Talks With John Podcast

Talks With John Podcast

John Lennon changed the world...not just with his music, but with words, his thoughts, his humor, his hopes and dreams. Talks with John lets you eavesdrop on their conversations about everything from today's headlines to music, art, politics and more...interlaced with stories from John's personal and musical past..and told with John's ironic humor and sarcasm... Show More


Episode 28 - Remembering George, Broadcasting PTSD & Thanksgivings

Find out how John and Tammy celebrated Thanksgiving. John co-oped his dinner this year.

John reflects on his relationship with George Harrison, George’s dealings with Yoko and the one time John says he should have hit him.

John talks about Paul’s and Olivia’s last moments with George.

The Beatles kids – what’s it like to be ... Read more

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Episode 27 - Impeachment, Baseball Blues & Rose Parade Secrets


John talks about his son Sean getting politically active.

Tammy remarks how Sean is getting to look more like John.

John is hooked on the impeachment hearings.

Four more years of Donald Trump - what will John do if that happens?

Paul McCartney has just put out two songs digitally. John says they are 'typical McCartn... Read more

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Episode. 26 - Accidents, The O.K. Corral & Muscle Cars 

  John finds out what one of his teeth is worth and what someone plans to do with it   Someone got something of Paul McCartney's and sold it on eBay   Tammy tells John about western lore and the shootout at the OK Corral   John again comes to the rescue of a driver involved in a car crash   Muscle cars - John and Tammy talk about the iconic cars of the 1960s and... Read more

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Episode 25 - The Berlin Wall, GermaNation & Surrogates

-John reacts to the fact that James Dean is about to star in a new movie...65 years after his death

-Would John want a surrogate to live his life for him?

-The anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down - John and Tammy talk about what happened next

-John weighs in on having a woman president - Is the country ready?

-The Beatle... Read more

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Episode 24  - Inequality, Public Perception & Modern Royalty   -The political climate is getting John down.  What's wrong in Washington?   -John and Tammy compare notes on where women stand in politics   -From a broadcaster's stand-point, Tammy weighs in on what women candidates need to do better   -Are men still from Mars and women still from Venus?   -What was it like to be in the middle of Beatlemania?  John tells... Read more

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Episode 23 - Fire Danger, Medical Maladies & Past Lives.

John and Tammy both live in the Southern California fire zones...what's it like?

John talks about panhandlers

Politics and John - what does he think about what's going on today

John has discovered Dyson fans

John learns about Fibromyalgia

Hollywood's Movie Palaces revisited

Tammy found John's autograph in... Read more

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Episode 22 - Evolution, P.E.T.A. & Hair Color

-What does John think on his 79th birthday?
-What was the significance of John's original middle name?
-John and Sean share the same birthday. Coincidence?
-John weighs in on the impeachment issue
-When is a cat not a cat...when a pair costs $35,000
-John talks about the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland
-John talks about Jesus...again!... Read more

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Episode 21 - Faking it, Con Artists & Validation

John wonders why people fake so many things including relationships 

Were The Beatles faking it?

What is real love...John says he knows!

John speculates on what will happen now that marijuana is being sold in a restaurant

Bob Dillon misunderstood the lyrics to a Beatles' hit and that led to them all getting high

Paul McC... Read more

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Episode 20 - Cat Rescue, Communication & Holograms

John shares his frustrations with instructions that make no sense and people who can't follow directions

A trip to the eye doctor makes John crazy

John talks about his love of cats and learning how to feed the studio's newborn foster kitten

Is the United States ready for a woman president? John shares his views on presidential politic... Read more

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Episode 19 - Whole Foods, Captain EO & Mt. Everest 

John talks about where The Beatles talked about playing after the famous rooftop concert

Abbey Road was not supposed to be the end of The Bealtes

John and Tammy explore Whole Foods Market

Tammy tells John what it was like at Disneyland during the grand opening  of Michael Jackson's Captain EO and who was the visitor that no one noticed... Read more

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Episode 18: Relationships, Therapy & Living a Lie

John and Tammy examine their relationships from lovers to the workplace

Tammy doesn't believe therapy works so John explains his experience with primal scream therapy

John wants to know why girls are attracted to 'bad boys'.

John and Tammy the different facades that people present versus who they really are.

John talks a... Read more

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Episode 17. Artwork, Auctions & Candyland

John weighs in on the White Album tour starring Micky Dolenz and Todd Rungren

Big news about The Ohio Express

John discusses how time flies 

John talks about what happened to his early artwork

John and Tammy reminisce about childhood toys and candies including one that may have been a bit perverted 

John still wonders if he’s a gen... Read more

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Episode 16. 1969, Nudity and Perils of Performing

John and Tammy are getting ready for their first live appearance at Beatlesfest

John talks about his art and says some may be a little wild

John reveals why he posed nude and Tammy talks about when she almost did 

Fifty years after Abbey Road - John’s recollections

John and Tammy talk about being on stage in front of thousands of fans. ... Read more

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Ep. 15 Tammy's Studio, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Mentoring

John visits Tammy’s studio and learns about being a broadcaster 

John and Tammy talk about their experiences at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Tammy’s got a new gig and John wants details

What’s it like to have people paying thousands for things that used to belong to you?   John explains

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Ep. 14. Hullaballooer, Hull Hustles, & Reminiscing

A very special conversation between John, Tammy and the real Dave Hull -The Hullaballoer from famed radio station KRLA Los Angeles

John explains why he didn’t trust Dave back in the 1960s

Dave talks about how he got to travel to the Bahamas with The Beatles 

George Harrison “knicks” something from Dave 

John, Tammy and Dave share w... Read more

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Episode 13 - Summer Samplings, Modern Mayhem & Autographs.

The world has gone crazy - John gives his thoughts on recent tragedies in the news. 

Video games - John and Tammy talk about the possible impact of video games 

Tammy and John talk about giving autographs and who should get them. 

John’s new video doorbell is freaking him out. 

Are Facebook friends really friends?  

... Read more

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Episode 12. Weather Watching, Generation Z & L.A. Radio

John has the democratic presidential ticket figured out

John talks about his favorite teacher and how she kept him interested in English

The Z Generation.  John and Tammy try to figure out who they are and what they want 

John admits he’s addicted to watching the Weather Channel and talks about holding Hurricane Parties

Tammy ... Read more

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Episode 11 - Magic, Existentialists & Youth in Radio   John and Paul talked about writing a musical in 1966....what happened?   Do you believe in Magic, Tammy and John explain why they do.   How did The Beatles get their famous hair styles?  John tells the story.   If The Beatles were just getting started today....would they make it?     Find out why John likes cruise ships so much.

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Episode 10. DJ Tammy, Copyrights & Auto-Immune Diseases

What was John like at the age of five?  Tammy thinks she knows.  

John talks about making a pineapple upside down cake all by himself!

Tammy talks about how she got started in broadcasting and what her first night on the air was like.

John finds out The Beatles are back on the charts, thanks to the movie Yesterday.

What does J... Read more

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Episode 9. Hot Wheels, Brian's Inventory & Lies

John and Tammy reminisce about their Hot Wheels cars and Tammy tells John about getting to take a ride in a Grand Prix pace car.  John and Little Richard hung out at the race.  

Find out why both Tammy and John had trouble recently starting their cars. 

Tammy tells John about a unique use for an eraser.  

John learns about the make-out s... Read more

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