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Episode 132--The Mountain Top--How To Be Multi-Orgasmic

October 26, 201843 min
Most guys think that once you've blown your load, that's it. At best, you'll need a 'recovery period' to recharge before going at it again. Well, my charming guest from Germany, Mariah Freya, wants to 'Beducate' you. Let's just say that not only can you come back for a second round as quickly as you'd like, you can take your orgasm game to a whole new level. Did you know that you can have different types of orgasms that feel different from each other, just like women can? And what if it's true you can even have orgasms without having an erection, let alone ejaculating? We'll compare the male and female orgasm experiences, and then share the simple secret to making sure women are warmed up and ready for sex when you are, assuming that's a good thing. What's more, Mariah will show you how to become as in-tune with your body as women are...and why you should care. Discover simple exercises you can do to train your body to feel more intense pleasure, be more orgasmic and become multi-or

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