Smart Author

Smart Author


Publishing in the Classroom (E16)

April 27, 201816 min

16 min
How to Earn Free Press Coverage (E15, P6 of 6)

January 26, 201848 min

48 min
Social Media Strategies for Authors (E14, P5 of 6)

January 19, 201828 min

28 min
Book Marketing Promotion (E13, P4 of 6)

January 12, 201837 min

37 min
Autopilot Book Marketing (E12, Part 3 of 6)

January 5, 201844 min

44 min
Book Marketing Foundation (E11, P2 of 6)

December 29, 201741 min

41 min
Book Marketing (E10, P1 of 6)

December 22, 201740 min

40 min
Indie Author Manifesto (E9)

December 8, 201741 min

41 min
Art of Delusion (E8)

November 24, 201727 min

27 min
Smashwords Survey 2017 (E7)

November 17, 201750 min

50 min

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Learn to publish ebooks like a pro. Mark Coker guides you step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics. Whether you’re considering publishing your first book, or you’re already a New York Times bestselling author, the Smart Author Podcast will help you reach more readers. You'll learn how to make your ebook more discoverable, more desirable and more enjoyable to readers. Over 80% of people dream of writing a book one day, yet most are completely unaware of the free self-publishing tools that can make their dream a reality today. And most published authors aren't reaching as many readers as they should because they're not taking full advantage of these amazing tools either. The Smart Author Podcast teaches you how to use these tools. The Wall Street Journal recognized Mark Coker as one of the industry’s leading movers and shakers in self-publishing. Over the past ten years, Mark has taught thousands of writers to publish ebook... Show More

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