Super Real Human

Super Real Human

Maura Webster is a single mom and cancer survivor, recovering perfectionist, and business owner. She has created this podcast to provide YOU with inspiration for living YOUR super real human life. Maura had a conversation with her mom shortly before she passed that changed...everything. Through this conversation, Maura discovered that she wasn’t following or finding her “happy” and deep down inside she knew it...but struggled to find the courage before being faced with the painful and inevitable loss of her best friend and closest ally. After facing many trials over the last 4 years - getting divorced, facing a drastic surgery, selling her house, and navigating a whole new world...all while running her own business and raising two teenage girls - Maura is making it her mission to inspire others to ditch their superhero cape and start living their best life as a super REAL human This podcast will say goodbye to the fluff and niceties and hello to REAL talk that you can relate to. Maura will be sharing all of her stories and secrets about business, marketing strategies, mindset, menopause, love, divorce, sex, parenting, and so much more! Are some of these conversations going to be awkward? Sure. Uncomfortable? Probably. BUT are they really important things to talk about? Definitely. Are you ready to overcome your fears, people-pleasing tendencies, and self-doubt? Are you ready to remember your worthiness, how to be loved, and how to be….you? Then hit the subscribe or follow button and join Maura each week as she provides you with fuel for your journey that will spark your courage and allow you to live your Super REAL Human life!


July 11, 2024 13 mins

In this episode of Super Real Human, I reflect on an amazing weekend at my latest Untangled Mini-Retreat and the benefits to our business and personal health when we take time to step away.

From charcuterie dinners to deep breathing exercises, nature walks, business brainstorming, and some powerful #hottubtalks, I share insights from this soul-nourishing retreat.

In this episode, I discuss:

Mark as Played

In this episode of Super Real Human, I show you a little real-life behind-the-scenes, including when things don’t go according to plan, navigating unexpected challenges, and what’s next as I adapt and grow. 

I reflect on previous LillaBlu retreats, what I’ve learned about the importance of creating a supportive environment and creating space for reflection and growth, and how all of that has transformed in...

Mark as Played

In this episode of Super Real Human, I talk with Becky Lukovic, founder of Bella Travel Planning, Ciao Bella Travel Club for Women, and author of the Divorced Diva blog. Becky shares her journey through divorce , prioritizing her own happiness and growth, and learning to navigate life as a single female entrepreneur. 

We discuss the challenges of developing personal connections and finding like-minded trav...

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Are you ready to break free and live a life of authenticity and freedom? In this episode, I talk with Susan Lazar Hart, a transformational mindset coach, author of "Breaking Free, Your Unique Path to Fearless Living," mentor, and motivational speaker who has helped thousands of creatives around the world align their lives with their true desires and break free from the constraints of conventional expectations.

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Mark as Played

Are you ready to build a brand and business that brings you joy? In this episode, I chat with my beautiful friend Meg Joyce, a brand therapist and the founder of InKind Design, who helps business owners redesign their brand and their lives for happiness. Meg shares her journey of starting a business, the struggles she faced, and how using creativity as a catalyst allows us to embrace our uniqueness and express our true...

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Is our family history impacting our current relationships, mindset, and even our finances? In this episode of Super Real Human, I’m joined by Johanna Lynn, the founder of the Family Imprint, to discuss family imprints, epigenetics, and emotional inheritance. 

Joanna shares insights on epigenetics and how healing past influences helps individuals process stored pain, shift perspectives, and gain a fresh out...

Mark as Played

Ready to transform your life and business with Feng Shui? In this episode, I’m joined by Keri Miller, Feng Shui expert and author of "Feels Better, Flows Better, Feng Shui for Inspired Living." By arranging your surroundings to promote positive energy flow, you can profoundly impact various aspects of your life.

Kerri shares how your surroundings affect your energy, mood, and even your income. By working w...

Mark as Played

In this episode I’m joined by Jennifer Urezzio, the founder and spiritual director of Soul Language. Jennifer shares how understanding your Soul Languages can increase your effectiveness in your business, in your purpose, and in your personal life. 

By combining Soul Language identification, business alignment, sacred mission exploration, and energy optimization, individuals can create a holistic approach ...

