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Episode 127--The Mountain Top--Being The Man As A Dad And In Long-Term Relationships

June 17, 201840 min
Why is there so little information out there to empower real men who are in long-term relationships and raising kids? Well, Bryan Ward is the head of Third Way Man and he's part of the solution to this post-modern problem. In his opinion, 'only the wildest men marry' and his life purpose is defeat the almost pandemic pattern of guys getting wussified in their long-term relationships. You'll be amazed by how he talks about how even a decent, well-meaning man's impulse to pacify the woman in his life often leads to disaster. Find out what 'The Peacetime Paradox' is, and how men tend to navigate fatherhood and our relationships with women despite it. We cover the very real problem of misplaced aggression, even as Bryan suggests 'we had better have the ability to rip limbs out on the rare occasion that's called for'. Discover how both Bryan and I are raising our sons to be badasses, even in a post-modern world where few are. How can you be a man who attracts the woman you want and KEEP her attracted long-term? Also, why we can't count on women to solve men's problems, being a 'creator rather than a consumer' and Bryan's shocking take on how to prepare ourselves for being the head of a family. Talk to me directly for 25 minutes. It's free... === HELP US SEND THE MESSAGE TO GREAT MEN EVERYWHERE === We'll keep the solid, actionable content coming...all for free. If you love what you hear, please give us a 'thumbs up' by rating the show (takes one second) and leaving us a review. As we say here in Texas, we appreciate you!

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