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Episode 123--The Mountain Top--How Men And Women Communicate

April 7, 201845 min
You'd think after twelve years of running a shop called X & Y Communications I'd have done a show on communication by now. Well, that all changes right now thanks to my new friend and fellow 'old bull on the hill' Robert Manni from The Guy's Guys" Guide To Love. Plan on hearing a dogpile of wisdom we just didn't have in our twenties, including my 'mansplaining' is a thing (and a brilliant response to it), why women want a man who 'listens', and the basic reasons why men and women have been missing each other for thousands of years. We'll also reveal the weird paradox between women who are leaders in their daily lives and the relationships they have with their significant others. We also talk about why women aren't so quick to bring their ideas to the table when talking to men...and it's NOT why you think. Plus, we reveal the truth about women's 'tests', along with how to deal with the new anti-male narrative while living your truth. Why do so many people stay in bad relationships with horrible miscommunication patterns? What should you do when women start hammering you with probing questions on first dates? Plus, lessons from conversations with women that actually transfer over into social interactions with other men and even business dealings. Finally, as a special bonus you'll discover what Robert did when he was finally ready to get married. The Mountain Top Summit Facebook group is becoming THE place for high-value men of character to talk about what matters in today's world. Join here: === HELP US SEND THE MESSAGE TO GREAT MEN EVERYWHERE === We'll keep the solid, actionable content coming...all for free. If you love what you hear, please give us a 'thumbs up' by rating the show (takes one second) and leaving us a review. As we say here in Texas, we appreciate you!

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