The Beautiful Side of Grief

The Beautiful Side of Grief

The Beautiful Side of Grief is your go-to podcast if you are wanting to hear from people who have moved through heart-wrenching loss or those who are at the coal-face supporting this process. It diverse, heart-warming though most of all it is positive and filled with go-to's that you can use yourself. I'm your host Helen Morris and I'm a health professional turned energy healing practitioner after I lost my only child and daughter, Tahl, in a car accident in 2017. I want to use my own, unique experience with loss to help you navigate your own journey with loss.


June 12, 2024 47 mins

This is a heartwarming and powerful episode. Making the decision to donate your child's organs must have to be one of the toughest decisions any parent would have to make. Yet, it can also yield incredible rewards.


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My guest on The Beautiful Side of Grief in this episode is helping people overcome the hurt and overwhelm that comes from the chaos happening in their lives...

For some, it's sickness. For others, it's incarceration. ...

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Can you imagine how you would cope if your only child KNEW they were going to die, and you were only 27?

On The Beautiful Side of Grief today I get to speak to Amber's incredible mum, Patti DiMiceli who went through t...

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In this episode we explore the grief related to abuse - and more specifically narcissistic abuse. If you have a close relationship with your family - think for a moment what that relationship would look like if they set you for a lifetime of abuse as you were growing up, and then into your adulthood. Instead of giving you t...

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Do you believe in the unbelievable? That you have within you, the ability to heal yourself of anything? And not just yourself, but your family too? That you can get to use the term NED - No Evidence of Disease* - such a cool term!

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Have you been through something so life-altering that your passion is to now live as authentic & true to yourself as possible? If so, you are going to love this week's guest, Sydney Decker.

Sydney had been experiencin...

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Today I am talking to a young guy, John Kimble, who really ventured on the wrong side of life. He wanted to be a gangsta, he had no remorse around the things he did, he robbed houses, sold drugs, had addictions, had attempted suicide a couple of times, had multiple felonies and eventually ended up in a psych ward diagnosed a...

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Sometimes we can just be too close to a situation. We don't want to see what is right in front of us. This was true for Rev. Jocelyn when she was facing her beloved father's battle with Alzheimer's. She initially didn't want to see her strong, capable, and loving dad was having issues with memory loss right before her eyes. ...

In this episode I have the privilege of talking to a very beautiful soul, Nathalie Himmelrich, around some very sensitive and confronting topics.  Nathalie is a passionate writer, holistic counsellor, coach, woman & mother. Her areas of specialty are relationships, grief, and trauma, ...

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April 3, 2024 63 mins

What would you do if you were facing a life-ending diagnosis at 46? Would you just hunker down and do the best you can? Or would you step outside conventional medicine and thoughts and do whatever it takes?


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My guest on this episode, Kim Peacock, is a courageous mum who witnessed the horrific accident of her eldest child just after Christmas in 1998. She had to find a way to make sense of this and go on for her remaining children and husband. - so how do you grieve a child and still manage to live fully for the rest of yo...

I truly believe caregivers are unsung heroes! That is why it is a privilege to talk with Sheila Clemenson who became a caregiver for her husband early into their relationship at the age of 26, when he was diagnosed with ALS. In this raw, authentic conversation we talk abut some of the tougher aspects of being a caregiver - t...

In this episode of The Beautiful Side of Grief we are exploring war-torn Bagdad to the sunny caribbean, and many countries in between through the eyes of a diplomat's wife, who had to struggle with infertility, pregnancy loss, parental loss, and fast exits - all the while re-adapting to strange new lands, & dealing with a co...

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What would it mean to you to know that you are always right where you are supposed to be?

That nothing is ever done "to you", it's being done "for you", and t

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Grief is definitely multifaceted! Cathy Gabrielsen had a divine childhood devoted to Mother Mary and Christ. At 18 she had her first near-death experience in the same accident that left her boyfriend severly brain-damaged. Knowing she had to return to fulfill her purpose, she instead lived for many years with a tremendous am...

War does something to a person, not only emotionally, also physiologically. For starters, it rewires your brain to dampen emotional responses to what is being experienced, to exist in a hyper state of alertness and awareness, and to cope with altered sleep patterns. It  can also becom...

Is your mum your best friend?

What would you do if she died?

Would your life continue to have the same meani...

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Grief can crack us wide open. Everything as we once knew it changes, a little in some areas, in others a lot. For many of us now that can result in becoming drawn to spirituality and ascension. Learning to rise above what we have experienced and to live our lives in ameaningful way, in a frequency of love, compassion, and se...

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January 23, 2024 9 mins

I hope 2024 has started off well for you!


Apologies for not letting you know season 5 was finishing with Nick's episode and that I would be of...

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January 10, 2024 41 mins

How does a grieving, introverted dad cope with the loss of his 9 year old son after a magical day of skiing? He goes within - deep within. And from that emerges an incredibly insightful, compassionate book that tackles the complexies of child loss head on. Nick Shaw has written a book that is open. Is vulnerable. Is honest. ...

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