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Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the most well-known experts in the marketing space, talk about the latest content, media and marketing trends and discuss how businesses can use content to attract and retain customers. Each podcast show features a discussion of marketing headlines and rants from Joe and Robert on what's going on in the marketing industry. Always useful, entertaining and pretty much 60 minutes long.


June 7, 2024 71 mins

Twitter/X leans into NSFW content and vertical video. Is this the sign of a turnaround or more desperate measures to stay alive? Robert and Joe take opposite sides and fight, fight, fight.

Spotify's CEO makes comments about the cost of content being almost nothing. Should we care or should we boycott?

Hits include Four Seasons and 10 Cent Beer night.

Rants and raves include signals from Marcus Sheridan and Suits.


This week's ...

Mark as Played

Big news this week as leaked Google search API documents are released into the world. The TLDR? Google has been lying about how it formulates search results. What do we know? Google manipulates content like an editor of a media company would. But does it even matter?

AI scams are hitting a tipping point as we get closer to the US elections.

OpenAI inks two more content deals and Elon raises money for xAI.

Hits and misses include a ...

Mark as Played

While the world gets distracted by Scarlett Johansson's possible case against OpenAI, the AI giant continues to do deals with media companies. 

This time, Open AI signed a deal with News Corp (owners of WSJ) for $250 million over five years (reported). Who's next?

Trump Media's quarterly reported was more than a disaster, and yet the stock keeps going up.

And we have a nice disagreement about whether Chick-fil-A should embrace or f...

Mark as Played

A special live recording of Joe and Robert with Philip Hernandez from the Haunted Attraction Network, recorded at Content Entrepreneur Expo (CEX) in Cleveland, Ohio on May 5th. Philip goes into detail about how he thinks about and creates content for the network, including the challenges and opportunities in social media content creation.

Please follow Philip on Instagram and check out the Haunted Attraction Network.

Special thanks...

Mark as Played
May 17, 2024 70 mins

It was another crazy week in AI news.

On the heals of Google's AI announcement, OpenAI launches ChatGPT4 Omni (o). What does the new iteration mean for creators and marketers?

If that wasn't enough, TikTok is upgrading its algorithm with AI. Thank you (not so much).

And is the beef between Kendrick and Drake real? We think it's marketing.

Hits and misses include John Mulaney's new show and Prof G's podcast strategy.

Rants and raves...

Mark as Played
May 10, 2024 73 mins

In the latest social media soap opera, TikTok has sued the US Government over its potential "ban," bringing out the unconstitutional card. Is this just a stalling tactic? Yes...and it's working.

More money is flowing into the creator economy after big product successes from MrBeast and Logan Paul. But will the new algo changes be the end of big content creators?

And Hollywood continues to lack standards with AI. Is it simply too la...

Mark as Played

Joe and Robert do a deep dive into their CEX presentations...Joe's on the new business model for content creators and Robert's on the marketing MBA.

In the news, Instagram launches a new program that will highlight new content creators. They make it sound amazing. The problem is that this will hurt full-time content creators and content marketers.

Hits this week include Adidas and Phish (at the Sphere). Rants and raves include the ...

Mark as Played

In a whirlwind week on The Hill, a TikTok ultimatum (sell or be banned) passed the House, the Senate and was quickly signed by the President. What happens now?

META's quarterly results were outstanding...and then the stock dropped 20 percent. What happened?

Taylor Swift does her own deal with TikTok, making the executive team at UMG furious. Is this something for creators and marketers to follow?

Hits and misses include Cedar Point...

John Deere's search for a new social media creator leads to an important conversation - are corporate social media handles dead?

Faced with possibly paying for the news, Google starts removing links to California news sites for some users. And the winner for the dumb move of the year goes to...

The VC market for creator startups is up the the first time in multiple quarters, while a group of TikTok influencers send a nasty gram to ...

Mark as Played

Could marketers finally be waking up to the advantages of direct print? The relaunch of some high-profile magazines, and the launch of Robinhood's new print magazine leads our discussion.

