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Rock Sports Radio is a podcast dedicated to all things Rock and Roll and Sports and other things hosted by Preston and Quay. Preston is a former Producer and on air personality at the Sports Animal, 97.1 FM in Tulsa, OK and all around nice guy. Quay is the former guitarist/songwriter for the band, Stereofuse . He has an opinion about everything. They talk because you need to know what they have to say about whatever it is they talk about. Or, maybe they're just delusional. Listen in and decide for yourself. @rocksportsradio


February 4, 2024 63 mins

We are back from our winter hibernation and ready to give your ears what they have been missing for too long.  Football is almost over for another season and it can get depressing.  But, there is still the Super Bowl and that generates lots of football talk to cure the doldrums.  Taylor Swift fans could also get a kick out of it.  There are some new shows to watch, including a new documentary on Netflix you will definitely want to ...

Mark as Played

It's another waiting all day for Sunday night situation here at RSR Studios.  So what better way to use the time....record a podcast.  December 8 marked the 43rd anniversary of John Lennon's death.  We start out with the way millions were informed of the news.  Also, two, three bedroom condos in the sky have been filled with six celebrity deaths since the last recording.  Preston and Quay do not agree with who gets the big bedroom ...

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December 3, 2023 41 mins

It's the end of some eras and the beginning of others regarding KISS and college football.  The CFP final rankings have been released so let the arguments commence.  Opinions are like buttholes...remember that saying?  We welcome a new guest to the show today, the fake Jesse Ventura, and he has a lot to say about his latest conspiracy theory regarding Travis Kelce's girlfriend.  You won't want to miss that and the rest of the show ...

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November 20, 2023 61 mins

Wow!  This is one of the best episodes to date...and we aren't just saying that to suck you in from the get go.  NFL, Happy Days, college football, Charlie's Angels, allergies, keeping your balls dry are all just topics that popped in our head while writing the intro...there is so much more that didn't.  You know we only discuss things we think you need to hear and we don't disappoint...TWSS.  Listen in for it all on this attempt a...

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November 12, 2023 43 mins

The theme to this episode is the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, all thanks to the OSU Cowboys.  We also find out what kind of job Preston really wants and is hoping Rock Sports Radio can help making the dream come true.  We have everything from Cracker Barrel to Marty McFly and why you don't want to wait in line long at the Disney theme parks and more on this episode of Rock Sports Radio.

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November 5, 2023 23 mins

We got this out as soon as we could.  Preston messed up some editing and then the Dallas game started.  So here it is in all it's brightest orange glory from Bedlam weekend.  So far it's been a great sports weekend!  Preston and Quay will be happy to tell you all about it and more on this episode of Rock Sports Radio!

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October 29, 2023 66 mins

The boys are back again for your weekly slice of the RSR pie!  We pay tribute to the loss of Matthew Perry and Steve Riley who have passed on to the other side since the last podcast.  Getting older really sucks.  But it's not all doom and gloom as it has been a great sports weekend!  OU lost, OSU and Dallas won and we celebrate it all.  There is still controversy surrounding the recent Rolling Stone magazine list of top guitarists...

Mark as Played
October 22, 2023 58 mins

It's been a whole week and we know you missed us.  The boys do not want to disappoint and don't think they will.  The music world lost a Tulsa icon as Dwight Twilley has passed and tributes will be paid.  We also found out you can get type 2 Diabetes if you eat red meat.  Preston now blames his condition on that but Quay has some issues with this new report.  The Swifties are still in the news and mama Kelce has taken a ride on Tay...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2023 55 mins

Minutes before recording, we learned of the passing of Suzanne Somers.  The boys pay tribute to a great part of their formative and later years.  Suzanne will be missed.  There are things to talk about which we hope won't make you sad.  Preston and Quay will try and lighten up your day with the NFL, Elvis, the Astros, Keef, and so much more on this edition of Rock Sports Radio.

Mark as Played
October 8, 2023 44 mins

Another crazy week has gone by and the boys are back to fill you in on what they think you need to hear about it.  We may be on the brink of WW3 but Primetime has gone from hype to mania.  But nothing surpasses the Swiftie effect on the NFL and pop culture.  We've waited all day for Sunday night just as you have waited all week for this.  Go Cowboys and the Astros!

