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January 13, 2024 62 mins

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Kalen DeBoer accepts the head coaching job at the University Of Alabama. Is this a good hire to replace Saban? Was this a risky move for DeBoer? (00:01:00 - 00:06:42)

New England’s new hires their head coach. What are the expectations Jerrod Mayo? We discuss where we would like to see Mike Vrabel, and Belichick. ...

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Nick Saban retires as Alabama’s head football coach. What are our overall reactions, thoughts on the news? Was there a leading factor that led to Sabans retirement? (00:00:45 - 00:03:22)

We break down the extended black Monday in the NFL we have had this week. Belichick and Pete Carroll both move on from their tenured teams. What are our overall thoughts on Arthur Smiths departure? Mike Vrabel parts ways with the Titans. Commanders ...

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We start the show breaking down NFL, week 18

Closest game(s): (00:00:00- 00:04:15)

Most Intriguing Storyline(s): (00:04:15- 00:07:40)

Surprise(s) of the week: (00:07:40 – 00:11:39)

Shootout(s) of the week: (00:11:39-00:15:08)

Snoozer(s) of the week: (00:15:08 – 00:18:00)

The Rest of the game(s): (00:18:00- 00:25:57)

We give our New Week’s Resolutions (00:25:57-00:29:19)

We finish with our intakes and outtakes of the week (00:29:19-...

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We break down the playoff scenarios for all bubble teams heading into week 18. What has to happen for these fringe teams to either win their divisions or obtain a playoff spot?(00:00:00-00:07:06)

We break down the final week of the NFL, week 18:

Closest game(s): (00:07:06- 00:09:53)

Most intriguing storyline(s): (00:09:53 -00:12:42)

Surprises of the week(s): (00:12:42 -00:14:41)

Shootout(s) of the week: (00:14:41- 00:16:38)


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We start the show breaking down the New Years Six Bowl Games, starting with the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. Michigan dominates Alabama almost the entire game. What did Michigan do right? Why did Alabama struggle? Why was the game as close as it was?

Michael Penix and the Huskies dominate the Sugar Bowl. Washington lights up the Longhorn's secondary and Ewers struggles early. How was Texas able to stay in this game? (00:00:00-00:09:35...

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January 2, 2024 59 mins

On this Part 2 Holiday special "Best Of ", we start off with a flashback to our interview with Chip Brown contributor for Horns247, and on the Mic for Texas Sports Unfiltered. Chip joined us and talks all things Texas Longhorns. Including how crucial of a loss was Oklahoma for the longhorn football team? (00:00:20 - 00:12:14)

Next we head to the nations capital to talk to Scott Abraham from DC’s 7ABC. What are the fans asking for as...

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December 28, 2023 70 mins

We start with a rapid rapid fire recap of all the games from NFL week 16. We give a short nod to the TNF matchup between the Jets and Browns (00:00:00-00:17:46)

We highlight the 4 New Year’s Six Bowls outside of the playoff games (see previous episodes for analysis featuring of Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama)

Cotton Bowl (Ohio State X Missouri) (00:17:46-00:19:56)

Peach Bowl ( Ole Miss X Penn State...

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December 26, 2023 52 mins

We start off this Best Of Episode dialing into Charlotte to talk with Josh Graham from WSJS sports “The Drive With Josh Graham”. We talk Panthers Football What are the Fans thinking of Bryce Young? We also get Josh’s thoughts on the somewhat New Owner. (00:00:20 - 00:07:19)

 Next we head to Kansas City to talk to Dana Hughes color analyst for the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as multisport broadcaster. Why isn’t the Chiefs offens...

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December 23, 2023 57 mins

We start off breaking down Thursday Night Football between the Rams and Saints. Rams dominate on both sides of the ball. What kept the Saints in the game despite New Orleans being unable to stop the Ram's offense? (00:01:02 - 00:04:52)

We get ready for NFL, Week 16:

Closest game(s): (00:04:53 - 00:07:54)

Most intriguing storyline(s): (00:07:55 - 00:12:00)

Surprise(s) of the week: (00:12:01 - 00:15:00)

Shootout(s) of the week: (00:1...

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Phoenix Suns finally get their starting three….for less than 2 games. Bradly Beal is expected to be out for at lest two week with a sprained right ankle. Will the Suns be a play-in team this year? The Cavs also have injury woes, loosing their top two scorers Darius Garland and Evan Mobley for an extended period of time. Will Donovan Mitchell be able to keep the team afloat? The Pistons are the worst teams in the history of the NBA ...

