The Podcaster's Guide to a Visible Voice

The Podcaster's Guide to a Visible Voice

How do you make an emotional connection with your audience? Through the power of your natural voice. Welcome to "The Podcaster's Guide to a Visible Voice", a podcast for podcasters who want to reach their full potential. Be more confident to share your authentic voice through bite-sized episodes with voice coaching and podcasting tips. You'll discover what it takes to be a powerful podcaster with your host Mary Chan, as she shares techniques, mindset shifts, and go beyond the typical how-to talk into a microphone, but she loves to talk about that too. She'll guide you on your podcasting journey to level up your show or even start one. As a Voice-Over Artist and former radio producer for almost 20 years, she'll share with you what she's learned from creating, recording, and editing, hundreds of thousands of voices; from newbie clients who had to read their very first script, to seasoned professionals voicing the very same commercials you hear on the radio and TV. They all have one thing in common with you - they made an emotional connection to a listener, not by the words they use, but by how they use their voice. Learn all the secrets at and to work with Mary, check out


November 20, 2023 15 mins

What metrics are you using to measure your podcast’s success? Podcasting is a fantastic business marketing option. It’s a uniquely transparent and personal way to showcase your thought leadership, your services, and your authentic self—all without having to style your hair. Like any marketing strategy, podcasters inevitably want to see how successful their show is, and it’s understandable that they turn to popular metrics like down...

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How well do you know your ideal podcast listener? If you can figure out—like, really, deeply identify—the purpose of your podcast and who you’re creating it for, you’ll discover the huge impact this can have on your show’s success; it helps make every part super cohesive, from selecting your guests and topics, to reaching your ideal audience, to achieving personal growth along the way.

Multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Shobna Kannusamy ...

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October 23, 2023 20 mins

How are you helping new listeners discover your podcast? When the news dropped that Google Podcasts would be shutting down in early 2024 (RIP), the industry was a-buzz. Google’s upcoming relocation of podcasts to YouTube Music will mean impactful changes for podcast creators, but those changes don’t have to be negative!

Mary breaks down what was great about Google Podcasts and how you can make sure your show’s organic discovery doe...

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In our rapidly changing, heavily digitized world, we need to level up our skills and improve or we run the risk of being left behind. This very fact led Christian Klepp, the co-founder of EINBLICK Consulting, to launch his podcast, B2B Marketers on a Mission, to help fellow marketers improve and succeed.

In his role as a podcast host, Christian continuously applies the growth mindset he teaches. Whether you’re just planning your fo...

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Everyone has that Inner Voice—you know, the one that pipes up now and then to say you aren’t worthy enough, your ideas aren’t worthy enough, to share with the world or on your podcast. Mary has had her own struggle with that negative dialogue, and, to this day, it can sneak in to cast uncertainty on this very podcast. The good news is the process for shifting that inner voice into positive energy, the kind that will fuel your podca...

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Your story is yours to share and it can serve a bigger purpose for your listener -  it could change their whole world. Getting personal about your stories and experiences can make your listeners feel included, seen, and heard. Even if you prefer to avoid the spotlight, keep in mind that your podcast isn’t about you. It’s about what you can bring to the table through your lived experience. Being vulnerable enough to share a glimpse ...

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The voice you have today is not the same voice you were born with. The things you experience and the media you're exposed to, all contribute to how you sound and frame what your idea of a powerful voice “should” sound like. But when you step out of the parameters set by culture, and abandon the idea of sounding “professional” you will discover that true power in your voice.

Today’s episode is a revolution in how to think about your...

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Reaching out to potential guests to appear on your podcast, especially those on your dream guest list, can feel overwhelming. Where do you start to create the perfect email so that they’ll open up your email and say, “Yes!” Listen in as I unveil my blueprint for reaching out to potential guests so they’ll want to be on your show. Plus, make sure you stay until the end of the episode because you’ll hear a real life exam...

