Strong. Confident. His. with Kim Dolan Leto

Strong. Confident. His. with Kim Dolan Leto

Transform your health, fitness, and self-worth with our Christ-centered podcast. Living God's Way in today's society presents its challenges, and you deserve a supportive community. Welcome to the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, hosted by Kim Dolan Leto. With over 2o years in the fitness industry and a lifetime of Jesus working in her, Kim provides Biblical insights to address all your health, fitness, and confidence questions and challenges, and she releases new episodes every Tuesday. Explore Bible-based truths, practical lifestyle tips, delicious recipes, invigorating workouts, uplifting playlists, inspiring scriptures, and heartfelt prayers to empower you in becoming God's best version of yourself. This show is your compass to live Strong, Confident, and in His image, offering Word-based motivation, inspiration, and actionable steps to embrace the abundant life that Jesus intended for you. Join us as we feature incredible guests like Lisa Bevere, Fox News’s Shannon Bream, 700 Club's Wendy Griffith, and relatable stories from women who have overcome their challenges. Subscribe to Strong. Confident. His. and stay tuned for a new episode every Tuesday, as we navigate this journey together.


May 21, 2024 40 mins

I’m opening up about why I moved Fit Sisters in Christ off of Facebook. This conversation may surprise you. Hear why I decided to take this big leap of FAITH! And who and what was behind it?

Wondering What’s Inside The Fit Sisters in Christ Membership? 

– Live Coaching, Q&A, and Prayer Calls 

– Weekly Encouragement from me

– Sister Spotlight 

– Accountability and Comm...

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Today I’m so excited to share an “Only God” Moment! I’ve been super blessed and busy working on a NEW project, Sister-friend, and today I finally get to share it with you! This is a special day. I’m launching the brand new Fit Sisters in Christ Community and Membership  and it's off of social media!

I have two of the sweetest Fit Sisters in Christ on the show today. Meet Jennifer and Sharla! They are shari...

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Listen to this to unlock the answers it took me years to find in this Free Video Workshop and Guide for Your Breakthrough! Today, I’m giving Christian women the answers I needed. No one told me this, so after many, many years of doing fitness the wrong way, God showed me why it wasn’t working and how to do it right, so I’m sharing this with you.

AND…this comes with a Free Video...

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Making this mistake cost me years of failing on diets and fitness plans, so I don’t want you to make this mistake too. This walks you through the mistake, gives you steps to help you stop, and scriptures to support you.

Let me know if this helps you. I love hearing from you

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7 NKJV)

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Do you want to know why you self-sabotage your goals? On the new Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, you will learn the shocking reasons behind it, how to stop it, and a helpful tool I teach called the 3 Ts.

Friend, you want to know these.

Don’t self-sabotage your weight loss, worth, or fitness goals anymore. 

Press play!

If this podcast has blessed you, please leave a rating and review. All you ...

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I just went through a big milestone! It's time to catch up, so grab a cup of coffee or start your workout as I dive into a life update...

From overcoming the hormonal weight gain battle to Birthdays to Jesus at the center of it all, God is sovereign! 

Will you join me in wishing The Strong. Confident. His. Podcast a Happy Birthday? 🙏🏼🎉

If this podcast has blessed you, please give it a Birthday present by rating and review the sh...

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These are a must know! Learn the big 3, get examples of how sneaky they are, know what you can do to overcome them, and of course Scriptures that activate your faith in this area!

Feeling like you're never going to reach your goals, feeling the weight of unanswered prayers, or questioning your calling? This is for you. 

If you’re listening in real-time, today is April 2nd, and this is the last...

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Enroll Here I have the BEST NEWS… The Fit God’s Way 30-Day Transformation Course is open for enrollment and you’re the first to know! Enrollment is open from March 26th - April 2nd. We start on April 8th! Enroll here,

My team and I have spent months making sure EVERYTHING you need to successfully transform your health and fitness is inside this course. 

If y...

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FREE LIVE WORKSHOP: How to Breakthrough Worldly Fitness Traps That Are Keeping You Stuck in Defeat  

Sign Up HERE

Did you know there are Women in the Bible who can give you HOPE for the very thing you're going through?  Maybe you've never heard how much you have in common w...

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Want to transform your diet struggles into peaceful victories?  Today, I will teach you how to embrace grace and freedom in Christ and how to break free from diet culture's grip. *Scripture Focus Challenge Included!

Time to say goodbye to stress and guilt, and hello to peaceful living!

Welcome back to The Strong. Confident. His. Podcast where faith, inspiration, and transformation intersect. O...

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Okay heart to heart, have you ever wondered...

  • Is it okay with God to want to be healthy and fit?

  • Or what kind of relationship does God wants me to have with my body and with food?

  • Or maybe today you’re struggling to believe t...

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Do you ever wish you had a doctor who could answer your health questions? Well, today is your day! Join Dr. Wazny, and me as he answers questions about:

Hormones and Weight:

  • April asks for advice on hormonal health, eating, exercise, and weight loss for women over 40.

  • Wendy se...

Learn scriptures to help you lose weight for good on this episode of The Strong. Confident. His. Podcast! You don’t need another quick fix diet to lose weight and get fit. What you need is Jesus and these scriptures I’m about to share.

I know firsthand how the emotional roller coaster of losing weight and getting fit can feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works, but today I’m serving up the answ...

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February 13, 2024 35 mins

On this episode of the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, my husband, Bill Leto, and I are peeling back the curtain and inviting you into our personal lives. Whether you are single or married this will bless you. Join us for a very real and kind of embarrassing conversation for God’s glory!

Here is a small sample of the things we chatted about: 

  • If you’re single, hea...

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Do you want to help women learn how to invite God into their fitness? Is faith and fitness and Christian health and fitness something you feel called to do? I have a special announcement, The Fit God Way Small Group Leader Guide and Video Lessons are available now!

The Fit God’s Way Small Group Leader Guide and Video Course wil...

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In this episode, you will hear success stories from real women who struggled to get fit, overcame major health issues and broke strongholds with dieting, body image, thinking they were too old, or that fitness was not Christian. 

Their success will inspire and motivate you.

Start your own success journey now, press play!

This episode's foundational Scripture:

“Oh give...

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Do you ever feel judged for how you look? It hurts, right?! If legalism is new to you, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to show you the difference between a relationship with Jesus and a list of man-made religious rules.

Hear my heart. I have lived under much scrutiny trying to bring a message of faith and fitness into the world, so if you have been hurt by this too I want you to be free in Jesus!

Although we have n...

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January 16, 2024 39 mins

Buckle up, Fit Sister in Christ! Today, we find a faith-filled answer to achieving our fitness goals, and it comes with a freebie. Download it here. Let's do this together. 

Setting fitness goals can be exciting until they never make their way into our daily plan and beco...

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You might think you have tried everything to get fit, but have you tried this? Join me to learn how God’s promises hold the answer for you. Listen here.

  • This new episode will teach you the promises of God and show you how they are the answers you've been missing.
  • Did you know God is seeking an encounter with you?
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Do you sometimes feel as though your body is a problem to solve? Discover how to make it part of the solution instead. Alisa Keeton Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Revelation Wellness poses and answers this question on today’s episode.

Join us as we dive into the transformative power of faith in our healing and cover these topics:

  • Unde...

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