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We start off with our usual breakdown of last weeks slate of NFL action, Week 15

Closest game(s): (00:00:58 - 00:05:35)

Most intriguing storyline(s): (00:05:36 - 00:07:40)

Surprise(s) of the week: (00:07:41 - 00:11:20)

Shootout(s) out the week: (00:11:21 - 00:14:15)

Snoozer(s) of the week: (00:14:16 - 00:16:06)

Rest of the games: (00:16:07 - 00:22:05)

Who is Yoshinobu Yamamoto, why is he important, and when/where will he sign? What does ...

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December 16, 2023 63 mins

The Raiders manhandled the Chargers. What did the Raiders do right? What did the Chargers do wrong? Brandon Staley was fired too late and the Raiders might have found their head coach for next year (00:00:56- 00:06:43)

We get ready for the rest of week 15 ahead:

Closest game(s): (00:06:43 – 00:09:54)

Most intriguing storyline(s): (00:09:54 – 00:13:47)

Surprise(s) of the week: (00:13:47- 00:16:54)

Shootout(s) of the week: (00:16:54 -...

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December 14, 2023 60 mins

We start off with a Monday Night Football recap. The Titans shock the Miami Dolphins. Do the Dolphins absolutely need Tyreek Hill to win games and what is the outlook of his injury moving forward? Does Will Levis have the QB1 job locked in for next year?

Packers v. Giants was surprisingly a good game. The Giants have a sneaky good defense and Tommy Devito is the coolest guy in football. Do the Giants still have a playoff shot?


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We start off the show by breaking down the record setting Shohei Ohtani trade. Did this deal change the way contracts are going to be structured moving forward? Does this make the Dodgers a clear favorite to win the World Series next year? (00:00:56 - 00:03:35)

Jayden Daniels is the Heisman Trophy Winner. Did the committee get it right? (00:03:36 - 00:05:50)

Closing thoughts on the NBA in-season tournament. Was the tournament a s...

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December 9, 2023 55 mins

Jon Rahm is joining LIV after being one of its biggest opponents. What do we think of this news? Do we really believe it is not about the money? (00:00:00 – 00:02:53)

Juan Soto is going to the Yankees. Why is this not going to be enough to get the Yankees back to the playoffs?  Shohei Ohtani is expected to make a deal by the end of the week. Where is the super star most likely going to land? (00:02:53 – 00:08:36)

NBA Semifin...

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We start off by previewing TNF against the Patriots and the Steelers. Despite this low scoring affair, what should you be on the lookout for in this cold matchup in Pittsburgh (00:00:00 – 00:04:30)

We break down this past Championship weekend of College Football. Oregon’s identity shifted during the Pac-12 championship, causing them the title and a shot at the Playoffs. What did Washington also do well to win them the game. Texas st...

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Jake Browning (surprisingly) steals the show on MNF and Trevor Lawrence might be out for the rest of the year (00:00:00- 00:04:14)

We react to the Final College Football Playoff rankings. Is Washington REALLY the 2nd best team in the country? What are OUR thoughts on FSU’s snub? Is Oregon disrespected being placed in the Fiesta Bowl against Liberty? (00:04:14 -00:11:21)

We recap an exciting week of NFL, week 13:

Closest game (s):...

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December 2, 2023 71 mins

We start the show talking NBA. Mark Cuban is selling majority stakes in the Mavericks. What are his intentions for this doing this and what can we expect from the Billionaire moving forward? Group play for the NBA in-season tournament is over. How did the rating hold up? Why were the ratings the way they were? Lastly, what is this lawsuit between the Knicks and the Raptors all about? (00:00:00: -00:07:15)

TNF between the Seahawks an...

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We start off the show previewing the upcoming TNF matchup between the Cowboys and Seahawks. What do the Seahawks have to do to sneak away with a Win? What is in store for Geno Smith next year? (00:01:30 - 00:05:55)

We recap Rivalry Week of College Football. Michigan's win streak against Ohio State continues. What has to happen for Ohio state to make the playoffs? Washington secures the first undefeated season in PAC-12 history....

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November 28, 2023 105 mins

Tom Brady thinks the NFL is a mediocre product. Do we agree? Is the NFL declining in value? Are the leagues newly enforced penalties ruining the game? (00:00:24 - 00:08:50)

We go over the recent firings in the NFL. What does the firing of Frank Reich and Jack Del Rio mean for the Panthers and Commanders respectively. Which coaches should be getting fired at the end of this season? (00:08:51 - 00:15:13)

We breakdown Week 12 of the...

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