Rex Rivetter: Private Eye

Episode 28: The Case of the Jeweler's Loop - Part One

July 24, 201730 min
A reluctant client, a suspicious dame, and unanswered questions. Rex Rivetter: Private Eye in Part 1 of The Case of the Jeweler's Loop. Tonight's episode of Rex Rivetter: Private Eye starred Randy Coull and Rhiannon McAfee and featured Adam Sheldon as Sergeant Monroe and Laura Preble as Mrs. Leibovitz. Tonight’s guest stars were Tiffany Tang as Lizzie, Daniel Robinson as Jonah, Justin Allen Slagle as Andrew, and Steve Blizin as the baseball announcer with appearances by Tom Raftery, Jim Steinberg, and Charley Miller. It was written by Greg McAfee and produced in San Diego, CA by Downstairs Entertainment in association with DaveyBoy Productions. Rex Rivetter is directed by Rhiannon McAfee with sound engineering and technical direction by Dave Rivas. Rex Rivetter: Private Eye is a proud part of the Fatecrafter’s Studios network. Find other great shows at The Rex Rivetter theme song, “Nightmare” by the Artie Shaw Orchestra is used with permission of Music Sales Corp. If you enjoyed tonight's episode, please find us on the internet at or on the Facebook or "The Twitter".  If you love our show, you can donate towards production costs at and get access to exclusive content like gag reels and outtakes from recording sessions. Our recap show, Rivetting Conversations will be back at the end of the next case You can also listen to Rex at: iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: iHeartRadio: YouTube:

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