In other news, Alphabet is reportedly looking at acquiring Hubspot and a new privacy bill is being drafted in Congress. synthetic AI training data setting us up for disaster?

Hits and misses include Jack Conte and Rants and raves...

Mark as Played

Robert and Joe run through the business books that have made the most impact on their lives and careers. They include:

  • Marketing Management – Philip Kotler
  • Discovery Driven Growth  – Rita Gunther McGrath
  • Different – Youngme Moon
  • How Will You Measure Your Life – Clayton Christensen
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert Pirsig
  • Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
  • ...
Mark as Played

News this week as Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs a law restricting social media access for children. Is this the first step to full-on social media verification or just another fruitless attempt to tell people how to parent?

Trump's Truth Social goes public and hits meme stock territory. How long with the party last?

Spotify adds video learning to its platform. Is YouTube in Spotify's sights?

And print is back baby!

Hits and m...

Mark as Played

In this special episode #420, Joe and Robert dissect the upcoming Apple/Google deal for AI and the iPhone. Is this a sign of weakness for Apple or are they just buying time?

OpenAI's chatbot store is filling up with spam. Are you surprised?

And a group of publishing experts launch Authors Equity to give more rights back to authors. Uh, we don't think so.

Hits and misses include Liquid Death and Coca-Cola.

Rants and raves includes a...

Mark as Played

We are in post-social media and, now, a post-search environment. The next 12 months are critical to start getting your content assets in order for the AI Content wave.

The House passes a bill that could lead to a TikTok ban. Uh, we told you so. But does it really matter?

Google's Gemini AI refuses to answer political questions (among other things). This leads to a conversation on how AI Truth is coordinated and what we can do about...

Mark as Played

In this special #ThisOldMarketing episode, Joe and Robert review their presentations from Social Media Marketing World 2024.

Robert shares his insights, including:

  • The Value of Relationships
  • The Product Content Mindset
  • The Point of View Architecture
  • The Trust Exercise - Audit Your Experiences

Joe runs through his secrets for content ...

Mark as Played

Another media company bites the dust. This time it's the once-darling Vice Media.

Is the news media business model broken or is there something else at work here?

A big supreme court case involving social media moderation is being reviewed by SCOTUS. Could it happen? We'll see this summer.

Is Google on death row? It's clear the product is getting worse. Will ChatGPT come to the rescue?

And Tyler Perry shelves his studio project bec...

Mark as Played

It's been a crazy two weeks for artificial intelligence.

OpenAI officially launched Sora, the text-to-video tool. At the same time, Google launched their AI-version of Gemini inside workplace.

Is podcasting really a racket? Maybe it's just more of the same.

Hits and misses include Paramount's bad timing and Nvidia's HUGE quarter.

Rants and raves includes the NYTime's ad tool and Billy Joel's new AI video.

This week's links:

Sign up...

Mark as Played

In this special Blossom episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the insights and secrets into creating a profitable content brand, for both content marketing and content creator goals.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to truly differentiate and grow an audience
  • How to create a content tilt
  • Do you build or buy?
  • Focus on creator, brand or content brand?
  • and many more content marketing insights

This week's sponso...

Mark as Played
February 9, 2024 67 mins

The boys discuss Joe Rogan's new content deal with Spotify. Is this the future of podcast and YouTube deals, or is this just for the one percenters? Also, how should a brand approach this kind of deal?

Meta will label AI images across all their properties. Is this just a point in time or will it have lasting impact?

In addition, Meta cut off Facebook to developers. Like we didn't see that coming.

In hits and misses, Robert praises ...

Mark as Played

Big tech CEOs ran to Washington to explain why they haven't protected US children.

YouTube and TikTok continue to dominate and grow in profit and usage. Is it imperative that all companies market on these channels today?

And George Carlin and Taylor Swift deepfakes dominate the news. Is there anything we can do about them or have we unleashed Pandora's box.

Rants and raves include small audience wins and a new place for the chief m...

Mark as Played

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