Strong. Confident. His. with Kim Dolan Leto

Strong. Confident. His. with Kim Dolan Leto

Step off the emotional rollercoaster of dieting the world’s way and start getting fit God’s way! Get Bible-based strategies, recipes, workouts, playlists, scriptures, and prayers to equip and empower you to be God’s best version of you. I want you to know this is the show that’s going to help you gain control over food, get fit, and confidently see yourself through His eyes. And not only give you word-based motivation and inspiration but real action steps that are going to help you reach your goal. We’re going to hear from women just like you who overcame their issues. God has a plan for your life, friend, but you need to be strong and confident to accomplish it! There is a better way to fit, it’s God’s way! Start now!


September 20, 2022 28 min

Ever wonder why being consistent with your food, workouts, and motivation is SO hard?

Women email me daily with questions like...

"Why do I keep quitting?!” 

“Why can’t I be consistent? I do really well for a couple of weeks, but then I give up!”

“Why do I always start strong and then quit my fitness goals? How do I see it through?”

"How do you do it?!"

Sister, the answer is simple and I’m sharing it today on Episode 13...

Mark as Played

Today I’m getting personal and opening up the pages of my journal to share the very quotes God helped me write to encourage myself.  

Having a powerful Godly quote to read in a time of need can take a hopeless moment and transform it into a Thank You God, I see you working kind of transition! He renews our minds when we reset our focus!  I know how powerful Godly truth is, so I made a beautiful freebie just for you!

Download your c...

Mark as Played

Have you ever noticed how much adversity you face when you try to do something new?

  • New habit
  • New food plan
  • New workout
  • New career
  • New fitness goal
  • Whatever it is, remember this phrase, new level new devil.
  • We can’t fight a spiritual battle with fleshly weapons. We need to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

    This is a stomp, your Holy foot pep talk. Take yourself to the next level and own your are God’s propert...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever wondered what causes your waist to get wider?

    I did a deep dive and learned what we can do to fix it, and I'm sharing it on this brand new episode.

    Make sure to listen to this episode for the full list of tips. 

    Download my FREE Guide: How to Shrink Your Waist with Your God-Given Corset here!

    🎁Comes with a FREEBIE and two video demonstrations! 

    God made our bodies, and He made them to heal themselves. We c...

    Mark as Played

    Ever struggle with your identity being tied to what you look like or what you do?

    This is a very real issue and one that robs us of the health and happiness we can have in Christ.

    Sister, if how you look or your career makes you feel less than in any way, this is not of God.

    He wants you free and living in the nowness of your life. 

    I recently interviewed a Cross Fit and Team USA Bobsled athlete, Colleen Fotsch. She literally is th...

    Mark as Played

    What can you do when your hormones are working against your fitness goals? 

    I had a moment this week. It was like Jesus connected all the pieces of my fitness goals and my hormonal weight struggle. Everything clicked together, and I could see the clouds lift.

    If this is your struggle, I want this clarity for you too!

    Today I’m going to share the things I learned and the conversation I had with a top integrative doctor that made thi...

    Mark as Played

    What do you do when you have a plan but it’s not working out? Maybe you just had a big setback, heard a tough no, or you’ve been working hard but nothing is happening.

    Truth talk! How do we know what to do?

    Life throws us curve balls:  health issues, rejection, comparison, insecurities, and doubts, but today’s show will share How to Trust God’s Plan for Your Life.

    From miscarriages to building a business, to fitness goals in the mi...

    Mark as Played

    Do you want to have peace with yourself and the people around you? Maybe today you need to make peace with your past or stop worrying about the future? 

    In Christ, you can have Peace.

    Learn how on today's episdoe, 7 Keys to Peace With God and Yourself on the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast 

    Here are reasons why this epsidoe wil be so impactful:

    Our health is greatly affected when we don't have peace.

  • Stress leads to weight...
  • Share
    Mark as Played

    Have you ever experienced this? It’s after dinner, but you keep wandering into the kitchen and wanting to eat. Why is that?

    Maybe you’ve tried brushing your teeth, drinking hot tea, or you've even taken up a new project at night to keep you busy, but the desire is still there. What do you do? 

