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Episode 131--The Mountain Top--Why Men Never Ask For Directions

October 12, 201838 min
Co-Host Marc Mawhinney ( The oldest running joke in the world is about how men refuse to stop and ask for directions. There's a strong element of truth to that. But wait a minute though, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can not asking for directions be a blessing as well as a curse? Well, my co-host Marc Mawhinney is a renowned 'coach of coaches', and he has some surprising thoughts on this whole subject. Listen to his take on how men and women are different when it comes to reaching out for help. Then, hear from both of us about how not seeking badly needed help cost us in our respective businesses. But on the other hand, is entrepreneurial success really about building a whole team around you rather than being a 'Lone Ranger'? Outside of business, can't our social lives, sanity and even our physical health suffer when we stubbornly refuse help from anyone else? The raw truth is real men get help when they need it, not vice-versa. But ev

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