bearry." Joe spilled the beans on how his son's stuffed animal drama inspired the story, and why he thinks reading with kids is so darn ...

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This Fourth of July episode of "Reading with Your Kids" celebrates American values and diversity through children's literature. Host Jed Doherty interviews author Bob McKinnon about his new book "America's Dreaming," which addresses the challenges faced by new students in schools and promotes inclusivity. McKinnon discusses his initiative to donate 100 "Welcome Wagons" to schools, fostering a sense of belonging for the 5 million ki...

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July 2, 2024 55 mins

In this enlightening episode of Reading With Your Kids, host Jed Doherty explores neurodiversity through children's literature. The show features two segments focused on dyslexia and ADHD, providing valuable insights for parents, educators, and children alike.
The first segment welcomes Lynn and Jon Greenberg, the mother-son team behind "Robbie the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure." Jon shares his personal journey with dysle...

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June 30, 2024 55 mins

Reading with Your Kids Celebrates Literacy and Imagination! This episode of "Reading with Your Kids" features inspiring conversations about literacy advocacy and children's literature. NFL star Brandin Bryant discusses his debut book "So You Want to Be an Athlete" which aims to spark the joy of reading in reluctant readers. Bryant wrote the book during lockdown to address low literacy rates in America.

Author Scott Sollers shares h...

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This episode of Reading with Your Kids featured interviews with several children's book authors discussing their recent publications and the importance of talking to kids about difficult topics like relationships and grief.  The episode featured an interview with Rachel Lynn Solomon who wrote the YA romance novel "Past, Present, Future." Solomon discussed how the book explores healthy teenage relationships and navigating intimacy.


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In this episode of "Reading with Your Kids," host Jed Doherty interviews life coach Loree Bischoff about empowering teenagers. Bischoff discusses her book "Common Sense Happiness" and a new online life coaching course for teens called TLC. The TLC course teaches important skills often overlooked in schools, like emotional intelligence, positive mindset, and personal responsibility.

With rising rates of depression, anxiety, and othe...

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In this episode of Reading With Your Kids we meet three fascinating authors. We first meet author A Kidd who returned to the show to celebrate  "Yasuko and the Dream Eater", which was inspired by a Japanese folk tale. She enjoyed bringing elements of Japanese culture to readers. We talk about fairy tales and ask if the original Grimm Fairy Tales have a place in today's Kidlit. We also meet author Nicholas Aragon, who writes the "Cu...

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This episode of Reading With Your Kids featured discussions about children's literature, cultural identity, and the writing process. First, Jacqueline Christine discussed her book "Mommy's Day Off" and how growing up in a Puerto Rican household influenced her writing. The conversation then turned to the importance of representing diverse families. Next, Janet Sumner Johnson introduced her middle grade novel "The Winterton Deception...

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June 21, 2024 55 mins

This episode of Reading With Your Kids featured two authors introducing us to their children's books that celebrate human-animal bonds and culture.

Bethany Murgia, author of "Wagnificent", shared how her graphic novel was inspired by her dog. She discussed researching dog behavior and domestication to portray the dog's perspective accurately through illustrations. Murgia described creating a series to focus on empathy and understan...

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June 20, 2024 57 mins

This episode of Reading with Your Kids is all about cozy tales and Teddy Bear dreams. First up is our conversation with Amy Hess and Erin Stead. They are on the show to celebrate their book "Big Bear and Little Bear Go Fishing," which tells the story of a big bear and little bear going on a fishing trip together. They emphasized the importance of relationships in stories and capturing coziness through illustrations.

Valerie Woebkin...

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June 18, 2024 55 mins

This episode of Reading with Your Kids focused on the importance of teaching children financial literacy from a young age. Our first guest is Anthony Delauney. He tells us about his Owning the Dash book series which teaches kids financial concepts through storybooks. He emphasized starting these lessons early through activities parents and children can do together. The next guest, Brooke Lapides, presented her new book Financial Fu...

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June 16, 2024 57 mins

Welcome to episode 2000 of Reading With Your Kids. We are celebrating that milestone by celebrating the power of diverse storytelling to heal and build community resilience. .Our first guest is Dr Amra Sabic El Rayes, shares her experience growing up in Bosnia during a time of targeted violence and military siege. She discusses three magical summers from her childhood and the escalating narratives of hate she experienced. Dr Amra e...

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