The Cultured Podcast

TCP 041 - Photo Mashups, With Paul Fuentes

May 19, 201823 min
Michelle’s Cultured guest this week is a design wiz with a flair for the bizarre. Mexico City-based Paul Fuentes takes graphic design in a unique direction with his pastel-drenched photo mashups. Paul’s delightfully surreal pop art creations, which usually focus on food, animals, and everyday objects, will make you do a double take, and that’s exactly the point. You have to look closely at his designs, optical illusions that seamlessly blend otherwise unrelated subjects into one perfectly absurd image. A balloon cactus and pencil point ice cream cone are just a couple examples of Paul’s quirky creations. Paul is an artist whose inspiration is fueled by joy, and he cultivates both by moving through the world with open eyes and an open heart.

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