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My guest for this episode is LA-based musician, Miles Franco. We talk about balancing multiple projects and how he established himself after relocating from San Jose to LA.

Miles reminds me a little bit of myself. He gigs with a number of bands, he’s in demand. He’s balancing a day job, music, multiple bands and it’s not that easy. I was that way in the Dallas Fort Worth and Silicon Valley areas for sometimes. Miles, however, is spending his time focused on original projects.

Episode Highlights

We begin by talking about the origin of his musical interests at age nine and go on to discuss:

  • His first time playing SXSW, which helped him meet Paper Jackets
  • Balancing a day job with his various gigs
  • The various songs that have been big releases for his bands
  • The evolution of All Good Things and licensing work that they do
  • The challenges and benefits of finding external support
  • Key Points
  • Do good work, whether it’s at your day job or on stage
  • Get someone in your corner that is not in the band
  • Quotable

    "There’s been a couple of times where you put the dream to rest and you say let’s look for a legitimate career. I’ve always had good jobs, but these days I’m taking a lot of time off to do great gigs."

    —Miles Franco

    "Don’t be spinning one plate."

    —Miles Franco

    Mentioned in this Episode
  • Gutter Daisies 
  • Paper Jackets 
  • All The Good Things 
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 
  • Chrome Deluxe 
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