Rex Rivetter: Private Eye

Rivetting Conversations: Episode 13

September 26, 201743 min
Join us for Rivetting Conversations - interviews with the cast and crew of Rex Rivetter: Private Eye. This week, Joe interviews Greg McAfee (author), Daniel Robinson (Jonah), and Tiffany Tang (Lizzie)   Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for previous Rex Rivetter episodes!!!   If you enjoyed tonight's episode, please find us on the internet at or on the Facebook or "The Twitter."  If you love our show, you can donate towards production costs at If you have questions, comments, or conspiracy theories about the show, tweet them to @rexrivetter and we'll go through them on the next episode of Rivetting Conversations!   The Rex Rivetter theme song, “Nightmare” by the Artie Shaw Orchestra is used with permission of Music Sales Corp. You can also listen to Rex at: iTunes:  Google Play:  Stitcher:  iHeartRadio:  YouTube: 

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