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Going down the rabbit hole of Google can sometimes suck the life out of doing the actual thing you were Googling to do. This happens a lot in podcasting, especially at the start! Whether you haven’t started your podcast yet, are only a few episodes in, or are publishing episodes in the double or triple digits, this episode will unlock your mindset into the world of podcasting. Being able to break up with your self-doubt and escape ...

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When prepping for your next podcast episode there are many steps you might want to consider before you hit record. Implementing a great workflow with structure, planning, and a healthy mindset, will make the recording process so much smoother. It doesn’t matter if you are recording an interview, creating your own solo episode, or even if you have a roundtable of experts, you’ll need a plan to create episodes that your ...

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How do you connect the mind, body and emotions to push your speaking skills to new heights? Movement in your body plays a huge role in how your podcasting voice gets amplified behind the mic. Becoming in tune with yourself and revealing the healing work that needs to be done, will help you discover a deeper connection with your voice as a podcaster!

Holding a true passion for breaking the previously set limits of our minds, Kathryn...

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What you wear can affect everything from your mood to your voice itself. As podcasters, constricting or uncomfortable clothing can negatively impact how your voice comes alive. In today’s episode, you'll discover how your clothes impact your voice.

Listen in to hear:

  • Why it's important to be comfy and confident in your wardrobe
  • Why you should wear what you love
  • Tips for mic-friendly clothing options

Links worth exploring...

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How do you attract more listeners and organically grow your podcast? Despite what popular algorithms will have you believe, success in promoting your podcast does not have to be focused on social media! Come along as we discuss ways to make your podcast branding stand out to grow your show!

In today’s episode, we start with the phrase: “Connection, not perfection”, trademarked by  Lindsay McMahon. Lindsay is the co-host of All Ears...

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Reliable backups are key for your podcast production process. They can help when you inevitably lose your audio or interviews. When tech issues, human error, or unpredictable circumstances happen, having backups can provide peace of mind for you and your workflow. Avoid the frustration of losing it all when creating your podcast by taking a page from my real-life podcasting disaster!

You'll un...

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Wherever you are on your podcasting journey, your voice plays a vital role. It’s your number one instrument for your podcast! Think about it. No voice, no podcast. In this episode, we’ll deep dive into how self-confidence and the opinions of others can impact how we feel about our own voice. Together, let’s go through five super-simple, thought-provoking questions that will help you uncover the pieces of your voice tha...

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Happy New Year! It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on and celebrate your podcast! As a podcaster, it’s easy to get caught in the behind-the-scenes of your show. So, let’s make time to contemplate what worked, what didn't, and what you want to tweak in this new year. It can really make all the difference in your growth as a podcaster.

Also to note that I'll be on my usual new year break f...

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Feelings are great for when you're behind the microphone. But when it comes down to being behind the mic, how much do you reveal? That can get a little tricky when you haven't worked through what's really holding you back.

My guest today coined the term Hilarapy, the creation of comedy as therapy. Lizzie Allan is a self-designed comedy therapist and professional...

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A new to me phrase is “code-switching,” a term I learnt recently about cultural differences in speech. It’s where you switch from one language to the next or adopt both languages at the same time interchangeably. But what about beyond racial culture and language? The culture of your community and who you are actually speaking to? It's something we all do in everyday situations and in podcasting, you ...

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No matter your background or the experience level you have to start a podcast, you have a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. Think of the many past experiences you’ve had up until this point - all of which can be beneficial for your show. That experience isn't only what's on your resume, but also what you're taught by your community - classmates, teachers, and even your parents.

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November 7, 2022 10 mins

As humans, we are people pleasers. We want connection, community, and a feeling of belonging. As young kids, we do things to please our parents, our teachers, and friends. Then as adults, we want to fulfill the needs of our bosses, partners (romantic or otherwise), and so on.

Podcasting can have that same reflection. We want to delight our listeners, teach or en...

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