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034 Jess Pryles fr Hardcore Carnivore

February 22, 201873 min
To close out Season Two ‘Living the Dream’ I sit and talk ‘Q with the one and only Jess Pryles. Jess is an Aussie who’s now taking it to the Americans, living in Texas and teaching them their own game. In this interview Jess takes us through what it takes to become an internationally published author after the launch of her BBQ cookbook ‘Hardcore Carnivore’. Please be sure to subscribe and leave a review of this episode. Jess is the quintessential carnivore. She has a passion for meat and has built a business around it. That includes her aforementioned book, her line of spice rubs, her blog, demonstrations, lessons and public appearances. Such is her profile in the BBQ scene that she is now a brand ambassador for several brands. If you think you’ve got a book in you, this Ep is for you! Much thanks and appreciation go to this episodes sponsors: Ministry of Smoke Pit Brothers BBQ Pure Meats Robina   Get your free ebook now!

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