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Real Money Talks

As an entrepreneur, small business or practice owner, or high-level executive, do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re using all the tax, entity and wealth strategies available to you or if your investments are truly producing all they could be? Happily, you don’t have to put up with that any longer. I have the solution. Real Money Talks! We're having the right conversation about money.


June 21, 2024 42 mins

In this episode of "Ask Loral," we dive into the financial challenges and opportunities faced by our members.

Loral discusses the importance of corporate structure, tax strategy, and the potential for business growth by leveraging proper systems, teams, and marketing plans.

From optimizing corporate structures and tax strategies to exploring new business ventures and investment opportunities this episode covers a lot of ground.

You w...

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Whether you're reading my books, watching my YouTube videos, or browsing the internet, always check your thinking. Many of you are lone rangers, trying to figure it all out by yourselves. That’s why we offer an integrated team approach, providing comprehensive solutions to sequence you correctly towards becoming a millionaire or at least hitting six figures. Our focus is on tax reduction, investment education, and proper structurin...

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In this exciting episode of "Minutes with Millionaire Maker," I join host Kenner French to dive deep into wealth-building strategies and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Listen in as I share insights from my journey, including how my financial experiences have shaped my current strategies in wealth management. I emphasize the importance of living a corporate life, making smart investments, and continuously evolving your financial habit...

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In this episode, we tackle the daunting challenge of overcoming the terror barrier associated with making cold calls. Sharing practical tips on how to face this fear head-on, emphasizing the importance of picking up the phone and being willing to make mistakes.

It's about taking action despite the fear, building rapport, and treating the call as a relationship-building exercise rather than a sales pitch.

Remember there is a reason N...

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Due to its crucial insights and vast popularity, I'm resharing this reading room episode of the Week 2 session.

This particular week was focused on immediate action— and how can you make money quickly and efficiently.

It's not about pursuing your passion yet, but about generating the necessary funds to advance to the next stage of building your dream business.

Are you ready to dive in and take decisive action?

Let’s make it happen!


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Have you ever had a bucket list?

Do you have any dreams, goals, and aspirations? Or are you living in COVID coma as an excuse to not get off the couch and move?

Welcome to a new world it is called the "recession" and here in 2022 I want to talk to you about a common question I receive; how long does it take to become wealthy?

The reality is, it's up to you, the goals you set and the dreams you have.

What is it that you really want?


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In this episode, we explore the strategies needed for taking a small service business to the next level. By focusing on the basics of creating scalable systems, reaching a national audience, and maximizing value through professional certifications, we unpack the keys to unlocking growth in your business.

Tune in to discover how you can start making money through systematic growth, reaching new markets, and optimizing your skill set...

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In this week's reading room we are focusing on marketing and operations strategies for small businesses. Through the use of blogging to generate leads and the importance of focusing on marketing and sales we are covering a wide range of topics.

Whether your business is established or just starting out this episode and part 2 that follows next week are just what you need.

Listen in ...

Loral's Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Marketing, Sal...
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We were all raised to believe that success follows a predictable path: excel in school, earn a degree, secure a job, and invest in a 401k.

However, the pandemic has disrupted this sequence, leading some to adopt less conventional approaches like relying on unemployment benefits as a financial strategy. This isn't a sustainable path to wealth.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me for this replay of my popular first installment of a...

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Join me on Kenner French's podcast Vast Voice: Telling Business Secrets to Entrepreneurs! where I, delve into the essentials of wealth creation.

Whether you're grappling with stagnant cash flow, excessive taxes, or underutilized assets, this episode tailors strategies to propel you towards millionaire status.

Tune in for transformative insights that could change the way you approach wealth.

Loral's Takeaways:

  • Alternative Ways To...
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What I'm going to tell you today should really be taught starting in grade 6 through to junior high so people can make an informed decision about whether they want to be an employee or an entrepreneur and start investing at an early age.

Today's topics include:

  • What they do not teach about money and investing
  • What books you need to read
  • How to build a six-seven figure business
  • How to live a wealth cycle versus a lifestyle cycle
  • How...
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In this episode of Real Money Talks, Loral dives into the crucial strategies needed to navigate the complex world of taxes and investments, ensuring you're not just starting from scratch but leaping ahead towards building a substantial legacy.

Whether you're tangled in the employee mindset or struggling to grow your business, Loral's insights on living a corporate life, alongside practical tips on cash flow and investment, promise ...

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This week, I'm thrilled to bring you a conversation with Jay Fiset, a long-time friend hailing from Calgary, Alberta.

Jay, alongside his wife Cory of 37 years, have embarked on an adventurous new venture titled "Love, Sex, and Psychedelics." As pioneers in facilitating psychedelic retreats, they offer a unique connection experience that delves deep into the realms of love, relationships, and personal transformation.

Join us as we e...

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This week, I have the pleasure of chatting with the extraordinary Katie Mares, as we explore the captivating realm of women's empowerment and the distinctive complexities of the female brain.

Tune in to hear Katie's inspiring story of triumph over adversity and her mission to uplift women everywhere.

If you are a woman looking for actionable advice for personal growth and empowerment this episode is for you --- and if you're a man ou...

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Today I'm joined by Joshua Lisec, a master ghostwriter whose skills transform mere concepts into bestselling treasures.

We delve into the evolving landscape of the publishing industry, emphasizing strategic book marketing and the significance of aligning your work with market demands.

For anyone curious on how writing can elevate your ideas to extraordinary literary achievements, this episode is a treasure trove of actionable insig...

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Today, I had the pleasure of hosting Scott Donnell, to share not just about his innovative platform, Gravy Stack, but also to delve deep into the philosophies that have shaped both our lives and careers.

Coming from a background where financial wisdom and the spirit of entrepreneurship have been passed down through generations, Scott emphasizes the significance of not just inheriting wealth, but more importantly, inheriting the min...

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In this captivating episode, I sit down with Sharon Lechter, and explore the transformative power of mentorship in shaping both our personal and professional lives.

We dive deep into the essential steps for leveraging life's challenges into stepping stones for growth, sharing strategies like time blocking and daily mentor engagement that have propelled us forward.

Join us as we unveil how to harness mentorship for overcoming hurdle...

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When setting goals, it's crucial not to limit ourselves to the conventional seven areas of success but to also consider an eighth critical element: our physical environment. This often-neglected aspect profoundly influences our capacity to reach our goals.

By carefully evaluating different facets of our lives—including money, career, personal development, health, spirituality, family, significant relationships, and our physical env...

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At 17, I embarked on a quest to understand the intricacies of wealth creation, questioning why so few master it.

My experience as a single mother, turning my life and my children's futures towards financial freedom, taught me the importance of evaluating my unique skills and how to utilize them to serve others and create wealth.

In this week's episode, I aim to equip individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions with a d...

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Embark on a transformative 21-day journey with Loral Langemeier in an episode that challenges conventional approaches to life, business, and personal growth.

This episode isn't just about setting goals; it's about redefining how to achieve them in a way that aligns with your core values and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Are you ready to ditch the compartmentalized view of your life and embrace a fully integrated approach?


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