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Otherworldly Encounters

August 19, 201857 min
On episode 70 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan speaks to Nomar Slevik about his new book, Otherworldly Encounters. Nomar shares fascinating tales of sightings and abductions centered in the Northeast's UFO hotspots, dating back to the 1800s up until today. We also hear his personal accounts of a mothman-type creature and strange UFO activity over a military base. It's a conversation that was truly out of this world! Guest Bio: Nomar Slevik is a ufologist and paranormal researcher. Beginning with a UFO encounter at four years old, Slevik’s life passion has been to research, investigate and write about UFO and alien encounters from everyday people and to share those stories with as wide an audience as possible. In his latest book, Otherworldly Encounters: Evidence of UFO Sightings

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