RECLAIM with Thais Sky

RECLAIM with Thais Sky


Ep. 74 Unearthing Our Wisdom with Jessie Harrold

March 19, 201945 min

45 min
Ep. 73 Living on a Dying Planet with Holly Truhlar

March 12, 201955 min

55 min
Ep. 72 Navigating The Imposter Complex with Tanya Geisler

March 5, 201952 min

52 min
Ep. 71 Getting Your Needs Met with Dyana Valentine

February 26, 201948 min

48 min
Ep. 70 Getting Intimate with Money and Aging with Bari Tessler

February 19, 201952 min

52 min
Ep. 69 Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, and Paying Attention with Andréa Ranae

February 12, 201957 min

57 min
Ep. 68 Reclaiming Worth: You Are The Woman That You've Been Waiting For

February 11, 201930 min

30 min
Ep. 67 Reclaiming Worth: Intimacy And Not Dropping Each Other

February 8, 201934 min

34 min
Ep. 66 Reclaiming Worth: Eating Your Worth

February 7, 201929 min

29 min
Ep. 65 Reclaiming Worth: Not All Boundaries Are Created Equal

February 6, 201927 min

27 min

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RECLAIM is a podcast for women by women on conversations that matter. Join passionate, bold, and {definitely} playful host, Thais Sky, on a weekly quest to explore the intersection of feminism and spirituality. As a life coach, writer and teacher, Thais brings her eclectic mix of softness, sass and seriousness to this lively podcast that will probably leave you with more questions than answers. Thais is often joined by incredible women who offer a vast array of expertise and wisdom in the realms of spirituality, self-development, relationships, money, worthiness, politics, womanhood, entrepreneurship, sex, social justice and more. In their roundtable discussions, no topics are barred {and no cuss words spared} as they navigate the questions of, what are you reclaiming in your life, what is on your heart, and where are your edges? The goal - World domination #obviously.... Show More

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