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Episode 124--The Mountain Top--3 Secrets Of Happiness

April 27, 201840 min
My guest co-host has figured out the three cornerstones to happiness...and I think he's on to something significant. We define them up front, followed by ways to look inwardly for happiness despite the pull of external influences and even external energies. Then we explain why the obstacles from the past seem to keep haunting us, and how to finally hurdle over them. Next, we talk about the obvious and not-so-obvious ways our 'advanced' post-modern culture is actually contributing to our personal and collective unhappiness. How can your self-perceived weaknesses actually become touchstones of personal fulfillment and happiness? What happens inside our minds when we compare ourselves to others? Plus, discover the most effective antidote to destructive envy and jealousy. Next, hear about the almost supernatural connection between love and happiness...even if love doesn't exactly turn out the way you wanted it to. Does speed kill happiness? Get the surprising answer. Find out how happy people deal with adversity...and their mindset is the exact opposite of most people's. Get the story on how FOMO steals happiness, but staying in the 'flow' grants it. And what if you're already happy? How do you perpetuate your happiness? Ready to escape the 'cubicle jungle' and find true freedom and happiness? Join us at the brand new website === HELP US SEND THE MESSAGE TO GREAT MEN EVERYWHERE === We'll keep the solid, actionable content coming...all for free. If you love what you hear, please give us a 'thumbs up' by rating the show (takes one second) and leaving us a review. As we say here in Texas, we appreciate you!

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