    Let’s turn to wisdom!

    Here are 5 things to evaluate when it comes to this sneaky health sabotager…

    Read the blog here or listen to this ...

    Mark as Played

    I know the battle to get healthy is hard and you’re facing things that you think no one understands, but Jesus does. I want to remind you of that, and help you get free and on the right track in Him today!

    I hope you know I’m right there with you sister, and I understand the struggle to make the right choices:

  • To work out or put if off
  • To choose healthy God-made food or man-made processed junk
  • To look in the mirror and see a fearfull...
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    Mark as Played

    Have you ever just felt like not working out?

    Like you would rather fold laundry than do a single lunge. Sister I have been there!

    But I have 3 secret weapons of motivation up my sleeve to get me out of that rut and into the gym and I’m sharing them on today’s new episode! 

    You need to hear this message! It's quick and powerful, and it will light your motivation to work out on fire!

    Read the blog here or listen to this episode ...

    Mark as Played

    Today I am inviting you to come behind the scenes with me and take a look at the inner workings of my new book Fit God's Way.

    I felt really called to open up about this process, the rejection, the hard work, the success, and as I prayed, I heard the Holy Spirit say it's in God's timing, your faithfulness, and relying on Him to finish strong.

    I want to share the truth, the reality of all the hard work.

    I want you to walk...

    Mark as Played

    If you've ever been through trauma, need healing, or if you've been hiding your pain with fitness goals, this is for you!

    Today's guest, Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a personal trainer and a competition coach.

    What people may not see when they look at Rachel is the trauma she went through. 

    She shares, “The truth is, looks can be deceiving. You can look super healthy, even super hot while burying trauma disorders and spir...

    Mark as Played

    Does meal prep overwhelm you?

    Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store with a bunch of food, but nothing to make a meal out of?

    Do you want to honor God in your body and make eating simple?

    I've got you, girl!

    I'm bringing you my top tips, checklists, and 9 recipes here on today's podcast episode. Click play >>HERE!

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever had this thought? When will I feel like I'm enough? It's a gut punch. Let's be real, right?! Each of us has a place of not-enoughness that only Jesus can fill. He's the only one. So if you don't feel enough today, don't get trapped in the striving cycle. Listen to this instead because there isn't a fitness goal, amount of money, or fame that can make you feel good enough.

    On today's epi...

    Mark as Played

    God often uses our pain to push us forward, and we will never become who He made us to be if we don’t keep climbing.

    Kelley Tyan knows a lot about this. Her Mom had health issues all her life and ended up passing away, but it was HER FAITH that taught Kelley that the “The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb.”

    Kelley joins me on the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast to share how she kept climbing even after the death of her Mom, h...

    Mark as Played

    You know those issues we don’t often hear about in Church?

    My guest today has dealt with suicide, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, domestic violence, generational curses, and toxic relationships.

    We need to be careful to not allow the issues that we often hide, feel shame over, or can’t get past greatly to affect our health, fitness, confidence, and our ability to live from a place of victory... the victory that Jesus...

    Mark as Played

    Need to tear down any walls of insecurity, fear, or approval addiction?

    God wants you to own your worth and claim your space!

    Today's new episode, will set you free and have you laughing.

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Cynthia Garret! Cynthia is a long-time U.S. television personality who broke barriers when she became the first African-American woman in the USA to host a network late-night show, NBC’s ...

    Mark as Played
    April 26, 2022 21 min
    Have you ever needed God to answer a prayer or wondered what you need to do to hear from Him?

    You know He's there but why won't He answer?! Why is He silent?

    It can feel hopeless and frustrating when we think we aren't getting the answers we need but the truth is, we already have them.

    In today's episode of the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, I am giving you three things you can start doing now to start hearing fro...

    Mark as Played

    Okay, so, real talk...

    How many times have you felt judged by your appearance?

    I lost track of how many times I have felt this way. This is a place of real hurt for all of us, so I did a podcast about it.

    So, What Should a Christian Woman Look Like Anyway? comes straight from all of the judgment and emotions we feel when people talk about our bodies, how we dress, and how we look.

    The stories you will hear today on this brand new ...

    Mark as Played

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