Somewhere in the Skies

To the Stars Academy of Whiskey and UFOs

August 26, 201877 min
On episode 71 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by UFO journalist, Jason McClellan and UFO blogger and academic, MJ Banias. The three sit down, whiskey in hand, to discuss the recent happenings over at To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. With the announcement of a new research project knows as The Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials (A.D.A.M), things are getting very interesting in the UFO field and beyond. With this project, Tom DeLonge, Luis Elizondo, and the rest of the science team will recover materials that are said to have possibly been from downed UFO craft. With the assistance of TTSA member, Hal Putoff, and a group of scientists, these materials will undergo rigorous analysis to determine its composition and possible origins. But will we be privy to what they find? And if they do determine these materials to be from off-planet, what comes next?  Ryan, Jason, and MJ weave their whiskey-fueled way through the project including its pros, con

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