The Balanced Life

The Balanced Life

Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.


May 31, 2023 24 mins

If you are at a place in your life where you would like to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine or let go of some habits that are holding you back from becoming the healthiest version of yourself then you won’t want to miss this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make a plan to implement new habits, how to use habit stacking to build on existing habits, and how habits can help you create a new identity. 


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Jessica Thiefels knows a thing or two about body image issues. As a former personal trainer, she hasn’t always had the best relationship with exercise or her body image. 

She has worked hard over the past few years to uncover her negative thought patterns and create a healthier relationship with eating and exercise. 

On this episode, you’ll hear about Jessica’s journey and how after just one month with Lindywell she has transformed...

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Do your thoughts come racing at you as soon as you wake up? Oftentimes our minds run wild with the to-do list, reflections on previous conversations, or predictions about upcoming meetings.

It’s no surprise that the average human processes 6200 thoughts per day. 

These constant racing thoughts can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and a general lack of peace without us even becoming aware of it. 

That’s where mindfulness comes in. Per...

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If you have been enjoying Kiesha's breathwork practices in the Lindywell app, you won’t want to miss Lindywell’s newest offering: Exhale Hour

Exhale Hour is created just for you. It is a time to set aside for yourself, a space where you can reconnect with your body. During this break from the every day, you’ll learn how to breathe better and connect with your emotions, yourself, and your breath while supporting your nervous syste...

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Here at Lindywell, we strive for a progress over perfection approach because it is the best way to create lasting change. When starting a new wellness routine, it can be easy to take on the go big or go home mindset. However, studies have shown that small, incremental changes are the key to building long-term success. 

Listen to this episode to learn how to incorporate a progress over perfection approach and why it is so important ...

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Today, Kiesha, Head of Breathwork and Somatic Programs at Lindywell, and I are taking a deep dive into incorporating breathwork into our wellness routines to reset our nervous systems into the parasympathetic state so that we can truly relax and rest our bodies. 

By the end of this episode, you may be so connected with your breath that you’ll already feel the calm enveloping you. If you are ready to harnes...

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Lindy Royer is my mentor and friend. She helped me begin my Pilates journey years ago. Lindy was the one who inspired me to become an instructor and then took a chance on me by hiring me for my first instructor role in her studio. 

As a seasoned Pilates instructor and physical therapist, Lindy brings a wealth of experience to this conversation. This is why she’s helping answer several questions from our members. 

In this episode, w...

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There is so much misinformation about the abs, core, and the pelvic floor that people harbor many misconceptions about these areas. At the same time, the midsection is one of the most unloved parts of people’s bodies. People come to me all the time seeking ways to tone and slim down their midsection.

In today’s episode of The Balanced Life podcast, I’ll clear up common misconceptions about abs, core, and the pelvic floor, you’ll le...

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Navigating family mealtimes can be stressful. Everyone has their own ideas of what they want to eat. Kids can be selective, and families are often frazzled by the end of the day when dinner rolls around. 

Rachel Rothman helps families have less stress at mealtimes. She uses her extensive experience as a registered dietitian to work with families to alleviate food worries. Rachel and I had such an illuminating conversation that we h...

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We all want to help our kids cultivate a healthy relationship with food, but this can be easier said than done. Many of us are still repairing our own negative relationship with food. Add in changing nutrition data, emotional elements, and comments and advice from family and friends and this topic can become a minefield. 

To help us navigate this difficult, complex topic I’ve invited Rachel Rothman to share her expertise. Rachel is...

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December 28, 2022 23 mins

As we wrap up another year around the sun, many of us become reflective of the year that has passed while also looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Setting goals may be something that you are intuitively drawn to, or maybe it’s something that has you running the other way. Regardless of how you feel about goal setting, I encourage you to have a listen to see if you glean any actionable tips. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to ac...

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So many of us are on the happiness treadmill. We believe we’ll be happy once we achieve our next goal since the traditional way of thinking about happiness is wrapped up in our accomplishments. This means we don’t make room for happiness while we’re on the journey of life or we get caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind of feelings and emotions.

Stephanie Harrison from The New Happy has made it her life’s work to study the science o...

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The Balanced Life podcast is a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. My goal is to provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create a balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself both inside and out.

Today we have a special episode that spans 5 conversations that I have had on the podcast throughout the years that have opened ...

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You may have heard about the benefits of having a family meal time, but the reality of living in the modern world can make it a challenge to create that space.

Mealtimes are not only for nourishing our bodies, but they are also times to cultivate connections with family and friends. On this episode of The Balanced Life, Christine Bailey joins me to discuss tips to help you slow down periodically to create a special time to enjoy fa...

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Many people choose the month of November to reflect on all that they are thankful for, but practicing gratitude doesn’t have to be limited to one month per year. 

In this episode, you’ll hear how evidence shows that a regular gratitude practice has an impact on your brain, health, and well-being. And make sure to listen until th...

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Have you ever felt hangry? Do you notice when your moods fluctuate throughout the day? Food might have something to do with it. There is often a connection between food and our moods and this episode of The Balanced Life podcast will help you improve that connection.

Registered dietician (RD), Micah Siva, joins me today to discuss how food can help you boost your mood. Micah is one of the primary dieticians who works to create the ...

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October 5, 2022 17 mins

Whether we acknowledge it or not, routines hold power over many aspects of our life. If you are not a fan of routines you may feel tempted to skip this episode, but I encourage you to listen. If you enjoy creating and optimizing your routines, then you’re probably already listening.

This episode is designed to help you take a closer look at your routines, both intentional and unintentional. By the end, you’ll understand why what yo...

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Life is a series of transitions. Some are more welcome than others, but whether they are expected or not, it is important to be able to make the most of life’s transitions and learn how to navigate them. 

You may be familiar with our guest today; Elisabeth Callahan was the community coordinator here at Lindywell who left our team to start her private therapy practice. 

Elisabeth is here to share practical tools to help us navigate ...

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Using your breath can be a powerful wellness tool whose benefits have been backed by scientific research. This free, easily accessible tool can be used by anyone at any time to help regulate emotion and bring a sense of well-being to your life. Breath is at the core of Pilates and can be used for wellness both on the mat and off. 

Our guest today is breathwork coach, Kiesha Yokers. Kiesha is passionate about breathwork and educatio...

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Do you understand the importance and power of your breath? In Pilates, we focus on breathing intentionally, but do you know how important proper breathing is in your everyday life? 

You may be surprised to discover that something as simple as breathing can be used as a tool to impact both you...

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