Mark as Played
October 1, 2023 51 mins

Like Stephen Pearcy belts out on a semi regular basis, we're back for more.  We don't hold anything back on everything from AI to NFL players turning to porn as possible retirement plan.  Is Mick Jagger mad at his 8 children?  He just announced that his fortune will go to charity after he's gone.  And the Houston Astros are in the playoffs for the 7th year in a row!!!  Just wait until you hear what the boys have to say about all of...

Mark as Played
September 25, 2023 18 mins

Preston messed up and went to bed before remembering to put the latest episode on the interwebs.  So here it is a day late and a dollar short.  FYI:  this was recorded before the Dallas debacle in Arizona Sunday afternoon.  There is still Prime Time talk after his loss to Oregon...and it was an old fashioned, behind the barn ass whooping.  And the hype continues.  Shout at the Devil turned 40 this month and the boys tell their tale...

Mark as Played
September 17, 2023 35 mins

It's Dallas Cowboys Gameday at RSR Studios and the boys are here to prepare you for the game and get you caught up on the most important of things from the past week of life.  Boulder is still the place to be for big time college football hype...and for good reason.  The Buffaloes and sunglasses got a big boost thanks to Prime Time!  But things are starting to smell rotten in Stillwater.  Isn't that a wrestling school anyway?  The ...

Mark as Played
September 10, 2023 50 mins

Another great week of college football and now we wait all day for Sunday night...Go Cowboys!!!!!!  Preston picked the two biggest games of the college football Saturday!  Coach Corso picked the correct mascot head to wear and Preston actually agreed with him.  Primetime hype?!  Will it continue?!  The answer is Yes...poor Nebraska.  Another trifecta death condo in the sky is at full occupancy as Gary Wright passed just hours after...

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September 4, 2023 45 mins

Preston and Quay are back as promised with their Labor Day Special, which starts out with a tribute to a fallen legend as a new triumvirate of living arrangements in the sky has started.  Ugh.  But college football is in full swing and there is already conjecture and hype from all the talking heads and Colorado and Coach Sanders lead the way with at least 2 Heisman hopefuls.  Do you miss a good sitcom every now and then? Well so do...

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August 26, 2023 66 mins

The boys welcome a special guest in the studio today as Parm graces us with his presence.  It's been awhile, but we think you will agree that it was worth the wait.  You may remember him by his old moniker, Drunk Mike.  Be prepared for an ear full on many topics including hard tickets, college football, Buddy Holly, Gary Busey, and another trifecta of famous people's deaths.  Did you know they all live in a condo together in the sk...

Mark as Played
August 19, 2023 72 mins

     It's almost time for week 0 for the new college football season, whether Preston understands the math or not.  The boys finally remember to talk about the crazy storms of this past Father's Day weekend and the aftermath of their personal experiences.  Do you know what a NSV is?  Well you will and Preston just had one and you will hear the tale.  Oh, and what is all the controversy about the Blindside movie?  Remember Johnny Fo...

Mark as Played
July 30, 2023 44 mins

We are back and better than ever.  You had to wait but what rewards you will receive for your sacrifice.  College football is around the corner...and isn't that why we are here?  We've had a couple of recent celebrity deaths.  Will there be a third to complete the trilogy?  No one may ever know, kind of like the licks of a lollipop to get in the center.  All this and so much more on this episode of Rock Sports Radio.

Mark as Played
December 22, 2022 17 mins

Preston was supposed to ramble on about his new segment and how he is coming up with the theme song.  However, it goes into, probably, too much for some and yet entertaining to others.  Steve Martin, sports betting in elementary school, gatefold album sleeves...all that and so much more in this edition of Ramblin' Man.

Mark as Played
October 30, 2022 34 mins

It's Victory Monday on Sunday here at Rock Sports Radio.  The Dallas Cowboys got a big win and move to 6-2 on the season.  The World Series is also happening with the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies tied at 1 game a piece with game 3 coming on Halloween night.  What are you up to for Halloween?  Listen in and find out what the boys are going to be up to on the ghoulish holiday.  All this and so much more on this episode of...

Mark as Played

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