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The Hardcore Closer Podcast

This is The Hardcore Closer Podcast with your favorite closers favorite closer Ryan Stewman.


May 18, 2023 12 mins

Twelve years ago, Ryan Stewman launched the Hardcore Closer Podcast.  At that time in his life, he was working in sales..........his whole world was sales.  

The inception of the Hardcore Closer brand came during a mortgage closing at a local title company and the woman handed her card to Ryan and on it said her name and her title........."Closer." 

At the time, this made Ryan laugh partly cau...

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Ryan Stewman has been in the Social Media game for a while......13 years to be exact.  

Over this time, he's written thousands of blogposts. 

Thousands of social media posts. 

Produced 1000s of podcast episodes. 

Spoken on hundreds of stages. 

Made millions of dollars. 

He's learned quite a few things on this journey including some of the bes...

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Looking to achieve a recession-proof lifestyle with multiple streams of income? Ryan shares his principles on how to do just that. By diversifying his income streams, he has created a business that can withstand any economic situation. Ryan emphasizes the importance of planting and nurturing numerous seeds of income now to reap the benefits later, as well as being aware of potent...

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April 6, 2023 30 mins

Michael Jones: Man of the Community and Advocate for Financial Security

 Federal Regulators Force Abrupt Bank Shutdown

If you're reading this, you might be freaking out a bit, especially with the Feds taking over and shutting down the Silicon Valley Bank a couple of weeks ago.

But, everything you see that com...

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March 30, 2023 32 mins

Understanding the Federal Reserve and How to Protect Your Money in the Digital Age

In 1913, JP Morgan and others established the Federal Reserve, a private banking institution that controls monetary policy and loans trillions of dollars to the US government each year.

Banks are al...

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To become successful in sales, it is essential to put in the reps and do the work. This requires hard work and dedication, just like David Goggins who became the fittest man in the world through dedication and reps.
Alex Hormosi and Andy Frisella discussed how t...
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    Things and people are not what they seem. You have to be willing to go deep while accepting the simplicity of reality and what it is.  This comes in messages through spoken word, music, and the mere presence and appearance of another human being.  Some are born from strife, sadness, and inspiration, but many are the way they are because it's the essence of their being. 

    This is the 300th episode of the Har...

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    The Power of Words: Using Words of Love and Truth for Success and Building Trust

    Words are incredibly powerful and can be used for good or for evil. We must be mindful of the words we choose and keep our promises, as failing to do so can have negative consequences. Babies learn words to communicate for a reason, and w...

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    People have been freaking out and sliding in my DMs because they're watching the news. 

    No matter how many times I've repeated myself, I always get the same questions. 

    They always come around during really pressing times in the economy. 

    Remember this........the pendulum swings back and forth from good times to not-so-good times depending on your mindset and your ability to const...

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    I was avoiding having this conversation, but it looks like the news won't STFU about it, so on this episode, we're going to dive deep into the "R" word which will only be referenced for those who don't really know what this truly means. 

    The "R" word refers to recession. 

    You may have noticed it.



    Everyday products you use have continued to cl...

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    February 16, 2023 46 mins

    Making your dream come alive takes more than inspiration.  You can’t just sit there and wait for something to happen.  

    You can’t wait for a superhero in a cape to show up in your 9th hour to rescue you from the very life you created.  

    If you don’t like the life you’re in, you have to ask yourself one important question……………..

    Who Inspires you? How are you going to obtain your vi...

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    Anger can strike at any time, especially in business. Referrals can be your strong point or they can be the cause of your ship sinking. Nothing makes me more upset than when you share multiple referrals and the other party has nothing for you. 

    Do not fall for other people's shit. This is business and when people want something bad enough they lie! 

    I want to address why you need to check the ...

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    February 2, 2023 21 mins

    There is a superpower in all of us. It’s not being able to fly, spin web, or even shoot lasers out of our eyes. Our super power is the ability to focus. 

    The media wants us to think that we are capable of having all of these crazy abilities, those are distractions. We need to start thinking about how our brain operates. With over 55,000 decisions made each day i...

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    January 26, 2023 11 mins

    There is a variety of sales in today’s world, but the three most common ones you’ll see are Mortgages, Vehicles, and Life Insurance. We think that there is a reward for everyone , but it isn’t true. Unless you have a luxury vehicle or supercar, there really is no real value in vehicles. 

    The car you bought 10 years ago that was 12,000 is only now worth 2,800. Li...

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    January 19, 2023 13 mins

    What’s coming to Million Dollar Mastermind this year? More celebrities, and more high level entrepreneurs.  I get asked every year, “What are you investing in Ryan?” Who’s the big company we should be looking to put our money into? None of them. Invest in yourself. 

    When you invest in yourself, it’s high risk, high reward, and when it comes to investing with oth...

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    January 12, 2023 16 mins

    Is your mindset set up for failure or success? 

    Becoming a master salesman isn’t hard.  Anybody can do it! It’s all about the leads you generate.  Ou of 10 people,  9 can shut you down, but there's always going to be one coming back to hear more. 

    This is a simple method mindset but it does take hard work to stay consistent...

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    It’s a new year with the same focus.

    Do you know what does it take to win? 

    You’ve got to set the objectives for yourself in order to be who you are 100% and fulfill your promises to you. 

    When creating your objectives you need to apply how you’re going to take action, and what it is g...

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    December 29, 2022 19 mins

    It’s happened to everyone, thinking you’re getting better and that your schedule is perfect. Dialing into your process is important- but so if being squared away with your operations. Ryan addresses the concept of inbound leads. He’s  challenging you to read the 12 books he lists off and the value that they have. 

    • 1 book a month
    • Read more
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    It would be nice to save money on your taxes-especially if you’re increasing the money on your investments. There are different approaches and strategies that people claim work, Bobby Castro has a method he wants to share on how he has been building his real estate without even having to be a licensed realtor. 

    Bobby Castro is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Coa...

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    It would be nice to save money on your taxes-especially if you’re increasing the money on your investments. There are different approaches and strategies that people claim work, Bobby Castro has a method he wants to share on how he has been building his real estate without even having to be a licensed realtor. 

    Bobby Castro is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Coa...

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