Somewhere in the Skies

Kiss the Sky: The Abduction of Linda Napolitano

July 22, 201853 min
On episode 66 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan shares the incredible story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO abduction. In New York City, on November 30th, 1989, Linda Napolitano was seen emerging from an apartment building window twelve stories above the ground accompanied by three small alien figures. Suspended within a blue beam of light, Linda and her captors were lifted into a large reddish-orange glowing UFO, which then moved off in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Noted abduction researcher, Budd Hopkin, conducted an exhaustive investigation of the case. Several witnesses, including a world political leader, saw - and later independently corroborated - this event. It is the evidence of numerous and influential eyewitnesses to this abduction that shatters all previous patterns of UFO encounters. The highly dramatic and controversial accounts of Linda and the witnesses have left both the believers and skeptics debating the Brooklyn Bridge abduction up until today. To furthe

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