Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT

Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping is a powerful tool for reducing pain, physical trauma, and eliminating limiting beliefs. Each week tapping expert, Gene Monterastelli, and his amazing guests answer the most common (and uncommon) questions on how to get the most out of EFT. If you want to maximize your success with tapping, this is an indispensable resource. The host of the Tapping Q & A Podcast, Gene Monterastelli, works one-on-one with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them eliminate self-sabotage so that they can take the actions they need to take to be successful, starting with the most important tasks first. Past guests of the show have included Mary Ayers, Dr. Peta Stapleton, Julie Schiffman, Brad Yates, Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Mark Wolynn, Rick Wilkes, Carol Look, Steve Wells, and Jessica Ortner.


September 27, 2023 17 mins

Because of the nature of the work I do with clients and in my personal healing work, I spend a lot of time thinking about the subconscious mind.

Over time, I have come to realize that the superpower of the subconscious mind is its ability to respond in an instant to threat and danger in order to keep us safe.

But this lightning-fast response is less useful, and sometimes detrimental, when dealing with complex difficulties that exis...

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I am fortunate enough to have engaged and self-aware clients, many of whom have spent years studying healing and transformation. That means they are often aware of the root causes of their issues and come to me for help because they are too close to clear the issues on their own.

Our sessions generally begin with them reporting what they are struggling with, and also what they believe is the root cause. As we start to do the healin...

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When we are in pain and distress, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, there is nothing we want more than to escape our discomfort as quickly as possible.

This desire is so profound that it can lead us to making unhealthy choices, like emotional eating and overmedicating ourselves, to gain short-term relief.

The reality is that sometimes total relief is not possible for us in the short term, or even ever. As dispiriting as th...

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September 6, 2023 44 mins

Lori Leyden has dedicated her life to bringing healing and transformation to those who have experienced tragedy and trauma. Her latest book Embodying Grace captures the tools and approaches she uses to facilitate healing and wellbeing through a spiritual lens.

Embodying Grace introduces you to the transformative power of your Heart-Brain-Body connection, the 5 Stages of Embodied Grace and The Grace Process®. These proven methods re...

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When we are in physical or emotional pain and distress, we want to feel better right now.

That is a natural human desire, but even though we want healing right away, it doesn't mean healing is going to happen right away.

As disappointing as that is, there is good news. Even though healing often takes time, it is possible to identify the stages of the emotional and subconscious process we go through when healing, and understanding t...

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One of my favorite characteristics of my clients is their willingness to take responsibility for what is going on in their lives. When we take responsibility, we put ourselves into a position to create lasting change.

At the same time, it is possible for us to take too much responsibility. Taking responsibility for the aspects of our lives that we do not control presents a number of problems. We end up being too hard on ourselves w...

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In this week's podcast we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series by looking at the ways the people in our lives put up resistance when we heal and change.

AND I don't mean the people who don't like us or those who are jealous of what we have.

In this case I am talking about how our loved ones, sometimes the people who are our biggest fans, can resist and even get in the way of our healing, transformation, and success.

This ...

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In this week's podcast we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series by looking at the subconscious mind in a completely different way.

When we recognize the ways in which the subconscious mind holds us back from taking positive action, it is almost always in terms of the resistance and fear that come up.

While this is true, it is not the only way the subconscious can get in our way. One of the unexpected obstacles to our heali...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals by looking at why our subconscious mind and memory is faulty.

The reality is that nobody has a perfect memory. Even those with a photographic memory cannot remember everything.

In small ways, this can be a minor irritant as we misremember small details in our daily lives. These memory missteps can cause miscommunication and inconvenience.

In big ways, our faulty memory can cause ...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series with a look at resistance.

Just because we know what to do, how to do it, and why it is important to take an action, does not mean we will actually take that action.

In order for us to take consistent action, we need to clear as much resistance as possible.

In this week's podcast we take a deep dive into why resistance shows up and prevents us from taking action, AND how t...

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The Helping Addicts Recover Progressively (HARP) program at the county jail in Chesterfield, VA is a beacon of hope and light in the world.

The program is designed to help inmates who are struggling with issues of addiction to heal and recover so that when they are released, they are able to live healthier and happier lives.

One of the many tools taught in the program is Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT), which is a version of tapping...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series by looking at how the subconscious mind's understanding of the world influences every choice we make.

The subconscious mind is a valuable tool in helping us to navigate the world. It holds all our understanding about how the world works in the form of memories, patterns, stories, and beliefs.

This allows us to navigate the world without having to think constantly about our...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series with a lesson that is critical to understand if you want to clear self-sabotage and take more consistent action.

One of the best parts of our subconscious mind is that it is a learning machine. It takes in all of our experiences and uses them to decipher how the world works.

The type of lessons it is best at learning are around keeping us safe. The subconscious mind takes ...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series with what I think is the most controversial fundamental of the whole series...at least at first glance.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients is when they are berating themselves for all of the times they have made poor choices, even when "they should have known better!"

When this happens, they beat themselves up emotionally for being "so stupid" or "weak" o...

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This week we are continuing the Healing Fundamentals series, where we are covering the ideas and concepts that underlie every part of the healing and transformational process.

This week we are talking about fear.

Fear has an entire episode dedicated to it because it is the one emotion that is most likely to hold us back. Understanding the evolutionary reason behind fear and why it shows up in the moment makes it much easier to crea...

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It can often feel like our negative emotions are the enemy and it makes sense why. When we experience negative emotions, we feel bad AND they also get in the way of us making better choices in the moment.

That is why when Gary Craig created his version of tapping, he called it "Emotional Freedom Techniques" because there is such a strong human desire to escape strong negative emotions.

For me, the process isn't just about escaping ...

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The fear of success is the single most difficult type of resistance to uncover.

I know it sounds strange to fear success, but it is a lot more common than you might think.

The subconscious mind may fear success because it is worried that we might have success and then lose it, or once we have it, it becomes hard to maintain, or we will have to keep working really hard (if not harder) to maintain that success, to name just a few sce...

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After working with clients for many years, I have come to the realization that we are notoriously bad eyewitnesses to our own experiences.

We are great at telling stories about our experiences, our past, and our traumas, but unfortunately they aren't always true.

This can hinder our transformation because without a clear understanding of our experience, it is hard to heal. We can spend time tapping on issues that feel big and impor...

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Sometimes we have to do tasks that we just don't like because they are no fun, such as having to scrub the inside of a smelly old garbage can, or doing yard work at three in the afternoon on a hot summer's day.

There are other tasks where the reason we avoid doing them is less clear. Hidden behind our reluctance is the key to understanding our resistance to taking action.

When we are able to decode our resistance and uncover the hi...

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Just because we know what to do, how to do it, and have everything we need to take action, it doesn't mean we actually take action.

For me, this is one of the most frustrating places to be because it is clear that I am set up for success AND I am the one getting in my own way.

The tricky part of this situation is identifying the resistance hindering us from taking action because it is seldom obvious.

We wind up frustrated and confu...

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