The Chauncey DeVega Show

The Chauncey DeVega Show


Ep. 220: Timothy Snyder Explains How Donald Trump's "National Emergency" Will Be Used to Overthrow American Democracy and the Constitution

January 17, 201989 min

89 min
Ep. 219: How Psychics and Ghost Hunters Are Using Technology to "Hack" the Paranormal and Supernatural

December 31, 201869 min

69 min
Ep. 218: What Type of White Person Do You Want to Be?

December 24, 201876 min

76 min
Ep. 217: David Blight Explains How The Wisdom of Frederick Douglass Can Help to Save American Democracy

December 19, 201884 min

84 min
Ep. 216: Seth Abramson Explains How Robert Mueller Will Put the Trump Crime Family in Prison

December 12, 201869 min

69 min
Ep. 215: How the Podcast "Serial" Crafts a Narrative About Inequality, Race, Class and America's Criminal Justice System

December 5, 201876 min

76 min
Ep. 214: James Loewen Explains the Lies Your Teachers Told You About American History

November 29, 201892 min

92 min
Ep. 213: James Hansen Reflects on the Life of Neil Armstrong, "First Man", and the Future of NASA and Space Travel

November 21, 201884 min

84 min
Ep. 212: Donald Trump Thinks He is God and So Do His Followers

November 13, 201876 min

76 min
Ep. 211: Racism is a Weapon of the Rich That's Being Used Against All of Us

November 5, 201880 min

80 min

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