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TCP 032 - The Breakdown: Defining "Contemporary" Arts

March 18, 201816 min
In The Cultured Podcast’s new series The Breakdown, it’s just you and Michelle as she digs at the roots of individual topics in the vast world of arts and culture. These bite-sized episodes bring listeners one step closer to becoming Cultured connoisseurs by uncovering the rich history and fascinating facts of a given subject. On this Breakdown, Michelle delves into what the word “contemporary” actually means in the worlds of visual arts and dance. She uncovers the origins of the contemporary spirit and how its unrestrained form breaks from tradition, both on the canvas and through the body. Michelle distinguishes the differences between modernism and the contemporary movement as she notes contemporary art’s ability to shapeshift endlessly. Her spotlight on the specifics of this genre give texture and background to the work of previous Cultured guests Juel D. Lane and Tami Katz-Freiman. Michelle exposes her personal passion for contemporary works as she reveals the movement’s far-reaching dominance in the art world.

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