Mark as Played

Are you a single mama and business owner who struggles with putting yourself and your business out there? In this episode, I share my experiences with “playing small” and how I overcome that mindset. As moms and female entrepreneurs, we tend to let our fears overshadow our growth. We get caught up in our responsibilities and don’t give our business the love it deserves. It’s time to break free from that mindset by shar...

Mark as Played

Are you a single mama - who also owns a business - navigating challenging seasons? You’re not alone. In this episode, I share my journey through a tough season to go from feeling tapped out to finding inspiration to rise above the struggles. 

By focusing on these little things that bring joy and relaxation into your life, you can shift from merely surviving to thriving. Embracing self-care practices, spend...

Mark as Played

We all make excuses, but owning them is key.  In this episode of Super Real Human, I share my personal journey over the last several years with life's challenges and how they can easily transition into excuses.

From juggling caretaking duties and personal setbacks to reclaiming my energy and reigniting the passion in my business, I discovered the power to bring joy and success back into life and business a...

Mark as Played

In this episode of Super Real Human, I am joined by Allison Hall, founder of The Boldest Me, a personal development brand empowering women. As an experienced CPA, corporate strategist, and finance professional turned entrepreneur, she shares her journey into supporting women through divorce and teaching them how to thrive through major life transitions. 

We discuss the importance of mentorship, self-reflec...

Mark as Played

In this episode of the Super Real Human podcast, I’m joined by Ally Thompson, founder of RylieMay Rescue Ranch. From her experience as a movement coach to navigating and confronting self-doubt, and embracing the beauty of trying and failing, she was able to follow her purpose. Through significant life changes, including the closure of her business and the end of her marriage, she found the courage to embrace new beginn...

Mark as Played
January 10, 2024 48 mins

In this episode of the Super Real Human podcast, I’m joined by Kim Craig who shares her personal experiences as a small business owner and bookkeeper. She discusses the importance of finding the joy in business and the value of understanding financial information for business owners.

We discuss the challenges faced by small business owners, particularly in the realm of financial management. Some of these c...

Mark as Played

Do you want to achieve increased clarity and effective strategic planning for business growth? In Part 2 of the "Plan With Me" series, I focus on looking ahead to 2024 by sharing how to help you gain a clear and well-defined strategy heading into the new year.

What excites you? What do you want to let go of? This year, let's step away from "anything for a buck" and focus on what truly lights your soul on f...

Mark as Played

Are you taking some “you” time for self-care this time of year? In Part 1 of the planning series, I discuss the importance of prioritizing self-care and my approach to planning.

A big part of planning starts with visualization, a powerful tool for setting and achieving personal and business goals. In this episode, I guide you through a visualization exercise and questions to ask yourself to set goals and f...

Mark as Played

Are you struggling to be heard during the holiday marketing noise? In this episode of Super Real Human, I discuss the importance of taking the time to pause, breathe, and listen. Take this time to tune out the noise and to give yourself the grace and permission to listen to your intuition and the pulse of your business.

Listening internally and externally to yourself and your business can give you the space to become more focused o...

Mark as Played

Have you felt the pinch in business this year? In this episode, I discuss navigating the challenging landscape of 2023, especially as we gear up for the holiday season and the approach to the new year. Gaining clarity in your business can lead to developing new strategies and adapting while addressing revenue gaps.

Recognizing discomfort can often signify a need for change and it can be an ideal time to lo...

Mark as Played

In this episode, I discuss why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, remembering  and celebrating what we are thankful for, and practicing gratitude even through the lows. For many of us, finding strength in difficult times and the power of seeking support. Challenging times can ignite a fire within us and lead to transformative changes in our lives.

Expressing gratitude, even through challenges, allows us ...

Mark as Played

Are you burnt out? In this episode I discuss the end of the year and the feelings of burnout that can arise during this time especially if you're an entrepreneur, business owner, parent, or simply a human juggling multiple responsibilities. 

If you’re feeling pressure from the end of the year, it’s time to reflect, breathe, and relax. I discuss a simple process of setting one impactful goal for the present...

Mark as Played

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